Friday, November 26, 2010

Featured on the Selvage Blog

I had these 3 things featured on the Sekvage Blog. Click on each to take you to them.
Selvage zippered bag
Heart Block for Myra
Eyeglass Case & Wallet Pin It Now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Large Zippered Selvage Bag

I made a large zippered bag using up some of the selvages I have been collecting, and I barely made a dent in my selvage collection! One photo shows one side of the bag and the other photo shows the other side of the bag. It's actually as large as a tote bag and great to carry my knitting project in. When I showed this bag to my husband he recommended that I should have added a handle or strap to carry it. Okay maybe if I make another bag this large I would add a large loop handle on one side, but I carry it like a clutch bag, not a tote bag.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sewing Machine Cover & Folder

My friend Tara's birthday is today and we got together so I could show her how to make this fabric folder (scroll down to see my folder like this). I made her a kit using my fabric scraps and then I showed her how to sew it all together. It turned out great! Tara even used some new embroidery stitches she didn't know she had on her machine. This is the front of the folder:This is the back of the folder:The inside of the folder:
Tara & I went out to celebrate our November birthdays on Wednesday (her birthday is today and my birthday was the 13th). This is the birthday present I made for Tara, it's a bunny sewing machine cover:
Close-up of the little bag I made:
Back of the bunny:
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heart Block For Myra

Karen from the Selvage Blog ( has a posting about making a Heart Applique Quilt Block for a woman in New Zealand who has cancer. This is the block that I made. I started off making the background scrappy strips and was going to just applique a large and small heart stacked on top of each other, but I changed directions and now you can't really see much of the background and won't see it if it gets sewn into a quilt. Oh well, I like how the applique turned out and hopefully Myra will too.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fabric Folder I Made

I made this quilted fabric folder with appliques using all scrap fabrics. This is the front of the folder: This is the back of the folder:
The inside pockets:

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Quilt Block

I made this block for Kathleen, a quilter who moved to Texas. The little fabric scrap under the block were the colors we were supposed to use in the block, but we could make any block. Pin It Now!
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