Monday, June 24, 2019

The Allure Bag (reduced size) in Turquoise-Green-Gold Print

This is my 4th Allure bag in a reduced size (5th Allure total). I just love this style bag! The reduced size, the shape, the flap, the accent of Uncorked fabric that I use, the phone pocket, the cross body adjustable strap, slip pocket and zippered pocket all equal a gorgeous bag! Thanks to designer Christine of ChrisW Designs for designing such a great bag and I will give myself  pat on the back for figuring out how to use Uncorked fabric instead of real cork, vinyl or leather.

I am making a lot of these to stock up for the shows I will be selling at in the fall. I may list a few to sell on Etsy too. I only list my items once on Etsy. If they don't sell within the 4 months of the listing fee I pay, then I do not relist them. So if you ever see something in my Etsy shop you like, you had better buy it because it won't be there again. I will sell locally instead of relisting items on Etsy. I know it's hard to find me on Etsy, even when people do a search for an item and list the same keywords I list, I might be hundreds of pages away, so my stuff doesn't get seen often. I have to be a top seller for my things to show up in the first few pages and by the time that happens, if it ever happens, I will probably be retired from making and selling my bags. So get them while you can, lol!!!

Okay back to my latest Allure bag. I used a turquoise, green and blue print with metallic gold highlights. I accented the bag with natural Uncorked fabric. I used bronze hardware.

I added my strap tabs this way instead of riveting them to the side of the bag. That was the hardest part of making this bag was fiddling with riveting the straps on the side of the bag. Mostly because I was dealing with the finished bag which has shape and  thickness and it was difficult to line it all up and press the rivets. So I decided to change this to make my life easier. It stills looks great this way.

Phone pocket is on the top back of the bag.

Back side of the bag.

A slip pocket with a pen division.

A zippered pocket inside too.
I am going to try making another Allure this size without a flap and add a zippered closure to see how that looks. I love the look of the flap, but a lot of women like zippered closures, so I will give it a go and see what happens.
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Friday, June 21, 2019

Hand Knit Socks

I knit these socks for my husband. He will be all set when the cold weather returns in the fall.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Allure Bag (reduced size) in Paris Print

I made another Allure Bag (ChrisW Design) that I reduced in size to 85% and used Uncorked black fabric accents and a different Paris fabric print from the full size Allure bag that I tested. This bag continues to be my favorite bag to date.

The back of the bag.

Christine's signature phone pocket for easy access is located on the top back of the bag.
Ooh la la the red roses fabric for the lining is a lovely surprise as you open the bag.
Zippered pocket inside on one side.

A slip pocket inside on the other side. I like to divide my pockets with a pen pocket.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Large Bag for Knitting

I made this large bag with the intention of having it for a knitting bag. I had a cute printed fabric of an owl knitting and thought it would make a great pocket for the front of the bag. I added a zippered pocket on the back of the bag and slip pocket inside the bag. This bag is my own design as I made it all up, using a few ideas from other bags I have sewn. I didn't write a pattern for it, but will make more if someone wants one in colors of their choosing. Since this bag is very large and costly to make, I won't make more unless I get orders to do so. I will use this bag to show anyone wanting a large knitting bag. Of course if this bag sells, I do have these photos to show them for taking orders.

Wide depth of bag. 

Back of bag has a nice big zippered pocket. Best to put zippered pockets on the outside of knitting bags, instead of inside the bag so yarn doesn't get caught on it. Inside there are only slip pockets.

Added button to zipper tabs.

The back side of the bag.

The bottom of the bag has purse feet.

Cute print of owl knitting made a great pocket for the front of the bag.

I normally don't use double zipper pulls, but since I had this zipper with the double pulls already, I used it. I make my beaded zipper pulls with charms, and I love the skein of yarn charm! So perfect for this bag.
Open wide, extremely wide! Lots of room in this baby. Pockets on both sides, one large pocket and across from it divided pockets.
One large slip pocket is large enough to fit an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper or a pattern booklet that size.
I will be taking this to show at my knitting group and see if anyone wants this one or to order one. Otherwise it will be for sale at a craft show later this year. I could try and sell on Etsy, but it's so large that shipping will be costly.
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Thankful Twist Table Runner

I tested this table runner, A Thankful Twist, for Around the Bobbin. Lisa made her sample with a background color and a second color for the twister pinwheels. But I wanted to use a variety of fall colors for the pinwheels, so I pulled out some fall scraps to make the pinwheels and a background fabric. I used a fabric for the vertical side strips that had all the fall colors.

The pattern has the wording Give Thanks that I appliqued, but also included a variety of leaf appliques that were supposed to be appliqued. However, my leaves didn't really show up when I placed them down. The leaf colors were the same as the twister pinwheels (although different prints). So I decided to leave the leaves off my runner. I love how this runner looks and how the twister pinwheels appear to be dancing around the runner. It also looks great with the leaves if you were to choose one twister color and the background. Lisa liked my version as a variation to choose from so she included my quilt photo in the pattern and even added the instructions on how to make it scrappy. I am honored!

Either way, it is a great runner and fun to make. I just love making twister quilts! Those twister pinwheels are so happy looking to me. As I was appliqueing the wording of Give Thanks, I thought how you could make this runner in different colors and add other wording or applique motifs, such as Happy Birthday with balloons or cake. How about Saint Patrick's Day in greens with a rainbow or pot of gold? Merry Christmas in red and green. Patriotic American holidays using red, white and blue colors. So if you buy this pattern, don't have to limit yourself to just Thanksgiving; and that way you can make so many other runners by just changing the colors and adding different wording or applique motifs in the center.

Go here to see the other tester versions and also to see the other Twister Holiday Patterns that have just been released too. If you order any of these new Twister patterns you get free shipping through June 16, 2019. So hurry if you want free shipping. The code is in this link. Only paper patterns are available now. Pdf's will come later.

Okay so here is my Thankful Twist Runner version~

I played with adding some color saturation to make this photo look more golden. The background fabric looks a little darker here because I darkened the photo..

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Friday, June 14, 2019

3 Bears Applique Quilted Table Runner

I  made this table runner a while back. I just wanted to do something fun and simple. So I appliqued a few bears (I think I did 5, but settled on 3 for the runner). Then played with setting ideas and came up with this, which is similar to the setting I did for the cat table runner I made months ago.

I used up some scraps making this too, which is always a bonus.

I added buttons for the eyes.

Each bear has different button eyes and set differently too to give them each their own personalty,

A nice plaid fabric for the backing of the runner.
This runner is for sale in my Etsy shop.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Small Retreat Bag Without Frame

I made this bag using up some blue scraps of fabric. It is the size small Retreat Bag (free pattern from Emmaline Bags), but made without a frame. I love the look with or without the internal frame because the bag doesn't look the same. I think the frame works best on the larger bag.

Bag front.
Bag back.
Inside bag has a zippered pocket. See how nice and wide this bag opens up?
Zipper tab with an added button for fun.

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