Monday, January 20, 2020

The Wanderer Wallet

Last year I bought the pattern to make this Wanderer Wallet (pdf from Moments by Liz). I thought it was a nice smaller wallet and had a cool coin pocket. I had seen so many really nice versions of this wallet on Liz's Facebook group, that I decided I needed to make one too. The wallet comes with three flap shape choices too.

Mine came out okay, not great. I had some difficulty getting the flap centered properly. Perhaps if I make another one I will do better, but I have other things to make now and I am so behind on my postings here, that even if I made it right now, it could be months before I got around to writing about it.

I do love how ingenious Liz's patterns are to put together and they always look great. So here is my Wanderer Wallet, flaws and all.

My stitching could have been better.

Unsnap the top snap to open wallet. The other pink snap is the coin pocket. There is a pocket behind the coin pocket, where that folded paper is.

Opened all the way to show the card slots. Behind the card slots is the cash pocket.

Rather slim wallet for holding so much.
Check out Liz's Etsy Shop for The Wanderer Wallet pdf and other patterns too. You can click on the link above and see lots of versions of this wallet in all kinds of materials, like leather, cork, vinyl, and combinations. They all did a much better job than I did that's for sure. I think I will stick with bag making anyhow, since I am so much better at making bags than wallets.
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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Coco Bag with Boxed Corners in Brown & Pink

I made this Coco bag (ChrisW Design) about 3 months ago. The pdf is a free pattern when you sign up for Christine's newsletter.

Here is the Coco Bag (photo from ChrisW Designs)~

As usual I did made several changes to the bag and love this bag style now! This is the second Coco I have made with my changes.
Changes I made are:

  • Boxed the corners
  • Added 2 magnetic snap closures directly to the accent band
  • Added rivets to the strap tabs and straps
  • Made strap tabs and straps with rings
  • Added 2 hidden phone (or key) pockets (one on the front and one on the back)
  • Purse feet on the bottom
  • Used foam stabilizer instead of fleece

The front hidden phone or key pocket. There is the same pocket on the back side too.

Slip pocket

Zippered pocket

Bottom with purse feet.
I plan on making more of these bags with the modifications I made. I have a fabric that I have had for years I want to use to make a Coco for myself.

The first Coco I made like this you can find here. I made only one phone pocket on the first Coco.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Have a Happy New Year!

I want to wish all my friends and followers a safe Happy New Year's eve and a joyous New Year in 2020.

Thank you for following me on my blog adventure. I have been blogging since March 2008, which is a record when you see all those who have left the blogging community for other social media or just stopped blogging for other reasons.

I blog to document my work and hopefully inspire some of you along the way. I know I have been inspired from other bloggers and my readers too.

It's so hard to believe tomorrow is the start of 2020! 20 years ago we were all worried about computers crashing as we heading into the year 2000 and those 20 years just flew by!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Makerist $2 PDF Sale

It's Makerist's $2 pdf pattern sale going on now from December 25-31. Thousands of patterns are on sale from knitting, crochet, sewing, quilts and more.

I have listed all my patterns to be included in this sale. Not all patterns are on sale; some designers are joining the sale and some are listing some of their patterns or all of them for the sale. So go and check them out. I already bought  few pdf's myself.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

To all my friends, I want to wish you a joyous holiday season.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

LED Arc Floor Lamp

I was contacted by Brightech and offered a lamp in exchange for a review and posting on social media. I had a choice of 5 styles of different lamps and I chose the LED Arc Floor Lamp.

When it arrived in the evening on Wednesday, Mr. P assembled it for me and put it in my sewing room. It is rather a large and impressive lamp, but with the arc of the lamp I knew that it would be good lightening over my sewing machine in the corner (where it's usually a bit dark). It illuminates that corner very nicely.

The lamp has a large heavy marble base and comes in 3 metal finishes for the pole. I chose the satin nickel finish. It has a push button switch on the cord that sits on the floor, so you can step on it to turn it on, however I plugged my lamp into a power strip. The arc can be pulled out all the way, or if you want less of an arc, not pulled out as much. Overall it is a very attractive looking lamp!

The lamp comes well packaged and shipping is free on any order from Brightech. The prices for all their lightening seems very reasonable, and when you go to their website you can click on pop ups for additional discounts. Below is the diagram with measurements of the Arc Floor  Lamp (photo from Brightech).

This lamp would look great in a living room. It is very sturdy and puts out a nice amount of illumination. The LED is a warm more yellow color, but the bulb can easily be replaced with a white daylight bulb if that is preferred.

Thank you Brightech for the lamp!
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Monday, December 9, 2019

3 Small Diamond Pouches in Hot Air Balloon Fabric

A few months ago I made these Diamond Pouches in size small, using the last of this hot air balloon fabric. I used a different color accent and different linings for each bag. I though they would be  sell at the October and/or November craft show I did. one sold at the October show, but I still have 2 left. You can never tell what will be a good seller from year to year.

I made this bag before in small, medium and large. and I love how ingenious this bag is to sew together! It is unlike any bag I have ever sewn. It opens up nice and wide and you don't need a frame either. The linings fit so nice and snug (like all of Liz's bag patterns do) and you can add strap tabs and a strap if you want to make any of the sizes into a purse. No instructions to do the strap, but if you have some bag making experience, it wouldn't be  hard to do. I plan on making some more of these in all one fabric next time.

The pattern is a pdf from Liz of Moments by Liz and she is finally on Etsy, so you can find this pdf and all her other pdf's on Etsy.

Inside all the bags is a zippered pocket too. See how nice and wide this opens up?

This is the one that sold.

All 3 small Diamond Pouches.

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