Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Give-Away Time

I have reached 300 official followers! I want to thank all of you who follow my blog. All of you, my dear followers, is what helps to keep me motivated to create and post a record of my creations for everyone to see. I enjoy reading your comments too. While I know there are some who follow by email, or other ways and not officially (joining this site on the right by clicking follow this blog), it's nice to know you are there.
I would love to hear from you and tell me what you like about my blog, dislike, or what you would like to see in the future. I know we all follow some blogs and not others and we each have things that we must be attracted to or like about one blog over another, so I know I won't please everyone all the time, however if you have a suggestion I would love to hear from you.
Rules of the give-away:
  1. Since this is a give-away for those of you who follow my blog (my way of saying thank you), you must be a follower.
  2. Please tell me how you follow my blog (officially, by email, etc) 
  3. Please make sure that I can contact you if you win. If you are a no-reply (meaning you never checked the box when you entered your email address in your profile) then I cannot contact you and therefore I will have choose another person.
  4. I will choose a name Dec. 9th, so you must comment by December 8th.
This is a purse I made I am giving away to one lucky follower.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog Hop Party: December 10th

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
December 10th is the 5th birthday of Quilting Gallery and they are hosting a blog hop with give-aways. Participating blogs will be posted there and here on December 10th. I will be participating in this blog hop and will be giving away something really great. Be sure to check my blog for details on how to win my give-away prize and to enter my give-away. You can enter my give-away starting in the evening of December 9th and through December 15. You'll have to come back then to see what my give-away will be. I will tell you now that you will get 2 chances to enter to win if you follow my blog.
 I was also planning a give-away once I reached 300 followers. I announced this a few weeks ago and right now I have 299 followers (publicly). So as you can see this give-away is getting really close to happening as well. I will post about this give-away as soon I reach 300 followers. It's my gift back to my followers, well at least one lucky follower :0)

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Gifts I Received

I am blessed with some really nice friends. I received these wonderful gifts for my birthday~
My friend Susan sent me this sunflower fabric and 4 iron-on fabric seed packets that I can use in a quilt, or a bag or shirt or? Well I'll see what I come up with. I really like sunflowers and cone flowers. Susan always sends me really wonderful gifts. Thanks Susan!

My friend Bobbie made this for me in batik fabrics (my favorite kind of fabric).

Bobbie hand embroidered cone flowers (lucky me I got both sunflowers and cone flowers) and my name. Bobbie does beautiful work.

This is the other side with the zipper and a beautiful zipper pull.

And in case you were wondering what it is... well a bag to carry my Ott light in of course! I use my light wherever I go. I always take it to the applique group I belong to that happens to be at Bobbie's house and so she knows I use my light. So what a great gift! I will really use this Bobbie, thank you!

Bobbie also gave me this yarn cutter.

Tara, who has a November birthday too (Happy Birthday Tara), also made this for me. It folds into a box like above. Not only did Tara give me some nice gifts, we also went out to lunch and then to a fiber art exhibit too. Thanks Tara!

When opened, Tara added pages of things on all 4 sides and this is the bottom. I knit, so this is a mini ball of yarn, knitting needles and a paper tea cup and saucer.

Here is a page that shows a photo Tara found with yarn and she knit this tiny mitten. How cute is that?

Tara made this bag from a place mat and inside the bag was a book Knit Two by Kate Jacobs.

Tara also made this bowl using a ribbon yarn and clothesline, but she made an opening for a ball of yarn to pull through. I have seen ceramic bowls made for yarn balls and Tara was trying to make a similar item. I think it will work for a small ball of yarn, but my large ball of yarn was a bit too large. Still it's a very pretty bowl and I love the pink color and the added flower.
This wasn't actually a birthday gift, but it did arrive in my mailbox on my birthday. This sweet little postcard was made by Annie and when I told her I would love to have her, she sent her to lucky me! Thanks Annie.

I won this Bird Brain Design embroidery pattern in the recent "Wicked" blog hop, from Pauline of Quilt-n-Queen. It arrived a couple of days ago, so while it wasn't a birthday gift per say, it arrived just after my birthday.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quilted Ginger Jar Placemats

Happy Birthday Tara! I made these set of 4 placemats for my friend for her birthday. Since my birthday is the 13th and hers is the 19th, we always get together and go out to lunch and celebrate our birthdays on a day inbetween our birthdays. We exchange gifts of course and this is what I made for Tara. Also instead of using gift wrapping, I placed these into one of the strawberry bags that I made. Tara loves Asian anything, so the bag and the placemats all use Asian fabrics.

I put the placemats into this bag I made. The bag folds into a strawberry. The instructions to make this bag can be purchased on Craftsy if you are interested.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

UR Priceless Coin Purse

Today is not only my day on the UR Priceless Blog Hop, but it's my birthday too! Madame Samm has done it again, along with Katherine in presenting another fun blog hop. I made 5 coin purses and here they are:
Batik fabric. I added a shiva mirror with embroidery and sequins. This is one side of the coin purse and....

