Sunday, October 25, 2020

Thistle Cross Body Bag in Linen & Batik Sunflower Print

I made another Thistle Cross Body Bag (Blue Calla Design) in the same linen (or linen blend?), but on this bag I used a blue sunflower batik print as the accent fabric. I made this bag for myself. My favorite flowers are Echinacea & Sunflowers and I made a bag in Echinacea flowers for myself a few months ago, so now I have this one with sunflowers (I do have another bag in sunflower fabric too, but it's not a batik fabric). I used the rest of the linen fabric and this sunflower batik fabric, so I am using up my fabric stash slowly but surely.

I loved how the last Thistle Bag turned out so I knew I wanted to make myself one too. And since I had just enough of the lined fabric, I had to have this one, lol!

There are many fabric combinations that could be chosen to make this bag. I have seen some use all one fabric, while others do the flap and front pocket in the accent color. Some make the main bag in a print and the pocket/and/or flap in a more solid fabric. Each way I have seen this bag made, the colors and prints give it an entirely different look. I think I am stuck on doing it the way I sewed this and the first Thistle. 

I added a zippered pocket on the back of the back and added this little purse charm to the pull.

The back zippered pocket that I added (not in the instructions).

I love this Paris fabric print and it is perfect for the lining. I added a pocket with a couple of pen divisions (one on each side of the larger pocket.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap, making it easy to access what's inside the bag.

I riveted the strap connectors to the sides of the bag and added strap ends too.

The front pocket with flap. I also added a couple of rivets into the corners of the flap.

I had just enough of the batik and the linen to make a matching Little Wallet.

The bottom is nice and curved due to the darts.

I will be making more of these bags, but will be using other fabrics, maybe a denim for the main fabric?
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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Brookfield Cross Body Bag with Faux Cork & Painted Textured Fabric

I wanted to make another Brookfield Bag (the others I made in the past had sold). Last year I was playing around with some Shiva Paintstiks in Metallic and Rubbing Texture Plates and created some small pieces of fabric. I wanted to use those fabric pieces in a bag someday, but wasn't sure what bag and if I would have enough of the painted fabric. So I was looking at my patterns one day and I measured the Brookfield and it would work! Yay! I paired it with cotton-looking cork fabric and made a matching Little Wallet to match. I am quite pleased how this bag turned out.

The bag measures 11" wide x 7" high.

I added a back zippered pocket to the bag.

Inside is a divided pocket that fits a pen on each side and the wallet fits perfectly in the center pocket.

If you would like to purchase this bag, contact me. This bag sold at a craft show 11/21

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Lots of Stuffed Bears

I made a lot of bears last year in 2 sizes. I used red velveteen, plaid flannel and a green print velour. Some have long vertical muzzles and some have oval wide muzzles. All have a little heart on their chests. Hand sewn eyes, so they are safe for children of all ages.
Red velveteen bears.

Velour bears. (the green bear has sold)

Plaid flannel bears. 3 large and one small.

Basket full of bears!

Shown at a different angle.

Bears are for sale: $18 for the small and $23 for the large size
. Includes shipping. Email me and describe the bear you want and I will invoice you through PayPal.
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Tip of the Morning Tuesday~ Fray Block Tip

If you use Fray Block, you know it is a liquid that comes in a tube and can be messy and difficult to use because it's in a tube and can come out too quickly. There is Fray Check (another brand), that comes in a plastic bottle and is more of a gel, and that might be easier to use until it starts to dry and get old and then it gets thicker, making it harder to come out of the bottle.

I have used both brands and I prefer the Fray Block that is liquid, so I came up with an easier way to use the fray Block and that is to squeeze it into an empty nail polish bottle (you can buy them empty).

Then all you do to use it is to paint the Fray Block onto the material. Easy peasy and no mess. 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Zip-Tastic Pouches

Blogger has made some weird and confusing changes! I had scheduled the Zip-tastic Pouches I made to post on Wednesday October 21st, but apparently I did something wrong and it posted on October 7th which has already come and gone a couple of weeks ago! So who is going to be alerted to a new post that published weeks ago? 
makes no sense and I am sure others have had issues with Blogger's updates.

