Monday, January 31, 2022

Sew Powerful Purses #25-30 (for 2022)

Six more purses completed for The Sew Powerful Purse Project. Three of these purses have Fortune Cookie Quotes on them (from quilt blocks I made years ago). The other 3 are also quilt blocks that were never made into a quilt.

Closeup of teacup purse flap
Half a doily was used under the teacup.

Close up of Fortune cookie Quote
The word you, got cut off on the right in the photo in the top line.

Close up of quote

close up of quote

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Introducing the Trapeze Zip Pouches PDF & Video

I tested the set of 3 Trapeze Zip Pouches (small-medium-large sizes) from Chezvies recently, and while I was making them, I thought I would enlarge the largest size for fun and to add a wrist strap and a tab end. I shared this with the testing group and Elvira of Chezvies Patterns loved the the larger size and decided to include the extra large size as a Bonus in the pattern. She didn't include the wrist strap or tab end, but if you wanted to add that on any of the pouches, it wouldn't be hard to add.

This is such a fast, fun and easy to make zip pouch. They can nest together inside the largest size you make and are so useful for so many things. I loved testing these and it was the first time testing for Elvira, which was a pleasure.

The Trapeze Zipper Pouch pattern comes in 4 sizes which makes great organizer pouches for your stuff while traveling or going for classes/work. An easy and quick project to make, the pattern includes 4 templates and video tutorials.
It’s now at a special price, valid until February 3rd, 2022
Download the pattern at:

Here are my tester versions. I used different fabrics for each pouch because I wanted to see how they would look. Other testers made theirs in the same fabric so that they would all match. The choice is yours. The other great thing about these pouches is that it only requires a zipper and no hardware at all.
Small-medium-large and my extra large version that I added a strap and zipper end to.

Inside these pouches you can hold all kinds of items. I placed sewing clips in the small, pens in the medium, and sunglasses in the large to give you an idea of what to place inside of them.

When you want to store the empty pouches, they nest inside of one another.

This is the large size.

The medium size.

The small size I made from the fabric of a pair of jeans. The jeans were so plain, so I stitched some decorative stitches on the jeans before making the pouch. Then I added some French knots by hand.

Inside the extra large size.

This is the extra large size. The strap and tab are not a part of the instructions because this was the pouch I enlarged and made while testing the others and that Elvira decided to include in the pdf pattern too.

Buy the pdf pattern now and you will save 25%. Sale price only good until until February 3, 2022, so grab it now.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Hand Knit Hat with Cables

I had a cake yarn that consisted of white, gray and lavender colors in the yarn. I decided to knit a cable hat with the yarn. The cake yarns have long runs of colors, so this is how it turned out. I started at the ribbing on the bottom and knit to the top. I added a pompom, but I think I didn't remember how to use my pompom maker because the pompom didn't come out as nice and full as in the past. I looked up the instructions later and yes I wrapped it around the pompom maker incorrectly, ugh. Okay, I won't make that mistake again. I may redo the pompom, but for now I will leave it alone.

It's 19 degrees this morning, so brrr it's cold outside. Glad I have lots of hand knit hats, scarves and mittens to wear.
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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Polar Bear Can Cozy

Thanks to Joan from Moosestash Quilting for hosting this blog hop.

I decided to make a can cozy and I added a polar bear appliqué I made using felt. 
First, I got out my Crossover II Die Cut machine by Crafter's Edge and the 1.5" die cut strip cutter to cut strips of blue scraps, which cut so quickly. I sewed those together and fused some fleece on the back. I used the a circle die cut and cut the polar bear's head. I love cutting felt with the die cuts as they cut so perfectly and neatly too. The ears, nose and muzzle, I just cut out by hand. I hand appliquéd the polar bear to the scrappy blue piece I made and added tiny buttons for the eyes.

In order to cut the can so there are no sharp edges, you must have the kind of can opener that cuts around the side of the lid and cuts through the glue and does not cut through the metal. This is the can opener I use from OXO (not and affiliate, just like their products):

Here is the finished can cozy:

I made the cozy like a tube that slid over the can, so no need to add Velcro or buttons for a closure. This fits the can rather snuggly.

The red ribbon I glued in place.

I did paint the can blue inside, but it's not necessary to paint it.

I painted the lid too (although it could use another coat of paint, lol)
 I placed a flat marble on top to show that you could glue a flat marble or a wooden ball with a flat bottom, or some stacked buttons, etc. to use as a knob to lift the lid off and on it you wanted to use this and have a lid. 

If you leave the lid off you can place all kinds of things inside such as, pens, pencils, or sewing tools like I put in the can: ruler, stuffing tool, scissors and freezer paper rolled up.

This was a fairly quick and easy project, made even faster using Crafter's edge die cuts and the Crossover II cutting machine.
Crossover II Cutting Machine


1.5" strip cutter (which includes the 1" too)

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Sew Powerful Purses #19-24 (for 2022)

6 more purses made for the Sew Powerful Purse Project. Four of these have Fortune Cookie Quotes on them.

