Saturday, January 16, 2021

Winslow Market Bag

This tote was made last year (my how times flies!). It's the Winslow Market Bag, made using scraps of nylon fabric that hot air balloons were made from. It is the actually scraps leftover from making hot air balloons. I sewed pieces together to create the main pieces, the straps and had pieces large enough for the front and back pockets. These totes are great because they hold a lot and are lightweight and can be folded small and put into a glove box, or purse.

I followed the Winslow Market Bag pattern, except I didn't line this bag. I have made a few of these bags unlined, but I did line one and loved it lined, so I will line some of these bags in the future. However, lining the bag does put the cost up for selling it of course. 

This bag measures 12 1/2" wide x 16" high x 5 1/2" deep.

The other side of the bag.

If you would like to purchase this bag (I also have a few others made in this style available, unlined), the cost for the unlined bag is $39 (shipping included, USA only, international shipping is extra).
I invoice through PayPal (you can pay with a credit card or PayPal). Email me if you are interested, thanks.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Beckenham Knit Scarf

Mr. P wanted me to knit him a scarf out of a nice quality wool in OD (Olive Drab) Green color. So first to find a good pattern to knit and then to seek out and find an OD green color. 

I found the Beckenham Scarf and showed it to him and he liked it, so bought the pattern. I also did a search for the yarn and found it at Wool & Co. a yarn store in St. Charles, IL They will wind your balls of yarn too if you request it (free of charge) and they ship free with any purchase too. Spend $100 or more and you get 10% off and if you forgo the tissue wrapping, they donate 25 cents to charity. (I am not an affiliate, I just liked their store).

The yarn I purchased was from Plymouth Select, Worsted Merino Superwash, color 81, which they call Green Heather. I love knitting with good quality yarn and this is so soft. I purchased 3 skeins of yarn and only used 2 skeins, so I will make a hat for him too.

Mr. P has worn this scarf every day since I finished it. He says it feels so soft and warm too. Merino is the only yarn I can wear against my skin as it doesn't itch at all. Even yarn with only 10% wool (unknown wool origin) and 90% acrylic will make me itch a little.

Happy knitting, or sewing.
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Monday, January 11, 2021

Sew Powerful Purses #12-22

I made these eleven purses the first eleven days of January, so got one finished per day on average. I am going to pack up all of these and mail them off this week. Finding the right size box or bag to mail all 22 purses to fit in them is presenting a challenge. Either I cannot fit all purses into one container or I may need to find a larger container.

I am going to take a break from making these purses for a while so I can work on other things. The purses will be shipped to Africa in a few weeks, so I wanted to get these to them. The next time will be Autumn when they ship more purses to Africa, so I can work on making some here and there when I feel like it.

 I used up a lot of miscellaneous fabric, so that was a good thing too.

#12. Crazy pieced flap.

Close up of Handmade button

I added a rivet on each side of the strap on this and all of these purses here.

Inside flap and front pocket.

Lining with pocket.

Back of #12.


#14. I couched various yarns I had onto this home d├ęcor fabric. (Susan R. I used a couple of the yarns you gave me).

Inside I used 3 fabrics in order to make the lining.

#15 with a pieced flap.

Lining using 2 fabrics.

#16 with crazy pieced flap.

#17. I started the flap using a pieced heart block and sewing strips around it.

#18. Crazy pieced flap and a pastel plaid with a silver metallic thread running through it.

#19. Crazy pieced flap.

#20. Crazy pieced flap.

#21. I had this Lorelai print that I had appliqued onto a white background awhile ago, so I used it and added strips of fabrics around it. Thought this one would be great for a teacher or a girl who aspires to become a teacher.

#22. I had made one section of the block called New York Beauty
  several years ago, so I used it for the flap along with more fabric strips.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these purses as much as I have making them.
Click on link for more info about the Sew Powerful Purse Project.
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