Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ewe Three Sheep

I made a small wall quilt for fun, using up some fabric scraps in the process. I love how comical these 3 ewes are!

The French knot eyes sure give these ewes some personality!

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Four Fabric Wrapped Rope Bowls

I made 4 more bowls. 2 are more oval shaped. These are great for using up scraps of fabric, especially batik fabrics.

The front 2 are round and the back 2 are slightly oval shaped.

Round bowls.

Oval bowls.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fixing Comments on Blogger

Thanks to Lea Anne of Podunk Pretties for passing along this information to me about fixing the comments on Blogger. Lea Anne sent me this link. Go there and follow the instructions from Amity Quilter. It is a simple fix and it worked. I suppose if you don't get your comments again, you can repeat these steps to see if it will work again, so you might want to save this information. 

I emailed my blog friend Carol of Just Let Me Quilt and it worked for her too. So yay! We are back and so are our comments and replies. Carol also wrote a quick tutorial on how to do this too. Thanks Carol.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Bag (with changes)

A few years ago I made the Happy Bag by Imazz Pattern Designs. It was fun to sew and looked great. I made changes on the first bag by making  patchwork strip pockets both front and back (pattern called for one front pocket).

This time I thought I would experiment some more and not only make patchwork strip pockets on front and back again, but make one adjustable strap instead of 2 fixed straps. Plus I boxed the corners rather than sew rounded corners with darts. I also made the accent strip above the pocket a bit narrower to better balance the bag. I didn't add a magnetic snap closure this time because I liked the slouchier look and easy access to this bag.

The look of the bag is a bit different and a bit thicker in parts to sew too. It was fun to experiment and try some new things
I used purple strips for the pocket and a denim-like material for the rest of the exterior.

The other side of the bag showing the other pocket.

I added a slip pocket inside.

The depth of the bag is wider with my changes.

The other side of the bag.
The first Happy Bag looks like this:
This is the first Happy Bag I made so that you can compare the changes I made on the purple Happy Bag.
I like the look of the original Happy Bag better.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Round Purple Friendship Dahlia Quilt

I have always enjoyed using the decorative stitches on my sewing machine(s). Pam of Threading My Way, tells me she needs to use her stitches more whenever she sees something I have posted using my decorative machine stitches. Then one day Pam took a class where she learned how to use some of her stitches and she made a Poinsettia using her stitches. Well I thought I would try and see if I could come close to making something like that too. So here is my first attempt at it. I wasn't quite sure how to stitch the stitches so they came out evenly, that's where a class would be handy to take, (but Pam lives in Australia and I don't think I would travel that far for a class, lol!), so I winged it. I added French knots by hand too. I like this concept, so I will need to play some more.

I used 3 different machine stitches plus added French knots by hand.

French knots in the flower centers and in between the green stitches. 

The backing of my little round quilt.
I figured the Friendship Dahlia was a bit easier to try than the Poinsettia that Pam did because the Dahlia has fewer petals! Funny how I inspired Pam and then she inspired me!!!! Thanks Pam, I hope you like my version.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Flower Spools Quilt & Vendor Craft Apron 2

Hello and welcome to my day of
 Where the Flowers Bloom Blog Hop
Brought to you by the lovely Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks

Up first is the Flower Spools Quilt~

I belong to a little applique group that meets monthly in my friend's home. We like to work on the same applique projects together. We chose to make this cute Flower Spool quilt. (The pattern is old and must be out of print, so couldn't find any info to link to). The pattern showed 4 flower spools and the flower spools were very small, they measured 1 1/2" wide x 5 1/4" tall. That just was too small for me, so I enlarged the applique to 150% and made 3 flower spools instead. I like it so much better. I made more changes too. First I pieced together white and cream colored scraps to create my background fabric, then I added the flower applique and blanket stitched around them. I also chose to use rickrack for the stems of the flowers. I made the appliques using batik and hand dyed scraps and like I said, the background was all scraps, so this entire quilt including the borders was all from my scraps. The binding was fabric that I hand painted a while ago and was just the perfect color to use on this quilt.