Close-up of quote

Close-up of quote

Close-up of quote

Close-up of quote

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Heart Shaped Wreath with Scrappy Batik Fabrics

Recently I saw a beautiful round wreath on Instagram that was made with fabric scraps. I loved the look and thought it was a wonderful idea for using up small bits of fabric scraps. The woman who made her wreath said she cut 1-inch x 6-inch strips of fabric and tied the strips onto the wire wreath frame and packed them tightly. So I decided to use my batik fabric scraps and cut them into the same size strips. I cut everything in my scrap bag that was at least 6" long. I counted the strips as I went (just curious as I had no idea how many strips it would take). I had 755 strips in total, but I didn't cut up the larger scraps in my scrap bag just yet. I placed the strips into a small fabric basket I made and I didn't even use up 1/4 of the strips I cut to make this heart wreath.

I went to the Dollar Tree (DT) store because I remember seeing wire wreaths there. The local DT had a set of 2 round mini size wreath wires only. I bought them since that's all they had. Then while I was out that day, I stopped at another DT to see if they had a large round wire wreath, but they had a heart shaped one and the set of 2 mini rounds ones. I bought the heart shaped one. Maybe one day I will find the large round one, but I did like this heart shaped wreath too. 

I didn't want to use only red, pink or purple fabrics because that would look too Valentine's Day only and while I like those colors, I wanted something I could keep up all the time, so scrappy colors I thought would work best.

I read lots of tutorials and watched YouTube videos about making these fabric wreaths. Each did things a bit differently. Not only did I see the wire wreaths being used, but one person actually bent a wire hanger into a round shape and kept the hook of the hanger in place to hang it up by. That was a great idea and you only had one wire to cover instead of 3 to 4 tiers of wires as in these wire wreath forms.

I also saw some use green Styrofoam round wreaths and tie longer and wider cut strips to the wreath. I saw some cut squares of fabric and push a pin into the middle of the fabric and attach to the Styrofoam so each square had a gathered fluffy look. I liked that look too. FYI: DT also sells the Styrofoam wreath, but they are more medium size.

All the tutorials I read or watched cut different widths and lengths of fabrics, so I guess you have to decide what to cut based on the look you want the size wreath form you buy, etc. 

Then there were several ways of tying the fabric strips on too. There is a simple tie like the first part of tying your shoelaces, just cross the fabric on top of the other and pull it under, that's it. Another method was to tie a square knot: right over left and left over right and pull. There was the loop knot, folding the strip in half and putting the 2 ends of fabric through the loop (around the wire) and pulling. I decided to do the loop method for my first wreath here. What I also read was the loop method isn't as fluffy as the others, but it seemed easier to do. I think on the next wreath, I will do the first method I mentioned above.

I do love how it turned out and I really packed on the strips tightly too.

So there you have it, a great fabric scrap busting project. No sewing involved and it only cost $1.00 for the wreath form at DT. 

To make the fabric cutting easier, I used my Crossover II Die Cutting Machine and the 1-inch strip cutting die to cut a variety of scraps into 1-inch widths first, then sub-cut to 6". It's not an exact science, so if some widths or lengths weren't exactly to size, you wouldn't know in this project.
I used my Crossover II Die Cut Machine.

I used the 1-inch strip cutter.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Drawstring Heart Gift Bag & Baby Gifts

A friend of mine is going to be a first time grandmother in April. Her only daughter is having a baby (a girl), so I dropped these off to her and I hope she will find them useful when the baby is at the teething stage and bear hugging stage. 

I also made a gift bag to put these gifts into. The bag can be used over for whatever she wants to use it for. I created a scrappy piece of patchwork using pinks and purples from my batik scrap bag. Then I fused some paper backed fusible web on the wrong side of the scrappy fabric and using my Crossover II Die Cutting machine, I cut out 2 hearts (using the Nesting Hearts die cut) and appliquéd the hearts using a machine blanket stitch. I place one heart on the front of the bag and one on the back of the bag. (This bag would make a nice Valentine's Day gift bag too!)

The background fabric for the hearts and the lining fabric was a sweet fabric of baby feet in pastel colors. Glad I was able to use that fabric, as I have had it for a long time and still have some left.

I used the Drawstring Gift Bag pattern (from Moments by Liz) for the bag. Liz created this pattern mainly for using large prints and small panels, but I just created the appliqué hearts for this bag instead. The pattern in free on Liz's Facebook group (you have to join to get her freebies, which are in the files on her group page). 

Front of bag.

Back of bag.

Looking inside the empty bag at the lining, which is cute baby feet in pastel colors.

These are the items I made that I am putting into the gift bag: Hedgehog teething ring and Hare Ears teething ring (I used flannel fabrics) and a velour purple stuffed bear.

Included in the gift bag are these items that I made: Hedgehog Teething Ring, from Around the Bobbin patterns, The Hare Ears Teething Ring, from Around the Bobbin patterns, the Charity Bear, a free pattern from Shiny Happy World, and the Drawstring Gift Bag, a free pattern from Moment by Liz. 

"Hello down there". Looking inside the bag with the gifts inside. Looks like the bear wants to get out and be hugged by a sweet little baby. Soon little bear, soon you will be hugged.

Crafter's Edge Nesting Heart Die Cut was used to create the heart appliqué, along with the Crossover II Die Cutting Machine.

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