Saturday, August 7, 2021

2 More Water Bottle Slings: Sugar Skulls & Echinacea Flowers

I made these a few weeks ago. The echinacea one is for me. It's my favorite flower along with sunflowers. I just love this fabric.

I quilt the bottom of both the exterior and the lining fabric so the stabilizer is held in place. I also add a shoulder pad to the strap that is removable and can be placed where you need it.

The shoulder pad.

I make a matching little wallet to slip into a pocket, making it easy to take out when credit cards or cash is needed.

2 slip pockets plus a pen pocket. These pockets can hold a cell phone, a passport, small notepad, etc. Plus the space in the middle is a good place for keys and the whole thing gets zipped closed.

The main compartment can hold a water bottle and the lining is waterproof canvas so no worries if the bottle is cold and sweats, it can be wiped out. The space is large and I have heard some people say even a 64 oz. bottle will fit, but I think most people carry 16 oz.-32 oz. size. I have a 16 oz. bottle and there is even space for my sunglasses case to fit next to my water bottle.

You can see there is plenty of space for a larger bottle or space to hold something else.

Sunflowers in my garden. These are a shorter variety. Thought I needed a space breaker here, since now I will show you the very first water bottle bag I made below.

This water bottle bag with sugar skulls fabric was the first one I made.
 It turned out great, but after I made this one, I made some changes in the sewing for the next ones. I am always finding better ways of doing things, so while you wouldn't even know most of the changes I made, I know it makes for a better bag.

I have been busy sewing more of these bags. I got an order for 3 of them from one woman and an order for 2 from another woman. Plus I need to finish 2 I started, but those were put on hold until I get the custom orders done first.

The SUGAR SKULLS water bottle bag is available for sale in my PayHip Shop. This bag has SOLD!

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  1. Daryl, these are so cute!! I really love the echinacea fabric! After all it has purple in it! LOL I really like the sugar skull fabric too! Great job. It's great that we can find ways to improve techniques as we continue to make things. You are an excellent bag maker!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I can't see myself ever carrying a bag made so specifically for one item, so it surprises me that they are so popular with your customers. That said, good for you! You've done a great job on them as usual and the fabrics really pop.

  3. Great job, they came out beautiful!

  4. As was your previous water sling, these two are terrific! The flowers fabric is such pretty colors and who doesn’t love sugar skulls and all the colors they are. Fun and functional bags. It’s obvious these bags are much more useful for more than just carrying a water bottle.

  5. I love my water bottle bag and often use it as a purse. these ones are so fun, the flowers are so you and gorgeous.
    great job and they are made so well.


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