Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kyra Card Pouch Wallets

I made a few Kyra card wallets, a pattern by GenyCartes Sewing Patterns. These are easy to make and use just a little fabric. There are 3 sizes in the pattern, but I made 2, the large and the small. There is also a tall size as well that I haven't tried yet.

I gave the large one of these to a friend for her birthday and the small one I donated as a prize at a craft show I did in November.

They hold business cards, credit cards or ID cards.

My friend loves tea, so this was a nice fabric for her.

The back sides.

Here is another one in different fabrics.

The back side.

I made this one a bit different by adding another pocket, so now it has 4 card pockets instead of just 2 pockets.

This is a different card wallet that I found somewhere online for free, but I cannot remember where or the name of the tutorial. Sorry.

I used scraps to create the outside.

Inside are 4 pockets for cards. I used a piece of Ultra Suede for the snap tab.

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  1. like Daryl said its a great project for using up small bits of fabric. I love mine and its very practical as well as beautiful. I like that its so thin because it doesn't feel bulky in my purse and its easy to find. great job and thanks again for my lovely tea wallet. (ha I almost wrote tea bag)

  2. I really like these little fabric card cases. They are fun to make and easy to spot in a purse. They also weigh very little and add no extra bulk like a wallet adds to a purse. Well Done Dear...<3

  3. Those are cute - that tea pot fabric is adorable :) These are a great item to make in advance and have ready for unexpected gift giving occasions - they'd also make great "wrapping" for gift cards :)

  4. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing as part of Elm Street Quilts Bag It.


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