Friday, April 28, 2023

Eleven Fabric Postcards for Sisters (Oregon) Outdoor Quilt Show Wish Contest 2023

Hello fabric postcard lovers. I made eleven fabric postcards this year for the annual Make a Wish fundraiser that happens during the Sisters, Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show. My favorite quilt show! 

This year the 2 fabrics chosen are from Andover Fabric and designed by Giucy Giuce from his Fabric from the Attic and Fabric from the Basement lines. The pink fabric is Rant- Dried Orchid and the dark print is Alien Diamond- Shirt.

Postcard Challenge: Create a fabric postcard using BOTH of the two challenge fabrics shown below. Cards will be juried with cash prizes for the top three selections, and then matted and framed for silent auction.

Alien Diamond- Shirt

Rant- Dried Orchid

I created eleven cards total (I requested 6 sets of the fabric though, as I knew I could create more than 6 cards from each set). I always have fun making these cards. I have had several of my postcards framed to be sold for more money than just the postcard itself (which are also sold, but for less money). It's an honor to have my cards chosen to get framed, although I usually am not told what cards, if any get framed. I have a friend who attends the show and lives nearby and she tells me and takes photos, but I wish they would inform us postcard makers and send us a photo of all the cards we make that they frame, as it would be great to know that and see it too, especially if we cannot attend the show. Only one year did I get an email that they framed one of my cards and emailed me a photo of it. I guess they have different people volunteering (or staff?) each year, so it is up to that person?

Here are my postcards. I machine blanket stitched around most of the appliqué shapes, added some hand embroidery like French knots and backstitching on some cards. I added some hot fix crystals on a few cards for bling. I hand blanket stitched around each card along the outside edge to hold the layers together.

I used Crafter's Edge die cuts to cut out the Canning Jar and the Hearts. 

I cut these shapes out from die cuts also. Circles, a diamond that I cut on half for the ears and the tip of the diamond for the nose. I hand stitched on the whiskers, which are slightly crooked for a bit of whimsey, as well as those cockeyed eyes, lol!

I tried something different and new to me for the outside edges of the postcard on this one. I saw a video showing how Susan Carlson did the edges of one of her art quilts using scraps. She glued the scraps on all around the quilt. The scraps blended well with her quilt. I thought I would give it a go on a postcard and see what I thought. I only did this one that way. I think that edging would maybe look better on a larger quilt, rather than a small postcard (4" x 6" are the size of these postcards). Do you have an opinion about the scrappy edge? Like it? Don't like it? Check out the video I watched at the end of this post.

A pink sunflower. One of my favorite flowers are sunflowers.

More die cuts used here. A pentagon for the flower and a tumbler die cut for the pot.

Besides sunflowers, I LOVE Echinacea (coneflowers)! This is my favorite flower. Cannot grow them, darn! I tried from seed and plants and they just don't grow at all, even though they sell both plants and seeds here. Must be doing something wrong or it's too cold or too hot? So I will create them in my quilting instead.

Under my Tip of the Morning Tuesday page, I have a tutorial for how I create this kind of flower. I start with a circle (using a die cut for me) and then show you how to make cuts. This flower always looks great, even if the circle or cuts are wonky. As in nature, nothing is perfect.

Made this with more die cuts: a teacup, hearts and flowers. A touch of hand embroidery and some crystal bling.

No die cuts used here! I drew this one out myself. I wanted another coneflower and a bee on it. A jumbo bee, lol! I was looking for something to use for the wings and I was recently given something that was tied with a variegated organza ribbon, so I fused some fusible we to the ribbon and I created the bee's wings. Added 3 crystals for a bit more bling to the wing. Wing bling? LOL!

For this card, I wanted to do a reverse appliqué, so I first sewed an under layer crazy quilt style and then cut out the flower in the center of the dark fabric (used a flower die cut) and machine blanket stitched it in place. As you can see the blanket stitching is biting into the background, since it is reverse appliqué. A bit of crystal bling was added too.

More die cuts, this time I used ovals to create the butterfly. I do have a butterfly die cut, but it was too large for the postcard, so I only used the center body from that die cut to create this.

Back of postcard
I used 3 different rubber stamps to stamp the Postcard Stamp onto the backside of each card. Just showing this one here so you get the idea.

All Eleven Cards shown at Once
All eleven cards together.

