Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 1st Basket

I joined a basket group this month and I made this basket. It was the first basket I ever made, besides my coiled fabric baskets. The process was easy although sometimes a bit awkward to weave with the stiff basket materials. I certainly have a better appreciation and understanding for how baskets are made now.

Side view of basket.

I want to try making a coiled pine needle basket next as the pine needles are plentiful and free now this time of year. I've gathered up several bags of needles and washed them and sorted through and bundled them. So I will be giving it a try this winter and see if I can make a decent pine needle basket.

I don't really want to make anymore baskets like the little square one I made above. It was a good learning experience, but those kind of baskets, while beautiful and functional, don't really thrill me enough to want to make any more of them. Pin It Now!

Sakura Quilt

I liked the quilt I made for my daughter's friend Dee (see the post below), so I decided to make another one for me. The Kanji fabric I used for the background of both quilts is the same fabric, but the other fabrics are different and I used slightly larger and thicker buttons for the flowers. I named this one Sakura, which is cherry blossom in Japanese. The branch works perfectly as a hanging rod too.
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