Monday, October 29, 2018

3 Serendipity Hip Bags with Changes

I wanted to experiment a little with making the Serendipity Hip bag (by ChrisW Designs), so I changed some things and made 3 separate bags with different changes to see how they would look.

The first Serendipity Hip I wanted to make into a dog walking bag with a pocket for pulling out a plastic doodle bag. That worked out nicely. (I don't even have a dog though, lol). This bag has SOLD.

I had a small piece of this fabric with women walking dogs and so this was the perfect choice for this version of the Serendipity Hip bag.

The back of the bag.

Pretty floral for the lining. There are credit card slots sewn into this bag and a zippered pocket.

From the outside looking down there is a slip pocket with a phone pocket inside.

In front of the slip/phone pocket is a zippered pocket on the bag front too. This is the pocket where you would put the plastic doggie doodle bags and then pull one at a time out of the grommet hole I created as my change.

The large grommet is where you would pull out the doggie doodle bags from. You can see the floral lining.

I used a clear grommet.

Zipper pulls for the zippered pocket and the main zipper closure on top.

Next I made another Serendipity Hip with a magnetic snap closure instead of a zippered closure. While I like this with a snap closure, I am not sure it looks as neat as I would like it to. Maybe it was my sewing that made the curved top a bit wonky? Still it came out cute. This bag has SOLD.

The credit card slots inside the bag with a zippered pocket above.

The slip pocket with the phone pocket.

Back of the bag.

The last one I decided to make a straight top instead of the curved top. There are a lot of similar looking bags out there with straight tops, but I like all the pocket features inside and out of the Serendipity Hip much better than others I have seen. This bag has SOLD.

Back of bag.

Inside credit card slots and zippered pocket.

Slip pocket and phone pocket.
So there you have it. Three looks from the same bag pattern. Do you have a favorite? I definitely know the curved top is what makes this bag more appealing visually, but the straight one is a bit easier to sew, although the curved top is really not all that difficult to sew.

(All three of these bags have sold).
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  1. I have this pattern and love it.
    xx, Carol

  2. The first one is so cute. I love the whimsical feel of the prints. I looked at the pictures before reading about each bag. I felt the grommet added a cute touch, then I read it had a function! Well done!

  3. That's a nice size for a crazycatlady!! Nice looking bags Daryl.

  4. Great looking bags, Daryl! I think I love the inside of the first one as much as the outside! LOL Really like the zipper lining and card slots!

  5. The dog walking bag is very clever. I love this bag and have made a few for my daughters.

    1. Thank you Kerry Jane. Since you are a no-reply, I couldn't respond by email.

  6. I agree that the curved top bag has a fun look. I got really excited when I saw the grommet in the first one. I though to myself...whoohoo, a place to stick that wine spigot out of! LOL!! That would take a different kind of engineering the pattern! :-)

  7. All three bags are amazing. I love all the special touches you add to patterns. The dog-walking bag would make a perfect gift, well they all would but I don't think people expect something so functional to be this pretty.

  8. LOVE all three of them Daryl and especially the doggie doodoo grommet hole LOL

  9. They are all great, but what I really love is adding the credit card holders! That grommet hole for the baggies-you had your thinking cap on there:)

  10. wow i love them all and i think its great that you did a sewing experiment. The grommet is a great idea along with the adorable fabric. They all have such a great shape did you use foam to interface them? i like the fabric in the last one the greens are very soothing. The curve is a nice touch in the middle one. i don't know if i would ever put credit cards loose in a bag even if there is a pocket for them they are always in my wallet so i'm not sure if you need credit card pockets. great job on all of them.


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