The deadline for entering the contest to be juried is May 4, 2023 (cards need to be received by this date). However, they accept ALL postcards (using any or all of your own fabric, not just the contest fabrics) through June 10, 2023.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Agnes Jewellry Pouches

The Agnes Jewellry Pouches pattern + video has finally arrived and is on sale for 40% off for 2 days only! Sale ends April 27, 2023 at 9am (GMT) so hurry and get your pattern! No code is needed! I tested these pouches for Monika of All Sew Petite. (Monika is from the UK so that is why jewelry is spelled with 2 "L's" in case you might be wondering, lol).

I LOVE these jewelry pouches! You can make one or both sizes. They are great to keep all of your jewelry in or take the smaller one with you for traveling. There are extra clear view zipper pockets that you can snap into either size and remove them whenever you want to. You can contain all of your jewelry in one place now! And these pouches would also be great for small sewing, knitting, or other craft tools that you want to be handy to keep in one place too! So many ways to use these pouches, so they don't have to be just for jewelry (you can eliminate making the ring or earring snap on holders if you intend to use these pouches for something else).

I chose a pretty batik for the outside of my pouches and other batik fabric for the inside lining fabrics.

Large size pouch on the left closes with a turn lock closure, whereas the smaller pouch on the right just folds in half. But no worries, as all your jewelry is secured in place and cannot fall out!

Inside are so many storage places. There is a snap off ring holder that is stuffed, an earring snap off holder, individual snaps for holding necklaces, snap off clear window zipper pockets, fabric pockets with flaps, stationary zipper pockets too!

I filled these pouches full of my jewelry! I didn't put much inside the fabric pockets, so I still have more room! Apparently, I have way too many earrings and had to place more earrings inside the clear zip pocket too!

Large size filled with jewelry.

Small size filled with jewelry.

Large size empty.

Small size with an extra snap on clear window double sided zipper pockets to add wherever you want to.

Hurry and save 40% off right now
! Sale ends 9am April 27 (GMT), so grab your pdf now and you don't need a code.
@allsewpetite #ASPAgnesPouch #AllsewpetitePatterns

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Friday, April 21, 2023

Garden Girl One Block Wonder Quilt

I made the top to this One Block Wonder (OBW) quilt several years ago. I wanted to try out using a panel as I love how the OBW quilts look done in a panel and using the panel too in the quilt. I struggled with placement of the hexagon blocks as to where to put them so they looked the best. Actually they aren't really blocks yet when you are playing around with the design of the quilt, they are half hexagons and then you sew them into vertical rows of half hexagons (easier to sew the top this way), so sometimes you have to cut off the block points to sew to the panel and the exterior top and bottom points get cut off too. I don't like cutting the points off! I am afraid I might cut too much or that they will look odd, but that is how they are done. Some could get appliquéd over the panel, but you have to plan and make sure things will fit correctly. I am glad this was a small panel to try my first attempt at this on. 

I did buy another panel (again years ago) that is a larger size panel, and I struggled even more with that one! I didn't plan or figure out how the sides and top and bottom would fit perfectly around the panel and well it didn't! I need to quilt that quilt, but when I appliquéd some of the blocks over the panel areas, it didn't fit at all and you could see the fabric underneath and I just gave up trying to get it right as it was too short! Not sure how I will hide those awful mistakes later after I quilt it, but it is sitting waiting to get quilted (for months now). I really wanted to fall in love with making panels like this, but I need way more practice and learning how to make sure things will fit together first and I am not sure I want to keep buying 7 panels in order to finally get one to work how I like it to work. 7 panels to buy for one quilt is expensive! And if I wanted a larger quilt, I would need to buy even more in multiples of 6 (you need 6 panels to make the hexagons, the 7th panel is to add to the quilt center if you want to add the panel). I think making OBW from just yardage of fabric is easier as you cut and sew and don't need to add a panel, but I love the panels and how they look! 

I have asked for help in the OBW Facebook groups years ago and while I sort of understood what they were saying, I still couldn't get it to work out. No one gave me a formula or said you must cut your triangles a certain size in order to fit your panel size and that is what stumped me! I didn't want a border to be added around the panel in order for the hexagons to fit it. I liked the blended look and a border would pop the panel out and be more obvious. So I think my OBW quilts are over and done with! I think making the 4-Patch Posey style would be easier and cheaper as you are cutting 4 squares for each block instead of 6 triangles that become hexagons and squares would be easier to layout to fit the panel and easier to figure how large to make the 4-patch blocks too. So I may try one to see. 4PP's don't have the same kaleidoscope look since they are square, but much easier to cut and sew.

