Friday, May 26, 2023

Pan Protectors in 3 Sizes

Around the Bobbin has two new patterns out now. This pattern is Pan Protectors (in 3 sizes) and the Itty Bitty Bowler Bags (that I also posted today). Both are on sale right now, using the Coupon code of NEW30 to get 30% off Friday through end of day Monday (midnight CST 5/29/23). Why not grab both patterns now while you can get the discount? Both the Pan Protectors & the Itty Bitty Bowler Bags would make great gifts for any occasion!

Here are the ones I tested. I used 2 fabrics, so they can be reversible too. These are such a quick sew and so very useful too!

This is the fabric on one side.

Pots & pans all stacked up with the Pan Protectors doing their job and protecting them from getting scratches.

The yellow side is up on 2 of these sizes. Stacked like this they look like a flower.

Just the pans here (I took the pot in the other photo off) so you can see them in action and how they fit.

2 sizes here.

All 3 here, but with the yellow side in the middle this time.

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Itty Bitty Bowler Bags in 2 Sizes

Around the Bobbin has a new pattern, called Itty Bitty Bowler Bags and it so cute and useful too. I love testing bags and this was so fun to make. I made both sizes and used the same batik fabrics on each bag, but in reverse. They were a pretty quick sew too.

This pattern as well as the new Pan Protectors pattern are both on sale right now for a few days only! Coupon code is NEW30 to get 30% off Friday through end of day Monday (midnight CST 5/29/23). The code works for both patterns too.

Here is my version of the Itty Bitty Bowler Bags~

This is the large size. 

This is the small size.

The large easily hold 6 spools of thread and I could have place one more at the end.

Here is the large with nothing inside. Oh, and there is no binding inside at all! 

The small size filled with sewing clips.

Small & Large side by side to show the size difference.

Be sure and grab your pattern(s) now while they are on sale for a few days. Plus, check out my next post about the Pan Protectors too as those are on sale too, using the same code and the same days.

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Monday, May 22, 2023

Genevieve Bag in Batik Fabrics

Genevieve is back now with updated sewing methods and FREE video tutorials too! I tested the updated version of Genevieve recently for Christine of ChrisW Designs and so glad that I did! I missed testing Genevieve the first time around when Christine first designed this bag (must have been busy with something else), so this time Christine added her magic to update Genevieve.

For one week you can grab the pdf pattern on sale for 20% off (no code needed)! 

You can choose the plain flap or the piped flap. While I chose to make the "plain" flap, my Genevieve is anything but plain, lol! She is a cross body bag with a gusset, an adjustable strap, phone pocket, front pocket, inside zipper pocket, inside slip pockets and pen pocket. I got creative with the flap and made it by piecing scraps of batik fabrics, then quilting it and adding buttons, a handmade label and some crystal embellishments too. Isn't she pretty?

I decided to go even scrappier by making the front and back of the bag out of 2 different batik prints and colors. The front pocket is another color and batik print. The gusset another batik print and the strap is a combination of the fabric used for the front, back and gusset sewn together to create the strap. I did use all one green print for the lining though.

You can make Genevieve with a plain flap (like this one and yes I know the way I made this flap is not really plain), or the other flap choice is adding piping to the flap and other areas of the bag.  

I had such fun creating this one-of-a-kind Genevieve. So here is my version of Genevieve:

Isn't she gorgeous? I just love batik fabrics!

I added lots of bling to the flap. Besides quilting the flap in a variegated thread,
 I added a Handmade Label, round buttons, a butterfly button, and crystals.

This is the back side of the bag and I used this pretty batik for the back.

The side of the bag showing the gusset batik print. I topstitched around the gusset, which isn't called for in the pattern, but I think it not only looks nicer, but adds some strength to the gusset too.

This is the bottom of the bag and it is quilted on the bottom of the gusset.

Lift the flap and you see the front slip pocket in a hot pink batik. You can see the flap stays closed with the magnetic snap.

Peeking inside the front slip pocket is a slip phone pocket too. My pen is holding this pocket open so I can take a photo of it.

Here you can see the phone pocket inside the front slip pocket too. I added some rivets on the upper corners of the phone pocket.

The lining is a green batik fabric that has 2 large slip pockets divided in the center with a pen pocket. I also added some rivets in the corners of the pen pocket.

On the opposite side of the lining from the slip pocket is a large zipper pocket.

Another closer look at the flap.

Back of the bag with the flap pulled straight up.

Genevieve measures 14" wide x 11" high x 3" deep. She is a large girl, but not too large. She is great for when you need to carry more than just a few items. She would be great to take on vacation when you need more space to put things.

Pdf is on sale at 20% off this week only, with free video tutorials too. Watch the video and grab the pattern on sale. Or grab the pattern now and then watch the video. It's so easy to sew along with Christine and it's like she is your sewing buddy as you make this bag.

Happy bag sewing! 

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Friday, May 19, 2023

Sew Powerful Purses #27 & #28 for 2023

I made a couple of Happy Scrappy Selvage Flappy purses for Sew Powerful. I have been slow in sewing these purses this year as I haven't made many, but I have cut out 329 purse kits since the year began, so I have 301 purses to sew up now. 

