Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coiled Bowls & Chinese Pistache Tree

I forgot to photograph a couple of the bowls I made when I took photos last week. The green batik bowl uses fabric that I used in my sewing machine covers, so I am keeping this one to hold things while I am sewing. The copper colored bowl is made with ribbon yarn. I made this one a few years ago. It had a handle that turned out a bit too floppy, so I removed the handle and I like it so much better now. I had a yarn with metallic thread running through it and I added that around the top and near the base of the bowl. Not sure if I will do that again because it took some time to do and was hard to push the needle through the thick bowl too.

The Chinese Pistache tree was so gorgeous with colors of oranges, yellows and green. I had to get some photos before the colored changed more. This tree is near by daughters house.

I added a yarn that had a metallic thread running through it around the top of the bowl and at the base too.

Made this one with a batik fabric that I used in my sewing machine covers, so I am keeping this one near my sewing machine.

Chinese Pistache Tree with gorgeous fall colors.

I love this color against the blue sky.

Yes I got a bit carried away taking photos of this tree, lol!!!!
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  1. I've made a few of these bowls but none of them have came out as nicely as yours!

  2. The bowls are great. I don't remember where (maybe pinterest) but I saw a coil fabric bag the other day and thought of you. The pictures of the tree are wonderful. Not only there are great colors on the tree but the contrast with the blue sky looks great.

  3. So nice, Daryl. I love the colors that swirl through these bowls. The tree is gorgeous. I love the fall colors here in northeast Ohio where I live. I definitely love the four distinct seasons (even winter, though my least favorite).

  4. I love your bowls especially the shape of the first one and the tree looks amazing. I can understand why you got carried away taking photos.

  5. Stunning Fall colors on that Pistache tree (of which I am not familiar). Your fabric bowls are beautiful and ever so practical. Autumn Bliss Dear...

  6. Daryl, your bowls are beautiful...I have wanted to make one for a long time,
    You gave inspired me, ...if I could only knew where I hid my cord ?? LOL

  7. Your bowls look so nice. I'd love to enjoy the use of one but will likely never take the time to make one. I guess my priorities are elsewhere. By the way, the tree is SO PRETTY! I wonder if God loves painting autumn. It is a beautiful time of year.

  8. Beautiful bowls! Great photos too:) Have a Happy Halloween and I hope you get to spend it with your grandson!

  9. I'm loving the first bowl, Daryl - fun, bright colours and the shape is just perfect.

  10. Your bowls are beautiful Daryl! They must have taken some time and patience but so worth the effort. Wow, that tree is absolutely stunning. We don't get the changing colours of the leaves here in the tropics. Congratulations on being featured over at Threading My Way. :o)


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