Okay, let's get back to this quilt. I put it together the best I could with what I had and added a border to make it large enough to donate to Project Linus, which I did. It was a practice quilt for me and so I hope some little girl will receive and love it.

Can you see the panel?

This is the panel I started with.

I love sewing the hexagons to form a kaleidoscope look. You never know how they will look and you can turn the triangles 3 times to see which block looks best before you start to sew them.

Here on the left you can see the block sewn and the right is the panel where those flowers were cut from. Placing the blocks near the panel looks as though the flowers danced out of the panel alongside it.

I will try this technique using 4-patch blocks next time and see how I like it that way. Still need to quilt my larger OBW that has been around for years and years now. 

This is how I felt working on the OBW quilts!!!!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Project Bag with a Clear Window for a Friend

A friend of mine had her birthday last month, so I made her a project bag with a clear window. I followed the tutorial from Rosie's Art Studio to make this one. I like that this bag will fold flat when not in use and filled with a project. 

I didn't like the way that the wrist carry strap was hooked to the zipper pull as Rosie made hers. All I could think about was if something was heavy in the bag, all the stress would be put on the zipper, so I made a small fabric tab that I sewed into the top back of the bag instead and clipped the wrist strap to that.

The clear window is nice to be able to see what project is inside of the bag.  

The lining fabric is hard to see, but it is a gray-blue print of cross hatching.

The bottom of the bag is shown expanded here. If you pull on the 2 sides where the openings are, the bag then flattens out for storage. 

View from the top front of the bag.

Here you get a better look at the fabric. I love this print. I had just enough of this fabric to make this bag. (I made a waist bag out of this fabric a couple years ago that I sold). You can also see the fabric tab I made here and hooked the wrist strap to.

View from the top bag of the bag.

Happy Sewing! Here is the tutorial I used to make this bag. Thanks Rosie!

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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #18-26 (2023) & Say What? Blog Hop

Thank you Joan for hosting this Say What? Sew it-Show it Blog Hop. I knew what I was going to share right away (even though I needed to finish sewing them first, lol). 

Most of you know I love making bags/purses and I am passionate about making and donating purses to the Sew Powerful Purse Project, which is a charity that sends the purses to Zambia and fills them with feminine hygiene products (that are made by seamstresses right there in Zambia and they get paid a living wage too). This enables the girls to stay in school all month/year long so they do not miss school anymore. That in turns enables the girls to continue with their education and allows local women to sew the reusable pads and to make soap that is needed for the girls. All those items (plus a couple of pair of underwear that is outsourced because the cost is less than making the underwear) is placed into each purse and handed out to the girls at the various schools in Zambia. This is an ongoing need forever. 

So with that in mind, here are the purses that I made to donate with words on them. I used selvages for a lot of the purses, I also used a fabric panel that had lots of lovely Positive quotes on them, which is perfect for these purses too. The fabric panel has about half of just flowers as well as half with just quotes. Here is the panel I used:

Choose to Shine designed by Cherry Guidry
(I am also making flower flaps for the purses I am sewing now too).

I added strips around the panel quote to bring it up to the size needed for the flap. I added a handmade label and some embellishments too.

The main body of the purse and the lining can be seen here.
There is a front pocket on each purse. I like to make the Intermediate purse using the Beginner style flap as I can be more creative on the larger space on this flap. Flaps are interchangeable between the Beginner (boxed corner style) and the Intermediate (full gusset style) purses.

I took this photo when we had snow one morning.

I like to experiment with how I sew on the buttons I use for embellishing the purses too.

Next I made several purses using selvages. I like to play around with different settings for the selvages. I had a large scrap of that pink-blue-green-orange-white print, but not enough to make much out of, so I used it as the center of the flaps and because the colors in that print were also the colors in the main body of the purse, which is a fine wale corduroy print. I grabbed that corduroy print from a freebie table at my quilt group. The other fabrics used in these purses were fabrics that were directly donated to me by a couple of women from the Sew Powerful FB group.

I thought the corduroy print in the crazy quilt print made a great purse body. Soft, yet sturdy material.

Four more purses with that colorful print and selvages set in various ways.

All using the same body corduroy print fabric.

I made a slip pocket on the back sides of all the purses like this.

Check out the other bloggers too!

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