Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trick or Treat a Happy Halloween Quilt

I couldn't find this quilt on my blog anywhere. I made it a few years ago, so I must have included it in a blog hop or didn't give it a good enough description because I searched my blog and couldn't find it, lol! It was a pattern from Quilter's World Magazine some years ago designed by Amy Bradley. I love how whimsical it is. I gave it to my daughter and she gave it back to me a few months ago because she didn't want it anymore. She isn't too sentimental and somewhat of a minimalist. By the time I post this, I hope it will have sold in a local gift shop.

This quilt has sold.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gotta Love Me Monster, Knit Toy

I was looking for some knitting patterns that I could use up some yarn scraps and found this free pattern, called Gotta Love Me Monster, a knit pattern by Kimberly K. Davis on Ravelry. I added more teeth, since he only had bottom chompers! I also like the larger felt eyes I made better too. I think he turned out cute.

I didn't like the directions for knitting the bottom base because I had to really stretch it to fit, which made it look funny. There was no gauge for this pattern, just worsted weight yarn. So maybe that was the problem? 

His lovely profile!
I might knit me some more monsters and make up my own bottom next time.
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Monday, September 25, 2017

3 Large Retreat Bags with Handles & Pockets

I made 3 Retreat bags that I added handles to and exterior slip pockets between the handles, and a zippered pocket inside of each bag too. None of those pockets or handles were part of the instructions. This is a free pattern from Emmaline Bags, and includes instructions for both a small retreat bag and a large bag. These are the large bags that I made. Small ones are on my to-do list.

I ordered 5 large internal frames that are used inside the bags, from Emmaline Bags. Janelle of Emmaline Bags is located in Canada, so it took a few weeks to arrive and the shipping wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but I did order 5 sets of frames, so maybe the cost to mail one might have cost as much as all 5?

Anyhow, I really love this pattern and the bags too!!! Easy to make and I love the looks with the handles better than without handles as per the instructions. It looks more like a Dopp Bag without handles. With handles it makes a great purse or project bag too as it opens up so nice and wide!

I made this one for me to use as a purse. I love it! I accented the exterior with purple. Batik exterior fabrics. I used a foam stabilizer instead of the fusible fleece the pattern called for (I think foam wasn't as available when Janelle wrote this pattern a few years ago). I also quilted it. The foam makes the bag stand up, whereas the fleece would flop more unless you had the bag full of stuff!

Side view, you can see there is some depth to this bag.

Another change was that instead of fabric zipper ends, I appliqued felt flowers onto another piece of felt and hand sewed the zipper ends in place. I had seen something similar on Pinterest and thought what a great idea! I really love this look better too. Another way to use up some of my felt scraps too, lol!

Bright lime green lining!!! Unzipped and opened up this bag is quite large and boxy. The internal frame keeps it open wide. The pattern calls for a slip pocket, which I made, but divided it in half with a pen pocket in the middle.

I added a zippered pocket inside, which wasn't in the instructions. Instead the instructions called for another slip pocket.

All my crap, um I mean essential stuff fits easily inside.

Side view of bag opened to show how wide it is.
 Onto the second Retreat Bag:
I love this fabric print with medium blue, orange, coral, purple and dark blue colors. So I accented it with orange and coral.

Again I made zipper ends out of felt.

My signature beaded zipper pull with a charm and the felt zipper end.

Coral fabric for the lining with an accent of a purple zipper.

Retreat Bag #3:

I wanted to show how this bag would look without the internal metal frame. So I took a photo before adding the frame. It gives the bag a different look. Still a nice looking bag and so you could make this bag without the internal frame. In fact, that is the last thing you add is the frame, so you could try making one and then if you wanted to add a frame later, you could.

The bag will still open up nice and wide without the frame too. Oh and in case you are wondering why I have strips of the exterior fabric on the sides  of the bag, well my goof! I cut the lining a bit too small and didn't have enough lining fabric left, so had to sew a little extra fabric to the sides. It gives it character, right?

Here she is with the internal frame added. Which do you prefer? With the frame or without?

Zipper pull and felt zipper end.

Here she is opened wide with the internal frame inside.
I have 2 more frames, so I will be making 2 more of these bags another time.

I am participating in Elm Street Quilts Bag it 2017 and entered one of these retreat bags.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Travel & Passport Wallet

I made this Travel & Passport Wallet, a pattern by So Sew Easy. I used Hot Air Balloon fabric because I put this in a little gift shop in Albuquerque to sell for the upcoming International Balloon  Fiesta (starting the 1st weekend in October each year). It sold right away! Yay!!! It was a fun pattern and a great way to use up small amounts of fabric for the inside pockets.
It folds in half and the red hair tie wraps around the handmade button to keep it closed.

Inside I used a variety of fabrics that coordinated with the hot air balloon fabric. I also printed out a couple of signs (one for tickets and one for passport) so that when someone looked at it they would know what it was for. This is a good wallet for a couple or family, as there are pockets on both sides for tickets and passports, plus cash can be slipped into either side under the pockets where the yellow striped binding is. The 2 lower smaller pockets can hold ID or credit cards. 

Here you can see it opened out to show the back and front exterior. I may make another one of these for someone I know who will be traveling next year, but I will use different fabrics.
I am participating in Elm StreetQuilts Bag it 2017 and added this to the entry.
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9 Scrappy Patchwork Zippered Pouches

I wanted to use up scraps that were over flowing in my scrap bags, so I made some zippered pouches. I still have plenty of scraps left because when I wasn't looking they multiplied like rabbits! LOL!

If you see any that you would like to buy, email me. They will eventually go to the gift shop, but the shop will take only a few items each month, so if I still have some of these, I would be happy to sell them. $18 each plus shipping. I invoice through PayPal. I will mark any that sell as sold here next to the photos. Thanks for looking.

#1 Side A.

#1 Side B.

#1 Inside.

#2 Side A.

#2 Side B.

#2 Inside.

#3 Side A.

#3 Side B.

#3 Inside.

#4 Side A.

#4 Side B.

#4 Inside.

#5 Side A.

#5 Side B.

#5 Inside.

#6 Side A.

#6 Side B.

#6 Inside.

#7 Side A.

#7 Side B.

#7 Inside.

#8 Side A.

#8 Side B.

#8 Inside.

#9 Side A.

#9 Side B.

#9 Inside.
I entered a bag into the Elm Street Quilts Bag it 2017 
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