Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekend Link Party: I'm Having Problems

I have tried all week to add the link party to my blog, but every time I go to inLinkz, I cannot find the dashboard anymore where I do this. It won't let me get anywhere unless I extend my free plan and upgrade by paying a monthly or yearly fee. Sorry, but I don't make money with my blog and I cannot see paying for this if my blog isn't earning money. I also don't want to become all consumed by trying to earn money through my blog. I am not an affiliate for anything, so I do not earn any money on my blog. If someone wants to purchase something that I have made directly from me that's fine as we can email each other the details to work it out; but I don't sell products or earn pennies by having you click on adds for other websites who are selling things. I don't care for the cluttered look on my blog and I doubt I would earn even a dollar per year from my blog by doing so. It's not worth the time and effort for me to do. Maybe others who have ads all over their blogs do well and that's great for them, but I don't want that here.

I appreciate all of you who have stopped by here each weekend to link up your creations to my Weekend Link Party. Since I am unable to continue unless I pay for this now, I am sorry but I will be closing the Weekend Link Party. Thank you for your support and I hope you will still continue to visit me here on my blog. I will be linking up to other linky parties out there too.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Fabric Coiled Bowls Featured

As I was looking at the blogs that I follow this morning, I saw I was the Proud Feature for Inspire Us Thursdays over at The Inspired Wren! Yay! Thanks Ren for featuring my Fabric Coiled Bowls.
Inspired Us Thursdays: Sew Needle Stitch Hook, a link party of fiber arts. | The Inspired Wren
Click to see how pretty Ren made the feature.
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Hand Knit Wool Christmas Stocking

I knit this stocking years and years ago. I never took a photo of it before. It's knit with 100% wool yarn, using several colors of yarn.
I think I knit this for my son years and years ago. I also knit another stocking in other colors that I think my daughter might have. I know she has the Kermit the Frog stocking I made when I first got married. I'll have to take photos of those when she decorates this season.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coiled Bowls & Chinese Pistache Tree

I forgot to photograph a couple of the bowls I made when I took photos last week. The green batik bowl uses fabric that I used in my sewing machine covers, so I am keeping this one to hold things while I am sewing. The copper colored bowl is made with ribbon yarn. I made this one a few years ago. It had a handle that turned out a bit too floppy, so I removed the handle and I like it so much better now. I had a yarn with metallic thread running through it and I added that around the top and near the base of the bowl. Not sure if I will do that again because it took some time to do and was hard to push the needle through the thick bowl too.

The Chinese Pistache tree was so gorgeous with colors of oranges, yellows and green. I had to get some photos before the colored changed more. This tree is near by daughters house.

I added a yarn that had a metallic thread running through it around the top of the bowl and at the base too.

Made this one with a batik fabric that I used in my sewing machine covers, so I am keeping this one near my sewing machine.

Chinese Pistache Tree with gorgeous fall colors.

I love this color against the blue sky.

Yes I got a bit carried away taking photos of this tree, lol!!!!
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fancy Fox Quilt

I finally finished the fox quilt that I started a few months ago. I made this quilt for my grandson's birthday (in November) because he loves foxes. I used whatever fabrics that I had that looked like it would work for the fox faces and whatever gray fabrics I had for the backgrounds. I realized I don't have much in the way of gray fabric. I like gray, but maybe I just don't see that color often in fabric. I used a sage green flannel for the back of the quilt so that it is soft for cuddling. This is a lap quilt. It's an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, but I changed the setting and didn't use floral fabrics like Elizabeth did. I really am pleased with how it turned out too. My grandson has already seen the quilt and he even helped me to press the binding last week. He likes the quilt of course.

I made 25 blocks, rather than the 42 the pattern called for because I set my quilt differently than the pattern instructions.

I used some snow dyed fabrics on some of the blocks that I had won in a giveaway last year from Vicki Welsh. Those fabrics made perfect fox fur.
Soft flannel for the back.
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Link Party #29

Welcome to Weekend Link Party #29. Link up anything you would like to share. And help spread the word by adding my button on your blog. Thank you! I encourage those of you who link up here to write a really good descriptive title so that we know what you are linking, since there are no thumbnail photos. If it is a quilt, please use quilt in the title. If it is a bag, use bag in the title and so on. That might help those who are looking to click on the titles that might interest them. Thank you so much! Starting on Friday each week you can link up your creations, old or new or show a work-in-progress. Share anything at all.
Patchouli Moon Studio's Weekend Link Party
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Knit Nook Cozy

My son gave me his Nook, and I wanted to protect it, so I knit a cozy for it. I used this pattern for knitting a sleeve for a Kindle from Haramis Knits. It worked for my Nook. She also has an iPad version too.
I used a variegated wool yarn.

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It's Raining Fabric Bowls...

I've been busy making lots of fabric bowls lately. I used up Christmas fabrics for some and batiks for others and even some ribbon yarn too. These have been selling well. Lots of photos because these are hard to photograph. It's hard to show the inside and the front and the outside all at once, so I took a few photos of each.
This one is made using ribbon yarn. 
Here is the outside and I added buttons to the side that you can see in the photo below...
...Buttons added; one on each side.
This one is made using a batik fabric.

Another bowl in a batik fabric. This fabric was leftovers from a bag I had made for my daughter.

A scrappy batik fabric bowl. 
I love to use scraps and see how they turn out. 

Scrappy batik bowl #2
Scrappy batik bowl #2.
I had a scrap of fabric that contained purple, orange, yellow and brown and tan colors, so I added some more fabrics that I had in my scraps in those colors too to create this bowl. Very autumn colors. I made a simple fabric flower for this one too.
Looking into the bowl.

Batik Fabric bowl #3 with a fabric flower.
Batik bowl #3  looking into the bowl.
I used black prints and some fabric were Christmas fabrics, but you can't even tell. I added a gingham fabric flower to this one.

Looking into the bowl.
Black bowl #2 without a fabric flower.
This one is all Christmas fabrics and mostly using checkered fabrics too.
I added a stacked button.
More Christmas fabric bowls using primarily red prints.

I mixed red and green Christmas fabric prints for this bowl.

The bowl on the left is primarily green Christmas fabric prints and the bowl on the right had more equal red and green prints.

Christmas bowls all stacked up.
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