Thursday, October 19, 2017

16 Clematis Wristlets plus 2 Smaller Zippered Pouches

I made 16 Clematis Wristlets, a free pattern by Blue Calla Designs; plus 2 smaller zippered pouches too. I am going to do only one craft show in November and I hope to sell these there. Whatever doesn't sell there will go to a gift shop. If you see something here you would like to buy please email me asap before it gets sold.

I loved putting together the fabrics for all these bags. A lot of the fabrics I used came from my scrap bags too. Some I only had enough to make the bottom of the bag and maybe the wrist strap too. It was fun coordinating the fabric colors and seeing how much I could use up from my scraps. But of course if I cut larger fabric for linings, there begins the leftovers of those that were added to the scrap bags and so on and on it goes, never ending scraps! Well I do love using the scraps first.

Clematis #1 is a Route 66 fabric print of road signs and gas station signs (remember when they were called service stations?)

Clematis #1 with yellow zipper and red accent fabric.

Inside Clematis #1.

Clematis #1 again with a smaller non- Clematis bag. I only had a bit of the fabric left, so I made a smaller Route 66 sign fabric bag.

Clematis #2 inside

Clematis #2 is denim with a cowboy boot and hat fabric. This one has sold!

Look I even had a cowboy boot charm to add to the zipper pull.

Clematis #2

Clematis #3 is a hot air balloon fabric print.

Inside Clematis #3

Clematis #4 is a blue print with a lighter blue denim bottom.

This is the back of Clematis #4, since the print looks a bit different on the back side I thought I would show it too.

Clematis #4 inside.

Another small non- Clematis zippered pouch. This one has already sold!

Clematis #5 is a building night scene fabric that has glitter in the fabric. Blue zipper and red accents.

Inside Clematis #5.

Clematis #6 pinks and greens with a yellow zipper.

Inside Clematis #6 is a 30's yellow print fabric.

Clematis #7 & #8

Clematis #7 has blue accents with a green zipper.

Clematis #8 has red accents with a black zipper.

Clematis #7 inside.

Clematis #8 inside.

Clematis #9 is a red bandanna fabric with denim bottom.

Inside Clematis #9

Clematis #10 is a paisley print with a blue bottom and light blue zipper.

Clematis #10 inside.

Clematis #11 has the same paisley print as the above bag, but is on the bottom of this one. Red zipper and blue print top fabric.

Clematis #11 inside.

Clematis #12 is a pink and brown top print and a brown accent with a brown zipper. This one has sold!

Inside Clematis #12 is a light brown print.

Clematis #13 is stripes and dots. Coordinating fabrics.

Inside Clematis #13

Clematis #14 has a purse print fabric with the stripe print accent. The wrist strap was a coordinating fabric in a paisley, but I only had enough of that to make the strap and the inside pocket below.

Clematis #14 inside with the paisley print pocket.

Clematis # 15 is another paisley in pinks and blues with a blue bottom and pink strap.

Inside Clematis #15 blue gingham print and pink polka dot pocket.

Clematis #16 is a print of greens and blues with touches of yellow and red. The print if you look closely is 4 cats around the flower. Red zipper.
Inside Clematis #16 is a gold print and the exterior print pocket.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tip of the Morning Tuesday~ Spray Mist Bottle

I cannot take credit for tip because a woman in my quilting group shared this tip. She uses a spray mister that hair dressers use for misting fabric for ironing. The mist is much nicer than a regular spray bottle and no more dribbles! She bought her mist bottle at a beauty supply store. I was going to stop by a local beauty supply store, but I was tired and went home. Then I looked on Amazon to read some reviews and I bought Flairosol on Amazon, because it had really good reviews. (I am not an affiliate).

I filled my bottle with a homemade starch solution of Vodka and water. Because I have chemical sensitives, I cannot use regular spray starch! This bottle works great! Love the mist it puts out and it fits nicely in my hand too.

I never put water in my irons anymore. They usually end up dripping and staining fabric and clothes (that's why I stopped using water in irons)! Plus so many times I need a dry iron to iron fusible web, etc.

Here is a recipe (there are a lot of similar ones online) from the Patchwork Posse. It is similar to the Best Press solution.

I may buy another mist bottle for my hair too!
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Lilac Mini Messenger Bag

This is another free pattern by Blue Calla Patterns, called the Lilac Mini Messenger Bag. I love how she names all her bags after flowers, since her pattern company is also a flower name. Her free patterns are great!!!
I recently bought a fat quarter pack of Route 66 fabric, aptly called Get Your Kicks (by RJR Fabrics). The fabric was purchased at my quilt groups recent garage sale. There were a few different prints in 3 colorways. Some fabrics had road signs, some cars, some iconic places along Route 66 (restaurants, gas stations, etc.) and a map fabric of the states along the route. I am making bags out of the fabric (surprise)! 

I thought the flap of this bag was a good place to show case this print.

A back zippered pocket.

Inside is a slip pocket.

Another one I am linking up to Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Organizer Pouch

I made myself one of my own Organizer Pouches in a batik print. You can get the pattern on Craftsy here. 2 zippers are on one side of the pouch.

1 zipper on the other side of the pouch.

Has an optional wrist strap.

The main part of the bag has a small zippered pocket too.

One of my testers made a boxed corner version, so I decided to make one too to try. But I discovered that you need to shorten some of the pockets in order to do this version. (I included this version at the end of the pattern instructions). Boxing the corners gives this a totally different look.

I am using this one as my camera bag. I can keep my camera in the main compartment and the cord in one pocket, batteries and memory cards in another pocket and I even have a small table top tripod that fits too.

I like this typewriter keys batik fabric.

Inside the bag.
Linking this to Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017.
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