I have been busy testing for bag designers and sewing quilts too. I have a lot of purses sewn in various stages and I also went overboard sewing scrappy fabric postcards and scrappy hearts (plus stamping quotes onto the back sides of them too) to include into each purse I make for the girls as well. That really took up so much time making those cards! I made over 300 of the hearts alone! I haven't counted them all yet as I have a few more to finish, so once the postcards and the hearts have been placed into each purse, I think I will pass on making any more of those! There are people who just make cards, so they can make mine once I use up all that I have made.

I added a slip pocket on the back of the purse.

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Eleven Fabric Postcards for Sisters (Oregon) Outdoor Quilt Show Wish Contest 2023

Hello fabric postcard lovers. I made eleven fabric postcards this year for the annual Make a Wish fundraiser that happens during the Sisters, Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show. My favorite quilt show! 

This year the 2 fabrics chosen are from Andover Fabric and designed by Giucy Giuce from his Fabric from the Attic and Fabric from the Basement lines. The pink fabric is Rant- Dried Orchid and the dark print is Alien Diamond- Shirt.

Postcard Challenge: Create a fabric postcard using BOTH of the two challenge fabrics shown below. Cards will be juried with cash prizes for the top three selections, and then matted and framed for silent auction.

Alien Diamond- Shirt

Rant- Dried Orchid

I created eleven cards total (I requested 6 sets of the fabric though, as I knew I could create more than 6 cards from each set). I always have fun making these cards. I have had several of my postcards framed to be sold for more money than just the postcard itself (which are also sold, but for less money). It's an honor to have my cards chosen to get framed, although I usually am not told what cards, if any get framed. I have a friend who attends the show and lives nearby and she tells me and takes photos, but I wish they would inform us postcard makers and send us a photo of all the cards we make that they frame, as it would be great to know that and see it too, especially if we cannot attend the show. Only one year did I get an email that they framed one of my cards and emailed me a photo of it. I guess they have different people volunteering (or staff?) each year, so it is up to that person?

Here are my postcards. I machine blanket stitched around most of the appliqué shapes, added some hand embroidery like French knots and backstitching on some cards. I added some hot fix crystals on a few cards for bling. I hand blanket stitched around each card along the outside edge to hold the layers together.

I used Crafter's Edge die cuts to cut out the Canning Jar and the Hearts. 

I cut these shapes out from die cuts also. Circles, a diamond that I cut on half for the ears and the tip of the diamond for the nose. I hand stitched on the whiskers, which are slightly crooked for a bit of whimsey, as well as those cockeyed eyes, lol!

I tried something different and new to me for the outside edges of the postcard on this one. I saw a video showing how Susan Carlson did the edges of one of her art quilts using scraps. She glued the scraps on all around the quilt. The scraps blended well with her quilt. I thought I would give it a go on a postcard and see what I thought. I only did this one that way. I think that edging would maybe look better on a larger quilt, rather than a small postcard (4" x 6" are the size of these postcards). Do you have an opinion about the scrappy edge? Like it? Don't like it? Check out the video I watched at the end of this post.

A pink sunflower. One of my favorite flowers are sunflowers.

More die cuts used here. A pentagon for the flower and a tumbler die cut for the pot.

Besides sunflowers, I LOVE Echinacea (coneflowers)! This is my favorite flower. Cannot grow them, darn! I tried from seed and plants and they just don't grow at all, even though they sell both plants and seeds here. Must be doing something wrong or it's too cold or too hot? So I will create them in my quilting instead.

Under my Tip of the Morning Tuesday page, I have a tutorial for how I create this kind of flower. I start with a circle (using a die cut for me) and then show you how to make cuts. This flower always looks great, even if the circle or cuts are wonky. As in nature, nothing is perfect.

Made this with more die cuts: a teacup, hearts and flowers. A touch of hand embroidery and some crystal bling.

No die cuts used here! I drew this one out myself. I wanted another coneflower and a bee on it. A jumbo bee, lol! I was looking for something to use for the wings and I was recently given something that was tied with a variegated organza ribbon, so I fused some fusible we to the ribbon and I created the bee's wings. Added 3 crystals for a bit more bling to the wing. Wing bling? LOL!

For this card, I wanted to do a reverse appliqué, so I first sewed an under layer crazy quilt style and then cut out the flower in the center of the dark fabric (used a flower die cut) and machine blanket stitched it in place. As you can see the blanket stitching is biting into the background, since it is reverse appliqué. A bit of crystal bling was added too.

More die cuts, this time I used ovals to create the butterfly. I do have a butterfly die cut, but it was too large for the postcard, so I only used the center body from that die cut to create this.

Back of postcard
I used 3 different rubber stamps to stamp the Postcard Stamp onto the backside of each card. Just showing this one here so you get the idea.

All Eleven Cards shown at Once
All eleven cards together.

The deadline for entering the contest to be juried is May 4, 2023 (cards need to be received by this date). However, they accept ALL postcards (using any or all of your own fabric, not just the contest fabrics) through June 10, 2023.

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