Monday, April 26, 2021

Truck Pincushion

I made this pincushion using a little metal truck that my grandson outgrew. I had seen something similar on Pinterest years ago, and wanted to try it. I did mine differently in that I dry felted some wool fleece and then glued it into the bed of the truck so it would stay put.

I also had some really long pins and needed either pins that were numbered or lettered for when I wanted to sew together rows of quilt blocks and keep them in order. I didn't have any numbered beads, so I used letters of the alphabet instead. I glued the alphabet beads to the pins and added a small glass bead below the letter bead. The top of the pin already had a glass pinhead to it.

Lots of photos below to show you all the angles. You can see this was a well played with truck too.

Happy pinning!
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Friday, April 23, 2021

Quilted Zipper Pouch with Flower Applique

I had a piece of batik fabric that was quilted (I think it was a practice quilting piece) and it was the right size to make a zippered pouch, so I cut the fabric in half and blanket stitched around some flower applique pieces that I fused onto the pouch on both the front and the back. Then added the buttons on some of the flowers. Found the right color zipper (metal teeth) and a lining fabric and made this zipper pouch. I also made the beaded zipper pull that I added too. I like how it turned out.

The pouch measures 11 3/4" at the widest x 7" high x 3" deep.

This is one side of the pouch.

This is the other side of the pouch.

And I chose a bright floral lining and added a slip pocket inside, with a pen pocket.

This bag has SOLD.

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Friday, April 16, 2021

Flashdance Knit Scarf

This is called Flashdance Shawl, but mine turned out to be a scarf. The directions were a bit odd and so I just started it and did my own thing with the knitting. The pattern calls for switching yarn colors every so often, but I wanted to use this variegated yarn I had that knits in long lengths of each color. I like the lacy look this scarf has with garter stitching knit in too. So while mine doesn't look quite the same as the pattern, it was close enough and I like the results.

Without a model to wear it, it is hard to show it, so I took several photos showing it at different angles. 

Here is a close up of the lacy stitches.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Email Followers: Attention Please

I just wanted to give any of my email followers a heads up that Feedburner who does the email subscriptions for blogs (all blogs) is going away in July 2021. So that means you will no longer get an email whenever I post something to my blog. And that also means that I won't have as many followers (again, since Blogger messed with something a few years ago that deleted a lot of my followers). So if you would still like to get email notification whenever I post to my blog, please sign up through Bloglovin' (found on the side of the blog).

You can also follow my blog by using Google Friend Connect (where it shows the people following me on the right side bar).

I am afraid that with the changes being made by Google periodically, that blogs soon will be gone altogether. So many ex-bloggers have opted for Facebook and or Instagram exclusively and now with this change, not only will followers of blogs have a harder time following, but us bloggers will be blogging to a black hole out there if more and more people stop following us or find it difficult to follow us bloggers. I am not sure it would be worth switching to a different blog platform as I am sure those other forms of blogs have their problems too. Plus I like Blogger's simple clean look and user friendly way of reading a blog. Other blogs out there you have to click so many things to even find the post you want to read and half the time I cannot even see where to add a comment. I don't like the look of those other blogs as well I like Blogger. 

I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. I hope you email subscribers will want to continue to follow me in one form or another. Thank you.
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Monday, April 5, 2021

Round Little Fabric Basket (or Bowl)

For my first project to share with you using Crafter's Edge die cuts and the Crossover 2 die cut machine, I thought I would make something small and useful. So I chose to make a round basket or bowl, whatever you want to call it.

I chose the 1.5" strip die cut and gathered up some batik scraps to cut. I also used the 6.5" circle for the bottom of the bowl and the bottom lining too. So I got to use 2 die cuts in this small project. 

It was easy to sew this together and I used a foam stabilizer to help the basket to keep its shape.

This basket/bowl measures 2.75" tall x 6" across the top or bottom x 19.25" around. 

This is a perfect place to keep my colorful clips while I am sewing.

The bottom of the basket/bowl.

I hope you like my first project using the Crafter's Edge Crossover 2 die cut machine and dies. I know I enjoyed making this and look forward to making many more projects using more die cuts.

Come back in May to see the next project that I create using Crafter's Edge dies.
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Harlequin Zipper Pouch

This is The Harlequin zippered pouch from Crafted by Leanne. The pattern comes with this way to sew the pouch at an angle or straight without angles. This version seems to be the most popular on social media.

I used a Route 66 fabric print and faux cork (it's fabric that looks like cork). It is a cute pouch and there is a larger version as well, which I have seen turned into cross body bags or wristlets with straps.

The way the fabric prints were sewn in the front just happened to merge the state I was born in with the state that I live in. I guess that means I am a true Route 66 gal, lol!

This is the back of the pouch.

Inside a pretty print.

There is an updated add on template that Leanne created so that you can sew this pouch with Y-seams, instead of sewing the 2 separate pieces that have the center seam like mine has.
This bag has SOLD.

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