...this is the other side of the coin purse.

Inside the coin purse I used a turquoise handyed fabric.

I used an Asian fabric on this coin purse. This is one side and....

...this is the other side of the coin purse.

I used 2 batik fabrics on this coin purse. It's the same on both sides.

This coin purse I used an old fabric I think was from the 70's. Very retro looking huh? This is one side of the coin purse and...

...this is the other side of the coin purse.

I made this coin purse using a 100% wool felt. I added a piece of punchinella (sequin waste) and some glass beads and embroidered French knots. The other side...

...I used another piece of punchinella and again beads and embroidery.

Inside the wool coin purse I lined it with a wool/rayon blend felt that I handyed.

All 5 coin purses.
Here's today's schedule~

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Knitted Leaf Coasters

I knit a set of 4 leaf coasters out the leftover yarn I had from making the knit cotton bag. I added a piece of batting and covered it with green felt on the back of the coaster. This pattern is a free pattern from Craftside.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Mini Kimonos Are Featured Today

My Mini Japanese Origami Kimonos are one of the featured crafts on Navy Wifey Peters' Submarine Sunday #5 post. Yay.
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Friday, November 2, 2012

UR Priceless Blog Hop Starts Monday 11/5

UR Priceless Blog Hop Schedule~

Day 1 - Nov. 5th~
Quiltin' Jenny
Hill Valley Quilter
Loopy Lou's Adventures Into Handicrafts
Just Let Me Quilt
Lixie Makes It
Sunshine, Handmade
Buzzing and Bumbling
Needled Mom
The Slow Quilter
A Quilting Sheep
I Have A Notion
Day 2 - Nov.6t
The Crafter's Apprentice
Jane's Fabric and Quilts
Rosemary B
Random or "di"
Mary T.
Supermom No Cape
Lily Pad Quilting
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch
Rose Creations
The Treehouse
Gracie Oliver Arts
Quilting Prolifically
Grammie Q's
Day 3 - Nov. 7th~

I Love Wool
I Like to Quiltblog
Keep Your Fork There's Pie
Retired to Quilt
From This to That
Jenny E.
Domestic Deficit Disorder
Pig tales and quilts
Count it all Joy!
Creative Notions
Day 4 - Nov. 8th~

as sweet as peaches
Deborah B
Birgit H
Fish Creek Studio
A Quilter's Table
Lily Patch Quilts
Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio
Mary F
Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm
The Desert Rat Chronicles
Sally K
Paris at a Certain Age
From Blank Pages
Quilt Taffy
Barb H
Day 5 - Nov. 9th~
Polka Dot Classic
Geta's Quilting Studio
Busy Bee Free
Briarside Lane
Quilts and Dogs
Debbie R
suebee's World
Les passions de Cliodana
Colorpoint Quilter
On the Go Quilting
Personalized Sketchesand Sentiments
Freemotion by the River
Day 6 - Nov. 12th~

Read, quilt, cook, pray...The Learning Curve
Bacon Then Eggs
Nati's Little Things
by Mary
Feltfree på Åsly
El Patchwork de la Abuela
Amy's Crafty Shenanigans
Maryjo J
s.o.t.a.k. Handmade
Janice M
throw a wench in the works
Everyone Deserves a Quilt
A Stitch in Time
Sew Me Something Good
Day 7 - Nov. 13th~

Julia P
Dachsies With Moxie
Marci Girl Designs
The Sunflower Patch
Wish upon a star
Mary on Lake Pulaski
Greco Mara
Linda M
Mack and Mabel
Dreaming in Patchwork
Judith Handmade Treasures
Caesarea Scrappers
Patchouli Moon Studio {me}


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Applique Elephant Coasters

I made these coasters for my daughter. I noticed that she had cups and glasses on her coffee table, and I asked her "Do you respect wood?" If you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Larry David, then you will remember the episode about the ring on the coffee table when a coaster wasn't used. So now she has coasters to protect her coffee table.
I also chose to make elephants because she wanted to decorate with designs/motifs from India. I am currently working on an elephant quilt for her dining room.
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chinese Lantern Quilt...Finally Finished!

Today is my grandson's 5th birthday. Here is the posting showing the quilt top and a brief story about this quilt. The quilting took me a long time to complete, but it's finally done and now my grandson can sleep under his new quilt. I think I might make a miniature version of this to hang on his wall too, maybe in different colors.

Chinese lanterns in green batik fabrics. These were pieced blocks. I added the embroidery of the loop at the top of the lanterns and the tassels at the bottom along with the ball applique, which I did my hand.
Side view of the quilt.
I quilted each lantern differently. This one I quilted by following the design of the fabric.
Close-up of lantern and quilting.
Update: My Chinese Lantern Quilt is a free pdf by the Happy Zombie and it's called, Glow Happy. You can get the pdf here and visit Monica's blog and her other social media sites here.
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