Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Epiphany Bag

I made The Epiphany Bag with a teal cotton print and Uncorked cotton fabric. This is my first time making this bag. I really love it! It's a ChrisW Design so of course the directions are excellent! But I still did a few things differently, most of which you cannot really see in the finished bag.

The back of the back has a zippered pocket.

My handmade zipper pull that says "handmade", lol!

The Epiphany closes with a zipper closure.

Inside I added slip pocket on both sides.

This slip pocket has a pen pocket on the left, then a pleated pocket and another pocket.

This side is a smaller slip pocket. 

Purse feet to help keep the bag clean. Plus there is a heavy stabilizer in the bottom to keep the bag's shape.

Listed for sale in my Payhip Shop.
As all of my bags are truly one-of-a-kind and will never be made in the exact same fabrics again, if you love this one, get it while you can.
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Friday, August 30, 2019

Clematis Pouches with Boxed Corners

I made a lot of Clematis Wristlets (Blue Calla pattern) over a year ago, about 30 of them , but they did not sell very well. So I reduced the price on them and most of them sold. I don't think people here like wristlets. Clematis is a cute looking pouch so I was surprised it didn't sell well.

I got to thinking recently what if I were to box the corners of the bag instead of sewing darts and not add a wristlet strap, so I tried this and the following Clematis's are the results I got.

I love the look and because of the boxed corners, the pouch will stand up on it's own now since it has boxed corners too. I made this one using fleece. After making this I made a couple more that I used foam stabilizer in and I think I prefer the foam.

Inside is a slip pocket.
These next Clematis Pouches are made with foam stabilizer. The one on the right is the size the pattern is, and I enlarged the one on the left with the cactus print to 110%. I like the slightly larger size, but I will make both sizes, depending on the amount of fabric that I have on hand. The black print I only had a small amount of that fabric and it was just enough to make this bag, so this original size was perfect to use up the fabric piece I had. 

As you can see when the bag is sitting on its own the pink bottom gets a bit lost in the center. So the next Clematis pouches I made I increased the bottom accent fabric and made it a bit taller so that it shows more and is more balanced.  It still looks nice like this, but I think I prefer the bottom just a bit taller.

The back of the bag so you can see the rest of the print here.

Inside there is one slip pocket.


Isn't this a cute cactus print?

I added a back zippered pocket to this larger Clematis, which is nice, but I don't think I will add a zippered pocket to any more unless I get a request to add one. 

Inside slip pocket.
Next are the Clematis Pouches that I made where I added a bit more height to the bottom accent piece. I think it looks more balanced and you can really see the bottom accent better in these pouches.

This is the original size with the added height on the accent bottom. 

The back of the bag to see more of the print.

Inside with a slip pocket.

I made this one in the larger (110%) size. I used uncorked fabric for the accent. My hubby likes spacey stuff, so I made this bag for him.

The back of the bag to see more of the print.

Of course it was made with love!

The smaller Clematis and the larger Clematis.
I am so glad I decided to box the corners of this bag, because I love this pouch, but not as a wristlet and not as much with darts in the corners. It is a roomier bag now and so useful to holding all kinds of items.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sugar & Spice Bag

I finally made the Sugar & Spice Bag, which is a ChrisW Design bag. This bag pdf is several years old and Christine is working on updating the pdf to add some updated sewing techniques and materials that weren't used several years ago when she designed this bag. But since I make changes to most bags anyhow, I knew I could add my own updates to the bag and I did. I even emailed Christine with all the changes I made and most were changes she was planning on changing too.

This bag style is very eye catching and I have always admired it, so I am glad I finally made one. I used batik fabrics for the exterior and a hand dyed fabric inside.

A zippered closure for the bag.

This is the back of the bag, which is the same as the front of the bag with 2 slip pockets, giving you 4 exterior pockets total.

More pockets inside the bag!

I ran out of the hand dyed fabric, so added a strip of the batik to each pocket, piecing the pocket pieces large enough. I actually love how this looks! Adds a bit of the outside fabric inside.

Just listed in my Etsy Shop. Will be at craft show in October if it doesn't sell on Etsy before then.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Allure Bag (reduced in size) in Blue Celestial Print

I made another Allure Bag at 85% size, this time in a celestial blue and gold print with gold uncorked fabric. I just love this bag pattern! It's a ChrisW Design bag so you know it has to be great! I have made a lot of these bags at 85%, I think this is the 6th one (plus one at the original size). I have sold 3 of these bags so far, so I need to make more for my autumn craft shows coming up, plus one for me too!

I had just enough fabric of the blue celestial print to make this bag. Paired with the uncorked fabric, I think this bag is a winning combination!

The phone pocket on the back top of the bag for easy access to your phone or keys.

The back of the bag.

Inside zippered pocket.

Inside slip pocket.

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Large Craft Bag for Sewing-Knitting-Crafts

I bought a paper pattern to make this large craft bag. It is the Crafty Carrier Bag by Ellie Mae Designs. It turned out nice and I wasn't sure if it was a bag I would make again. I used foam stabilizer (even though the pattern didn't call for using it), because for such a large bag, I wanted this bag to be able to stand up on it's own, especially fully loaded with stuff.

This bag sold at a craft show last year. So glad she will be using this one.

The small white dots on black ribbon running horizontally across the bag is to hold tall tools like scissors. You place scissors in the ribbon tab and the bottom of the scissors goes into the pocket below. I used ribbon, but the pattern has you make this from fabric. (See the very last photo showing scissors). The 2 front pockets are pleated so they will hold a lot of  thick or bulging items.

I added extra padding and purse feet on the bottom of the bag.

Inside is nice and wide and I also added a zippered pocket.

The other side of the bag also has a ribbon that is divided to hold long tools (scissors, knitting needles, ruler, etc.)

The side each have a pocket too.

Here is the cover photo on the pattern envelope showing how the scissors fit in the tab:
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