Thursday, November 16, 2017

Simple Clutches

I wanted to try making several of these Simple Clutches (Imazz Pattern) because there are 8 different flaps to choose from. I made 6 of the flap styles here. You can buy the pattern with the 8 flaps for a few dollars or make one of these for free with her free Simple Clutch pattern (only one flap style). These are easy and quick to sew.

Here I used the same fabrics, but notice 2 different flaps. You can add the wrist strap or not.

Again, I used this hot air balloon fabric. I made several bags using this fabric for selling some things during the October annual International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. Not everything sold though. I had to cut the balloon fabric so that the balloons didn't appear upside down! So I decided to sew just the flaps in balloon fabric and use an accent fabric for the rest of the exterior and wrist strap.

Opened up you can see the lining fabrics.

Here are the first 2 clutches I already showed and a clutch I made by painting with Shiva Paintstiks and texture plates. The painted one sold quickly.

Painted clutch.

Lining of painted clutch.

Here is the back so you can see the painted textured design better.

Lining fabric to the first 2 clutches. 
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Denim Cross Body Small Savannah Bag

I have made several of these Savannah Bags that I reduced in size to 75% and each time I tweak the bag a little differently. This pattern comes from ChrisW Designs and the Savannah is really a large laptop bag pattern (which I made the original size too years ago).

I made this one out of denim and added an applique flower to the flap. I changed the flap on this one a bit too, making it a bit shorter and adding a magnetic snap closure for this bag. I know some people don't like flaps on bags, but I like them and I especially like to be able to feature a fun fabric, applique, painted design or patchwork on the flap so I can add some creative touch to a bag. How about you are you a flap or no flap person? What is your favorite closure? Zipper? Magnetic snap? Twist lock? Or? Inquiring minds want to know.

I like to make a long adjustable strap so that it will accommodate nearly all body sizes.

I love the side pockets. Perfect for keys or a cell phone too.

I like to divide large slip pockets with a pen pocket down the center so you can have easy access to a pen or pencil.

Roomy interior with a zippered pocket on one side and the divided slip pocket on the other side.

I added 7 pockets in all to this bag (including the pen pocket). The laptop larger version has a lot more pockets, but there is no need for that many in a smaller version.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop is Coming Soon!

The 2017 Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop is coming December 5-7. Organized by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. There will be giveaways too! My day is the 6th. By sure and stop by all the participating bloggers to get cookie recipes and enter giveaways

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fabric Basket in Southwest Print & More Baskets With Decorative Stitches

I made a fabric basket from a free pattern that was offered through Craftsy, but when I went to look for the link for this free pattern, it was no longer there. I searched the web to see if I could find it elsewhere, but it was apparently taken down for some reason and the designer's website was no longer there either. Well this is the reason I copy tutorials and download patterns when I see them for free, because I have seen several *poof* disappear from the web. 

I have the directions for this on my computer and a good thing too, because on November 10 I am teaching how to make this fabric basket for my friend's birthday and a few other women are joining us. (I wrote this post before the class, so by the time you read this the class will have already happened). However, the basket itself is secondary to the teaching of using decorative stitches to create the basket exterior first and then because the basket is quick to sew together, that will be what we do after all the stitching is done. My friend has a machine that has 100's of stitches that she probably doesn't even know what they look like because she hasn't fully utilized her machine and she has owned this machine for a number of years now. I am sure a lot of you are the same way? Another woman in our group purchased a machine a few months ago and she needs to learn how to use her machine too. She is a beginner in everything.

I made several baskets using decorative stitches (I have 3 machines with decorative stitches) and I love being able to use my stitches to create something useful and beautiful too. But I wanted to make this basket using just fabric without decorative stitches too. I made this one in a Southwest print. (This one sold at the gift shop a few months ago).

Lots of photos of the decorative stitched baskets below the Southwest print one.
I quilted the exterior.

Inside is nice and roomy and this is a good size basket to hold Fat Quarters of fabric.

There are handles on the sides to carry the basket by. I liked these handles better than some fabric baskets where the handles stick up in the air. These are more subtle, but useful too.

Wide bottom of basket.

Side of basket where the handles are sewn.

Now for the baskets I made with decorative stitches. I made several completed baskets and for the class I have more in different stages of completion for teaching purposes.

I added buttons on the baskets for added bling. You can add yarn and rickrack and trim to couch too. Also hot fix crystals are another bling option as well as some hand embroidery too. I added French knots in brown along the green leafy stitch above. This is a closeup of the very last basket I made with the tan flower lining, the one that I gave to my friend.

Two baskets with the same lining fabric.

Roomy inside basket. Great for storing fat quarters as I mentioned before.

The other sides of the baskets.

More buttons and French knots.

The basket bottoms. I purposely made the stitches go on a diagonal so they would meet on the bottom and sides and go off in the other diagonal direction.

This one is a denim basket and because the denim is a darker fabric than the off white baskets, the thread colors, while they contrast, they do not pop as much as the lighter background fabric. 

The other side.

Bottom of basket.

I used a hand dyed fabric that I dyed myself for this basket. Lighter than denim and darker than the off white background, the thread colors do pop more here.

I used the same lining fabric as the denim basket. It was a nice fabric for both.

I did couch the turquoise rickrack on this basket using invisible thread. You can also match the thread or even contrast for a different look.

This one I gave to my friend for her birthday. The lining is different on this one. She likes Earth tone colors, so I chose mostly browns, greens and orange threads.

A pretty lining fabric too that is more neutral in color, with some gold metallic snowflakes.

See the kangaroo stitch and how it meets the anchor stitch? Well those 2 stitches are perfect for my friend because her eldest daughter is in the Navy and the younger daughter is going to college in Australia! The hot air balloon fabric is for Tara because she lives here in New Mexico.

Happy Birthday Tara!
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