Monday, November 12, 2018

Take Me to Class Tote for Cutting Mat & Rulers

I made this tote to hold my cutting mat and rulers for when I go to classes or sew with friends. The tutorial to make this Take Me to Class Tote, is by the Sewing Chick, but the free tutorial is at Sew in Love with Fabric blog.

I of course made some changes. I made my straps so they went the full height of the bag and added rivets. I added a front and back pocket between the straps. I mean why not add more pockets, especially on the outside to access some items too? By making the straps longer, the pockets fit between the straps perfectly and it makes sense to lengthen the straps for more stability as well.

This tote with the zipper that unzips all the way around, allows the tote to lie flat on the table for easy access to the rulers and mat. I like how it turned out and it's quite a useful project to make.

Inside there is a pocket to hold a cutting mat. (Note: I had to piece my pocket with lime green fabric on the sides because I didn't have enough fabric to make the pocket in all one fabric)
The other side has ruler pockets that you could divide how you want them, for the size rulers you will most likely carry with you..

I didn't have a large enough table to open this to set it on to see it full opened, so it is hanging to give you the idea of how it opens flat. 

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  1. first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend. You are amazing and every year i know you is a gift. the bag is great, love the colors and all of your added touches. Enjoy your day

  2. Today is your BD? Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Your tote is a fabulous one and can hold so many of the essentials for a retreat. Thanks for sharing. I love the colorful pocket-it adds more interest:)

  3. Happy Birthday (again) and I hope you had a great day! Your tote bag is a beautiful way to carry all your sewing needs.

  4. Beautiful, great colors and patterns.

  5. Nice bag! Every traveling Quilter should have one! Happy belated birthday! I’m visiting from a link on Carole's blog.


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