Saturday, October 24, 2020

Brookfield Cross Body Bag with Faux Cork & Painted Textured Fabric

I wanted to make another Brookfield Bag (the others I made in the past had sold). Last year I was playing around with some Shiva Paintstiks in Metallic and Rubbing Texture Plates and created some small pieces of fabric. I wanted to use those fabric pieces in a bag someday, but wasn't sure what bag and if I would have enough of the painted fabric. So I was looking at my patterns one day and I measured the Brookfield and it would work! Yay! I paired it with cotton-looking cork fabric and made a matching Little Wallet to match. I am quite pleased how this bag turned out.

The bag measures 11" wide x 7" high.

I added a back zippered pocket to the bag.

Inside is a divided pocket that fits a pen on each side and the wallet fits perfectly in the center pocket.

If you would like to purchase this bag, contact me. This bag sold at a craft show 11/21

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  1. This is beautiful and I love the pocket for a pen...great idea!

  2. wow, you made that fabric??? what is it a muslin piece of fabric or a black colored fabric? that is amazing and its perfect for this purse. the fabrics compliment each other perfectly. what a one of a kind purse, great job.

  3. We had demo's on the Shiva Paint sticks at guild years ago, it looked fun. But I never allowed myself to get into another thing!! So I am happy to see you found a use for your fabric! You really do need to show us your closet full of bags!


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