Monday, January 21, 2019

Kisslock Metal Frame Purse

I bought a kit to make this purse I don't know how many years ago. I had sewn the pieces together, but it sat for years until a month or so ago I finally sewed the bag to the frame. It takes time to sew the frame on, and things do tend to shift around no matter how I basted it around the frame to hold it in place. Since this is a larger frame than I have used before and has an "M" shape to it, it was more time consuming to sew on. I know how it is to sew one of these frames on, so I have always been too nervous to try the glue on kind of frame. I just know I would have glue on the purse and me and ruin it all, so even though the sew on kind is a pain, I would rather sew (and rip out if I need to) than to glue it on.

It actually came out nice and I am glad it's finally finished. I never had a frame like this with the metal handle (see photos lower down), so it's nice to be able to try one. I think I will stick to making other bags instead of using metal frames like this; however I do have other metal frames I bought years ago and need to make some bags to use up those frames too. They are a little different than this frame. Maybe if I can get myself to make one bag a month using a metal frame this year, I might use most of them up. But then you know how making plans go, so I won't make any promises. We'll see...

I did like this pretty floral print. 

The other side of the bag to see the rest of the floral print.

I had to hold up the metal handle because it won't stay up on it's own.

The handle fall down like this if you don't hold it up.

The inside of the bag. I love how the bag opens up so wide.  See those little metal thingees on the lower right and left side? You can clip on a chain strap so this can be worn on your shoulder too. The metal handle can be removed or just let it flop down like in the photo above.

I added a slip pocket inside too.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Patchwork Potholder with Crochet Edge & Mug Rugs

I made a potholder using Lori Holt's (of Bee in My Bonnet) tutorial. I used up some blue fabric scraps and the crocheted edge was easy to do. But I didn't have any of that silver heat resistant material, so I used Insul Bright batting instead on the potholder. The potholder turned out cute, but I thought I would rather make some more as mug rugs, so I made 3 as mug rugs and just the one as a potholder.

I made two mug rugs the same, so the backing on the left side is the same on both and the patchwork on the right one is the same too. So this way you can see the front and the back at the same time. Aren't I clever? Lol!

This is the potholder I made in blue patchwork with blue crochet edge.

Here is the back of the potholder where you place your hands inside. Like I mentioned earlier, I used Insul Bright batting and lining the potholder in a muslin fabric.

I made another one as a mug rug with blue crochet edge.

This is the back of the mug rug.

These are the 2 mug rugs with natural color crochet edging, as in the first photo, but showing the fronts only here.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy Camper Mug Rugs

I made a couple of mug rugs using the free Happy Camper pattern from Suzy's Sitcom site. These are supposed to be potholders, but I made them as Mug Rugs instead. You need to sign up for her newsletter in order to get this free pattern, but by doing so she does offer other freebies each month too.

Anyhow, back to the mug rugs I made. I made these for my sister and her husband for Christmas to use in their new camper. I used only scraps to make them too. I love how they came out!

Suzy offers 2 styles of potholders (made mine as mug rugs).

Used mostly batik scraps, except for the light blue background fabric and the black tire.

This one was all batik, except the background which was a pale map print.
My sister said they will use them in their fairly new trailer when they hit the road.
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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Poppins Bag with My Changes

In November my friend wanted to make a Poppins Bag by Aunties Two, so I said we should make it together. But after reading over the instructions and seeing the bag in person at a local quilt shop, I knew there were changes I wanted to make in my Poppins Bag and my friend liked those changes I suggested as well. I made my bag first and then helped her to make hers, because I knew by making changes, I could encounter some difficulties or a better way to do some of the things. I will note the things I changed under each photo.

First of all as a Poppins bag, I wanted to add Mary Poppins to my bag, so I found some clip-art silhouette and enlarged it to add to the pocket on one side. The pattern called for using a single piece of fabric for the pocket. The pocket wasn't lined or even interfaced at all and seeing it in person the pocket looked rather limp and would only end up looking more limp with use, so that I had to change right away and not only add lining to the pocket, but also add some foam stabilizer and quilt the pocket too. Note the handles I changed here as compared to the photo below.

Photo of this Poppins bag is from Amazon to show the bag and compare it to the changes that I made. The handles for this huge bag is sewn onto the bag in a "U". The top back of the handle is left open to insert tubing into the handle to make the handle stand up as you see in the photo here. Right away I knew for such a large bag that those handles wouldn't hold up to putting anything heavy inside and over time I could imagine the stitching coming out of the handles and possibly making some holes from the weight and strain of this bag. Even without a thing inside this bag it is somewhat heavy to carry. By sewing the handles to the top of the bag as in this photo, it puts a lot of stress on the bag there.
So I decided to sew long strap tabs with rings to the sides of the pockets and then sew a handle to the rings. I folded the center of the handle in half and sewed it to make it smaller and nicer to grab a hold of. I added rivets to the strap tabs (this was something I wished I hadn't done only because of the super thickness which made it too hard to get the rivets through, let alone make a hole through it all). I added rivets to the straps too and those were easy to do. The handle doesn't stand up at attention like the pattern instructions handles do with the tubing, but I know my handles will hold any amount of weight I place inside this bag and not be stressed at all.

