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I decided to add this page: Quilt Gallery to my blog to show the quilts I have made since I started this blog in 2008. Any quilts from postcards to mug rugs to table runners to wall quilts to bed size quilts will be shown here. After all a quilt is a quilt no matter how small. I have come a long way baby with not only my quilting, but my photography too. (Some photos aren't so great looking because of Blogger updates over the years distorting them).

Some of my quilted items are for sale, so check my PayHip Shop (link on right side of blog). Thanks!

Quilts I made in 2023~

Eleven Fabric Postcards made and donated to Make a Wish for
 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Quilts I made in 2022~

2-sided computer dust cover. Below is the other side.

Quilts from 2021~

Quilts from 2020~

Quilts from 2019~

Quilts from 2018~

Quilts from 2017~

Quilts from 2016~

Quilts from 2015~

Quilts from 2014~

Quilts from 2013~

Quilt made using the letters from my Alphabet Quilt pattern, which can be purchased on or PayHip.

My Batik Hearts Quilt. I have the pdf pattern on
 and PayHip.

Quilts from 2012~

The top before quilting it.

My mother made this quilt top by hand and 40 years later, she gave it to me, so I quilted it by machine.

A variation on my own Alphabet Quilt pattern.

I made this quilt all by hand back in college!

Quilts from 2011~

My free QAYG tutorial on

Quilts from 2010~

I designed this Alphabet Quilt in 2000 and wrote a pattern too. I sell the pattern on and PayHip. I included an updated version of this pattern too, so you get 2 ways to make it in the pattern.

Quilts from 2009~

Quilts from 2008~

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  1. Your work is wonderful. You are so artistic. Enjoyed seeing all.


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