Monday, October 28, 2019

Hot Stuff Travel Case for Curling Iron or Flat Iron

Another pattern that I tested for Around the Bobbin is the Hot Stuff Curling (or Flat) Iron Travel Case. This case has a silicone insert. This one I made twice because all of us testers had trouble with one area that we sewed and Lisa rewrote the instructions so that the insert is now removable. It wasn't hard to sew and sewing through silicone is easy. Since I have curly hair and don't need a curling iron, I used my heat gun as a prop in the photos, lol!

This was the first test I did. I had just enough of  this piece of Geisha fabric to make this too. I thought it was a perfect fabric showing the Geisha women primping.

There is a front pocket to hold the cord.
This is the back side of the case.

The silicone insert inside.

Updated sewing method for one section of this test version. This one has the silicone as a removable insert. The front pocket holds the cord.

This is the back side.

Silicone insert.

Heat gun used as my prop, lol!

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  1. That's great that the insert can be removed in case you want/need to make another someday! And I like that it has an outside pocket to store the cord in.

  2. Beautiful work once again Daryl. You are so talented!


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