The side view of the bag with the zipper all opened. There is an internal frame to keep the bag open wide, but I think this bag would be just as nice without the metal frame too. I also used a single zipper pull, rather than the double zipper slide called for because you still have to unzip this bag all the way in order for the frame to open up and it's easier for me to unzip one zipper pull in one motion than to unzip half of it and then  unzip the other half with the other zipper pull. Plus double zipper pull zippers do cost more too.

The side view closed.

Here with the handles on the hook you can see how it would look being carried. I love sunflowers, so I used this pretty sunflower fabric for the outside.

I made the pocket on the other side the same as the front, but I added Bert the chimney sweep on this side.

Closer look at Bert.

Closer look at Mary.

This is a deep bag and large. There are also 2 inside pockets that also called for only using a single piece of cotton. Again I added foam stabilizer and a lining to the pockets inside too so they looked better and would wear better too.

The bottom of this bag has 2 layers of Peltex or similar heavy interfacing and is sewn on by hand, which was awkward to do. The bag itself uses 2 layers of foam stabilizer and is sewn in such a weird way to me that it was difficult and awkward to do. Making this bag was a challenge for my friend. It was a challenge for me too mainly because of the large size and awkwardness of getting this under the machine. If you have a small machine or not a powerful enough machine, I doubt you could sew through the layers successfully. My friend broke some needles and even something in her machine broke too!

There are some free videos to help you through some of the steps in making this bag, but if I make another one of these bags I would make even more changes than I made on this one. For instance, I would not add the oval bottom, I would box the corners instead, which could be sewn by machine, not hand. I would not use double the foam thickness as this was too thick, and unneeded since the foam stands up fine without being double thick; plus it adds a lot more to the cost of making this bag as well. I would do the straps and pockets with the changes I made on this bag again. I wouldn't sew the bag in sections as the pattern instructions tell you to do. I would cut one front and one back and box the corners to make this easier to make. I would add extra foam to the bottom of the bag only and add some purse feet to the bottom as well. Since the internal frame goes in last, I wouldn't add a frame unless I felt it needed it, which it really doesn't, but a frame does make the sides come down and without a frame the sides would be straight across the top. I like it both ways. Either way this bag would open up nice and wide.

Well that's my review and changes I made on the Poppins Bag. It's a costly pattern to buy, but a set of frames does come with it. The local shop who sells this pattern won't even teach a class on how to make it because I think they know how badly people would struggle to even sew it. Plus, this bugger is expensive enough to make with the cost of all the materials needed and then if you add the cost of a class to the material costs, you could buy a nicer bag from any bag maker out there instead of going through the headache of making one of these yourself!!! Even I wouldn't make this bag again according to the instructions. I would make it my own way as I mentioned above, making my pwn changes. Which would essentially just be an over-sized tote bag then.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Mayla Little Bucket Bag

I have been wanting to make this Mayla Bucket Bag for a long time. It's a free pattern from RLR Creations. It looked so cute, but I found it was a very small bag and a bit fiddly to sew in places. I made this a few months ago and sold it in the local gift shop in October.

It calls for using Decor Bond fusible interfacing, so I used it, but I do not like that interfacing because it wrinkles too much and you cannot even steam the wrinkles out. No no more bags will be made using Decor Bond.

There is an outside zippered pocket as well and an interior slip pocket, but for such a small bag I thought it was a bit overkill to have an interior pocket. Anything you might put inside that pocket (other than a flat piece of paper or something similar) would take up much needed space. There is not a lot of room inside to carry much. My wallet was too large, my reading and sunglasses cases didn't fit either. So unless you have a tiny wallet, you could use this bag for carry that, a cell phone and keys and not much else. I know there are women who love small bags, but unfortunately I am not one of them. Just my eyeglass cases alone take up space and so I need something large enough for those and a wallet and keys.

My conclusion is that I wouldn't make this bag again. While it is very cute, unless I enlarged it considerably, it just wouldn't be worth the effort to make another one. There are far too many other bags out there that I enjoy making better. I am glad I made it and saw that it was something I would not repeat again though. So onward and upward to making another bag on my "to make" list.

The back has a zippered pocket.

Inside is a slip pocket that I divided with 2 pen pockets.

Closes with a magnetic snap.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Happy Birthday Quilted Applique Table Runner

I made this last year for my sister's birthday in December. She had a milestone birthday and I wanted to make her something special. She can use it for the birthday celebrations in her family or when having a party for a friend too.

I started by creating a scrappy neutral background. (I have a free tutorial for Sewing a Scrappy Background on Makerist .Click Makerist link on the side bar to see all of my patterns). Then I enlarged a font I liked on the computer for the wording. I found a lot of clipart and some I enlarged for the applique motifs I used on this table runner. I added some hand embroidery and then I quilted this runner. The applique is all done with fusible web and machine blanket stitching around the shapes.

The applique motifs themselves were all out of my various scrap bags. The background was all scraps too. The only yardage I cut was the binding and the backing fabric.

I am pleased with how this one turned out and my sister told me it was gorgeous, so I know she loves it too.

My sister has a long table, so it was made long for her table. I didn't write down the measurements.

I added a few cupcakes in 2 sizes to the runner. 

Ice cream cone with whipped cream on top.

Several balloons adorn this table runner too. I hand embroidered the strings.

A stack of boxed gifts. I love that Happy Birthday fabric I had a scrap of.

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018~Welcome 2019

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. Be safe my friends. 

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