Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkin Table Topper Quilt

I made this last year. A project I started in my applique group. I used scraps for the log cabin border. Pin It Now!

Bleach Discharge on Fabric

Jeanne from my applique group taught us how to discharge on fabric using bleach and then over-dye it. I just drew this sunflower freehand with the bleach pen, then painted the dye on the bleached parts. I tried this technique on a navy blue fabric. I took this photo before I overdyed it.
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Flowers in a Pot Quilt

I made this quilt several months ago. The leaf blocks that surround the quilt were blocks from a group I used to belong to where we exchanged blocks. The appliqued flowers were inspired from a quilt that I saw in a book, but I changed it all and made it different. Pin It Now!

Felt Table Topper

I made this appliqued wool/rayon blend table topper. I handyed all the felt, except the dark navy blue background. Hand blanket stitched around each motif.
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Tote Bag From Quilt Blocks

I made this tote bag from quilt blocks. The blocks were made by myself and a few other women from a group that I used to belong to where we each made several blocks and exchanged them with the group. There are 4 blocks on each side of this tote bag. I made the block with the brightly colored cats and used the same fabric in the bag's top and sides. I still have 18 blocks left and will make another tote bag that will be larger than this one. Pin It Now!

Halloween Quilt

I made this quilt last year in 2008.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Quilt For My Grandson

My grandson loves fire engines, police cars, helicopters, airplanes, tractors, etc. I had small amounts of fabric with vehicles in 3 colorways (red, blue, white), so I decided to make a small car/stroller quilt for his 2nd birthday in November. This is the quilt I made: I pieced the back of the quilt:
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Knit Nightcap

Knit hat for my grandson. This is a nightcap knit in gray and yellow.

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Strawberry Tea Cozy & Pumpkin Hat

I made this pumpkin hat for my grandson's 2nd birthday in November. I made him a pumpkin hat when he was a baby and my daughter wanted him to have another one so he could be a pumpkin for Halloween as well. I'm working on making a pumpkin costume too.

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Purse I made

August 2009 I made this 5-pocket purse:

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