Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Sew Powerful Rooster Purses #94-108 / For the Birds Blog Hop

Hello Blog Hoppers! I wanted to join in on this blog hop so that I could make these 15 purses for the Sew Powerful Purse Project that I donate purses to. I had a panel of 15 smaller rooster panels and thought this would be perfect for making these purses and would work For the Birds Blog Hop too! Thanks Joan for being the hostess for this blog hop. It helped me to get these purses made and be able to join the blog hop too.

Here are the rooster purses that I made, including some close up pics of the buttons I sewed and I showed one photo of the back pocket in each of the 4 fabric prints that I used for the body of the purses.

Purses using a green Ultra Suede for the purse body. The green Ultra Suede was donated to me by a sweet woman in my quilt group.

3 under the flap view
Under the flap of the above purses. The other purses are the same, but some lining fabrics vary.

Close up.

3 more purses

closeup of flower sewn buttons
Closeup of flower sewn buttons.

2 more purses

back pocket view on green purse body
Green Ultra Suede fabric showing the back pocket. All 8 purses made with this green Ultra Suede have back pockets and look the same.

closeup of buttons sewn
Button close up.

close up of buttons sewn
Button close up.

back pocket on blue corduroy purse body
This is the back pocket for the blue corduroy fabric I made the above 3 purse bodies with.

2 more purses

close up of buttons
Button close up.

close up of buttons sewn
Button close up.

back pocket of red and gold purse body
Back pocket for the red & gold fabric body print.

2 more purses

close up of sewn buttons
Button close up.

back pocket of black and gold print purse body
Back pocket in the black & gold print fabric purse body.

These purses, along with others I have made will be mailed to Sew Powerful to help the girls in Zambia stay in school when they are in their periods, so they don't miss any school (they cannot make up any school if any days are missed). Once the purses arrive in Zambia, they are filled with reusable pads, underwear, and a bar of laundry soap. Sew Powerful employs women in Zambia to make the reusable pads, bar soap, and school uniforms for the various schools in Zambia. All of this is paid for from generous donations from people like you. There are purse maker volunteers from around the world helping to make theses purses to donate them for this charity. Please feel free to make a purse or 2 or more to donate. All info on the website in the links above. Join our Facebook Group too for lots of inspiration. Thank you!

Thanks to Joan of Moosestash Quilting for being the hostess for this blog hop. Joan created a Pinterest Board for this blog hop too, so you can pop over there and see all the projects at one time (once we all post on our blogs first).

Check out the other Blog Hop Participants~

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Sunday, June 16, 2024

For the Birds Blog Hop Starting Monday June 17th

Hello bloggers, blog readers, and blog hoppers. A new blog hop starts Monday, so come hop along and find some inspiration from the fun projects posted from all the participants. I haven't joined in on a blog hop in a while, but this one fit perfectly for the project I was going to do, so it helped to Get er Done!šŸ˜

Thanks to Joan of Moosestash Quilting for hostessing this blog hop.

Here is the line up:

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Thursday, June 13, 2024

I am a Bronze Level Prize Sponsor for the 2024 Sew Powerful Sew-a-thon

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that I am one of the sponsors this year for the Sew Powerful Sew-a-thon. As a Bronze level sponsor, the total value of the prize equals $100, but I could divide it into more than one prize and I decided to create 2 prizes (each prize is valued at $50). I created 10 purse flaps for the the Sew Powerful purses and 2 winners will win 5 flaps each.

I used different techniques in creating the purse flaps too. For each prize I made a flap out of selvages, batik pieced flap, a painted flap, a pieced flap with an appliquƩ butterfly on it, and a raw edge scrappy quilted flap. So, do you want to see the flaps I made for the prizes? Of course you do! Check them out below:

Prize 1: 5 Purse flaps

Prize 2: 5 Purse flaps

If you would like to join in on the Sew-a-thon & Fundraiser for 2024, you can pre-enroll now and get some fun extras. Check it out here!

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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Kokopelli Scrappy Table Runner

A friend gave me a panel which consisted of all small Kokopelli squares in a  different colors. I cut out 10 Kokopelli's (2 of each color) and then sewed batik scraps around each square. I turned it into a table runner with the Kokopelli's facing into the center, so that when used as a table runner wherever you might be sitting, you will see the Kokopelli right side up.  The backing and binding is also a Kokopelli print.

This is the backing and also the fabric I used for the binding.

There are a lot of Kokopelli squares in the panel, so I made a second table runner (just need to quilt and bind it) and also a purse flap for the Sew Powerful purses that I make to donate. I will write a bit of an explanation about Kokopelli to include with the notecard so that the girl receiving the purse will know who Kokopelli is.

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Sew Powerful Purses #92-93 (2024)

Still sewing purses from the kits I cut out last year! I forgot about some of these purse kits or flaps I had finished as I grab a kit to sew and complete the purse. 

Batik fabric with an appliquƩ heart in black fabric.

flap up to sew lining
The fabrics in this purse were donated to me. I made the scrappy fabric heart as a hanging notecard for the girl who receives this purse.

Back of purse with a slip pocket
I added a slip pocket on the back of the purse. Back of heart with stamped affirmations.

African print of 3 children cut in a hexagon with scraps sewn all around for the flap
African children print cut in a hexagon with scraps sewn all around for the flap. I think this was the last piece of that fabric I cut into a hexagon. I made several purses from this border print scrap that was given to me.

showing the flap lining and heart notecard made of fabric scraps
The lining fabric was also given to me by the same woman who gave me the African print border fabric (the hexagon on the flap). I made the scrappy fabric heart as a hanging notecard for the girl who receives this purse.

back side of purses and back of fabric heart with stamped affirmations
Back of purse and stamped notecard with affirmations.

2 more Sew Powerful purses are complete to help change 2 girl's lives for the better. Yay!

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Monday, June 3, 2024

More Southwest Prints Portable Pockets in Small-Medium-Larges Sizes

19 more Portable Pockets in assorted Southwest fabric prints.

4 medium size in the same print, so showing 2 with the zipper side and 2 with the mesh pocket side.

4 medium size here as well.

These are the small sizes.

2 medium and one small.

2 large sizes.

This is a small size with the zipper side.

The small showing the mesh pocket side.

Medium with the zipper side.

Medium with the mesh side.

Here is a peek inside one of the Portable Pockets.

These are a large and a small size from the zipper side. I love this fabric and only had a small piece of it. It looks painted.

The mesh pocket side of the large and small.

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