Flower Spools Quilt

Rickrack stem.

You can see I pieced the white background using fabric scraps.

I was a little late to sign up for this blog hop, so thank you Carla for allowing me to join in the fun. I hope you like my quilt and I also made the apron below using flower prints.

Next, Apron~

I was asked a couple of months ago to make a Vendor Craft apron by a woman who saw my first Vendor Craft apron here. I asked her what color(s) she wanted and she said she liked all colors. Well not to bore you all with the details, but she never got back with me about the apron. I took it to show a small quilt group I belong to and one of the ladies there wanted me to make her one like it too. I did not make another one because I thought I would sell her this one if I did not hear from the first woman by the time we met at our larger quilt group last Thursday. I didn't hear anything from the first woman so I did sell the apron to my friend, the second woman who saw and loved it. I am glad she really loved it and I learned a lesson: that I need to take 50% non-refundable deposit in the future for anything custom made.

On with the apron! I really love the fabrics I chose to make this apron. I have had that tulip fabric for a really long time too! The flowers and colors just scream Spring don't they?

Perfect Spring colors for this apron.

Flap over a pocket with a triple stacked button. Oh I love stacking buttons and have done so since I was a teenager.

Business card pocket with another button double stacked.

A zippered pocket to keep cash secure.

I added a Velcro closure to the flap rather than a buttonhole, so that it can open quickly, without having to fiddle with a buttonhole.

To compare aprons, this is the first apron I made for myself.

Closer look at my first apron.

My $5 garage sale dress form modeling the apron.

Ties are long enough to wrap to front and tie or if you want to tie in back you can, especially for a larger woman.

Business card pocket.

A swivel hook to hold car keys.

Pocket for a small pad of paper and a pen pocket too.
Okay I tend to go overboard with photos, but I like to see things close up as well as the whole item, so I take lots of pics. LOL!!!

Please be sure and visit the other bloggers on this Blog Hop. I hope you enjoy getting inspired from all the lovely items you see throughout the blog hop.

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop Schedule

Before you go, I wanted to share the one and only flower that bloomed on our little Hedgehog cactus. Only planted little Hedgie last year, so it's still small.

Love the color of the flower!

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop: Coming Soon!


Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop Schedule

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Contain Yourself Fabric Bins

I enjoyed testing these fabric bins for Annie (of byAnnie Designs). The Contain Yourself pattern includes small, medium and large sized fabric bins that you can make as well as a formula to make these in any size you want to make them. I made the medium size first and then the large. The large is a whopper size too! I plan on making more of these, since they are useful and handy to have on hand.

You can add a clear vinyl pocket if you want to add a label to fit inside the pocket so you can see what you have inside the bin. This medium size is the perfect size to store my bag patterns in and quite roomy to hold a lot of patterns.

I had this Debbie Mumm coffee print fabric for so long, I thought I would use it to test this pattern. I really should make another bin with handbag fabric. I don't even drink coffee! But I love the colors in these fabrics.

The coordinating fabric is coffee beans.

As you can see Annie's Catch All Caddy is one of my favorite patterns. Really it is. I made 3 for myself and one for a friend as a gift. That caddy is so handy, I love it. But getting back for the fabirc bin here, it also is a handy pattern too, especially since you can make it any size to suit whatever you want to put inside of it.

This is the large size and it really is large! You could put a baby inside this bin. I added Chicago Screws on the handles. It was not part of the pattern, but I thought I would add them.

 I created my fabric, first by sewing scraps of batik fabrics into a large piece and then quilting it to the Soft and Stable, before cutting to the size piece needed. Quilting this wasn't part of the instructions (even though most of Annie's patterns are quilted).

The other side with the handle.

See how large it is inside the bin?

Even it's bottom is pretty, lol!

Some perspective to the size of this bin.

The Contain Yourself pattern will be available for purchase from Annie in about 12 more days on June 15, 2018. So try and Contain Yourself until the pattern is released. LOL!!! I couldn't resist that one!
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