Monday, October 28, 2019

Hot Stuff Travel Case for Curling Iron or Flat Iron

Another pattern that I tested for Around the Bobbin is the Hot Stuff Curling (or Flat) Iron Travel Case. This case has a silicone insert. This one I made twice because all of us testers had trouble with one area that we sewed and Lisa rewrote the instructions so that the insert is now removable. It wasn't hard to sew and sewing through silicone is easy. Since I have curly hair and don't need a curling iron, I used my heat gun as a prop in the photos, lol!

This was the first test I did. I had just enough of  this piece of Geisha fabric to make this too. I thought it was a perfect fabric showing the Geisha women primping.

There is a front pocket to hold the cord.
This is the back side of the case.

The silicone insert inside.

Updated sewing method for one section of this test version. This one has the silicone as a removable insert. The front pocket holds the cord.

This is the back side.

Silicone insert.

Heat gun used as my prop, lol!

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tech Organizer Pouch & Cord Wrap

This is the Tech Organizer Pouch with bonus Cord Wrap that I tested for Around the Bobbin. It is a fun and easy sew and so useful for keeping your cords for tablets, phones, etc. You could use this pouch for other things non techy too.

Since this was a test bag, I followed the instructions and must not have been thinking during one step, because the instructions weren't written for stitching a dividing line for the pockets and I wasn't looking at the photo that closely from the beginning, so my pouch has a large pocket instead of a divided n to pocket. but another tester questioned this, and of course I had already finished my pouch and couldn't go back and correct this mistake. So I sewed a little button at the top to keep the mesh pocket from being too loose at the top and it will keep the items placed inside better in place. This is the reason for several pattern testers. Well the instructions and diagram for sewing the pocket division is in the pattern instructions now, lol!

The little cord wrap is quick and easy to make and uses a tiny magnetic snap that is so cute! Great way to use up a few scraps of fabric and have it match your Tech Organizer too.

I sewed the little button in place of diving the pocket (as I mentioned the instructions were missing for this, but of course they are there now).

Two mesh pockets inside as well.

The instructions were corrected to include sewing a diving line on the pockets.

The cord wrap keeps the power cord neatly together.

For a small pouch there are a lot of pockets for organizing your items. You can make fabric pockets instead of using the mesh, but the mesh helps you to see what is inside the pocket.
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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Allure Bag with Zippered Closure in Sunflower Print & Uncorked Fabric

I have made several Allure Bags (reduced in size), but I had wanted to try making one with a zippered closure instead of a flap with a snap closure. I had thought about this for some time and then gave it a try.

I used a cotton fabric that looks like cork along with a pretty sunflower fabric. I made a faux looking flap on the front. I think the real flap on The Allure bags does indeed look the best, however for someone who wants a zippered closure this is a good alternative.

With a flap you flip it up and can really see and get into the bag better than the zipper closure, but the zipper closure does keep things secured inside better. I know some women will only use a zippered closure bag and others like flaps or snap closures without flaps, so this is why there are so many styles out there because we all have our own preferences in closures and size and styles of bags.

Faux flap on the front of the bag.

This is the back of the bag.

Purse feet on the bottom to help keep it clean.

Phone pocket is located on the top of back exterior.

Inside is a slip pocket with a pen pocket.

Plus a zippered pocket across from the slip pocket.

Handmade charm for the zipper pull.

Recessed zipper to close the bag.
This bag hopefully will get sold this weekend at the craft show I am selling at. If not it will be going to the November craft show.
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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Halloween Mug Rug

Welcome to the Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop, hosted by Carol Of Just Let Me Quilt (and her side kick Creepy Bunny, lol!). If you've never been to Carol's blog before, you will have to pop over today and check out creepy bunny, who is always there during Halloween, right Carol? Carol is also showing her creation today as well, so I do hope you visit her.

This is the mug rug I made and since my applique group was also making this mug rug last month, I thought this would be great as my blog hop project too. It's called Spoolie Jack. It was fun to make and I only used my batik scraps (except for the background) for making this mug rug.

The heads of the pins are hot fix studs, which were perfect for this project.

I turned this one below into neon just for fun!

Here is the whole list of blogs to visit. Please be sure to leave them A SWEET comment.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop

Carol of Just Let Me Quilt has cooked up this Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop just in time for Halloween.
5 days of Halloween goodies are in store for you. Please visit all the participating blogs to see what "eye candy" treats await you. You just might get inspired to create something of your own for Halloween. It's even nicer if you could leave a sweet comment for each blog you visit too. Happy blog hopping!

Here is the schedule. I will be posting my creation on October 11, so please come back then to see what I have cooked up.

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