So please read my newest posting of the Zip-tastic Pouches here. Thanks!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Take Note Zippered Pouch

This is called the Take Note Zippered Pouch (Crafted by Leanne pattern). It is a free pattern if you join Leanne's Facebook Group (pdf is in the files). You can find her other pdf patterns for sale in her Etsy Shop.

Leanne has a different way of sewing this zippered pouch and it yields great looking results. The only thing I am not thrilled with is that the zipper tape inside the bag shows and is not sewn into the fabric. But from the outside the bag looks great.

This is what I mean about the zipper tape showing inside. Not a huge deal, but in most pouches the tape is sewn into the fabric (sandwiched in between the fabric). I really like the way this bag is sewn and it is a nice size to hold so many items, that I can overlook that. Plus the pattern was free!

I will make more of these when I can. There are so many cute and fun to make zipper pouches now, that I can play and have fun making lots of them.
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Monday, October 19, 2020

Small Tote to Carry Exercise Weights

Before this pandemic hit us, I was commissioned to make an exercise bag for a knitting friend of mine. She wanted webbing handles and made in a sturdy material to carry her weights in. So I designed this bag and made it out of denim and ticking. I added webbing carry handles and added pockets (even though she said she didn't them) and I riveted triangle rings on the sides and made an adjustable strap that can be clipped onto the sides and worn across the body or on the shoulder. 

She was happy with it and glad I was able to get it to her when I did because the Virus hit the next month. I don't know how much use she got out if it yet, but at least she has this bag when she needs it and can use it for other things too.

I added Red Kam snaps along the top so she cam close the bag if she wants to.

The lining ticking fabric is sturdy like the denim is.

A slip pocket in between the straps is a handy place to put her keys and ID. I added rivets in the webbing. I only had enough webbing in red for the carry handles, so I used a natural webbing for the strap connectors. 

The side connectors are triangle rings that in riveted in place
 and added a red ribbon for a pop of color down the center. The strap is made from both denim and ticking and the swivel hook can be removed if the long strap isn't needed.
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Friday, October 16, 2020

Thistle Cross Body Bag & Matching Little Wallet

This is the Thistle Cross Body bag (Blue Calla Design). I chose to use some linen or linen blend fabric (not sure what it is exactly since I don't have a label) and accent it with a batik fabric. 

This is the first time making the Thistle and I really love this bag. I did make a few changes on this bag and I will make another change on the next bag on the upper band now that I made this one. The instructions did not add any interfacing to the lining of the upper band, except for a square where the snap goes. That didn't seem substantial enough for me, so I will not only add interfacing to the lining, but I think it also needs fleece added on the exterior band piece too. So next bag will have those changes and then I can compare the results to this bag. Still this bag is fab-u-lous, if I do say so myself, lol!

The bag measures 13 1/2" at the widest x 10 1/2" high x 4" deep.

The front features a pocket with a magnetic snap and a flap.

Here is the matching Little Wallet with it.

Matching Little wallet inside. I prefer making Little Wallets rather than a pocket inside with card slots. I think it makes it easier to remove the wallet to get the card you need and any cash, than to did around in your bag for the cards or cash. Just my opinion. Do you have a preference?

I like the nice curved bottom of this bag! I usually am not a dart fan, but this is a larger bag and the darts work well and gives the bag its curves.

Front slip pocket with flap and magnetic closure is a great place for your phone or other items.

I do love the 2 fabric strap as it provides more interest and uses both fabrics in the exterior.

I added the strap connectors to the sides of the bag and made them longer to add rivets. I like the look better than sewing the shorter connectors into the side of the bag.

I added a zipper to the back of the bag as I felt it needed another pocket.

Inside I added a couple of slip pockets. One is curved as per the pattern, but I added a Kam snap to close that pocket. The other pocket is a rectangle pocket with a divided pen pocket. 

My added pockets inside and out gives this bag more places to hold things.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this bag. $80 with FREE shipping. I will invoice you through PayPal. Or you can send me a Money Order if you prefer. 

Lovingly made in New Mexico, USA in my smoke free, pet free, perfume home.

I will be making more of these in other color combinations. If you want one made in colors of your choice, contact me.

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