Sunday, August 30, 2020

Clutch Me Tight Bag

This is the Clutch Me Tight Bag by Daywalker Customs. I enjoyed testing this bag recently and the pdf and video version is now for sale.

The pattern calls for a chain strap, but I didn't have a chain so I decided to make a Kumihimo strap. Kumihimo is the art of Japanese braiding. I used a variegated yarn that went with the colors in the bag.

I have some fabric with Mandala Circles and I thought this would be a perfect place to show one off on this bag flap and it was! I love the flap. The bag was easy to put together and I even made a second one, only I enlarged the second one to 120%, which I will show you in a day or so.

This is a perfect minimalist style bag as it's not too large, but still has pockets inside to keep smaller items in. 

Bag measures 8" wide x 6 1/2" high x 2" deep.

I am a sucker for Mandala designs and I just love this one on the flap.

Back of bag.

Inside the bag is a slip pocket as well as a zippered pocket.

Closer look at the Kumihimo strap.

This Clutch Me Tight Bag is for sale $45.00 + $7 shipping (total cost $52). SOLD!
Email me if interested and I will invoice you through PayPal.
Shipping USA only. Cannot ship to other countries at this time.
Payment through PayPal.
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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ana Cross Body Bag, Enlarged

I wanted to make another Ana Cross Body Bag (Bagstock Design), but I wanted to see if I could enlarge it and still keep that cute look of the original size. Yes it  still looks great at a slightly enlarged size and I love the roomier size by enlarging it just a little bit.

This cross body bag can be worn hands free across you body or shorten the strap and wear as a shoulder bag. The flap adds a lovely look and stays closed with a magnetic snap.

Back zipper pocket with beaded zipper pull and charm.

Inside the back zipper pocket.

Side view.

Inside there are 2 pen pockets; one on each side of the center pocket.

Roomy interior.

A zippered pocket inside the bag with a beaded zipper pull and a charm.

Truly a limited edition, since I do not have anymore of this fabric.

Ana Cross Body Bag is for sale in my PayHip Shop. Thanks for looking!
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Friday, August 28, 2020

Mini Hipster Bag Enlarged & Matching Little Wallet

I enlarged this Hipster Bag bag and added some extra pockets and other things. I cannot really give you any info about this pattern because it was a bag I was testing for a designer that he never finished the pattern and we testers never got to actually test. Never heard back from him again. I hope he is okay.

I love the enlarged size much better than the original size I made years ago. This bag has a lot of nice features, like a flap with a magnetic snap closure and under the flap is a divided slip pocket, perfect for keys and a phone. Inside is a slip pocket divided with a pen pocket and a zippered pocket too. An adjustable strap allows you to go hands free while wearing the bag across your body or shorten to wear as a shoulder bag.

The bag measures approximately 13 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide.

This bag is for sale and comes with a FREE matching Little Wallet. (See end of posting to add it to the cart.)

The batik fabric is a leaf print like a banana leaf in fall colors. (I forgot to add my handmade label, so I added it, and you can see the handmade label in photos down below).

This is the back of the bag.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap and under the flap is a divided slip pocket, perfect to hold your phone and keys.

This is the matching Little Wallet I am including with purchase of this bag. 

Inside holds cards and cash in the back pocket slot can be folded in half as that it is deepest pocket.

Easy to close with a snap.

Inside is a pen pocket and a pocket to hold the Little Wallet or a small pad of paper. Across from this pocket is a zippered pocket.

Here is the label I added with rivets later and the photos above don't show it because I had forgotten to add it.

The strap connectors on the sides of the bag are riveted in place and the strap is adjustable with a slider buckle.

Back of the bag.

If you would like to purchase this bag from me, please contact me.
This Bag has SOLD. 

Please contact me if you would like me to make a bag like this custom for you in your choice of fabric color. 

USA shipping only. 

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Selling my Bags (& Quilted Items) Directly on My Blog

Hello my friends, followers, customers, lurkers, etc. I am trying something new and that is to sell my purse and bags and some quilted items directly from my blog. I will still have my Etsy Shop too, but wanted to try this and see if and how successful selling from my blog will be.

If something is for sale you can look under the Shop for Bags (or Quilted Items) at the top of the blog as well as on the individual posts that I create. I will have and add to cart button that you can click on to add that item to the cart. So that way if you have more than one item to purchase you will add each one to the cart. I am not absolutely sure how it will work with more than one item in the cart. PayPal says you will be able to see what is in the cart and you can remove anything before clicking to pay, which of course will go through PayPal. So please bear with me as I learn how to do all of this.

Selling directly from my blog will make things easier for me because I am already writing a blog post with photos and descriptions anyhow, so adding the button to buy an item is only another step. Whereas I have to write and click on so many things and keywords on Etsy and I have to pay for listing fees and more fees when something sells on Etsy and all that is more time consuming as well as more costly to me. So I can keep my prices a bit lower for you by having you buy directly from me through PayPal. Plus I won't have listings expire every 4 months like they do on Etsy. I can keep items for sale on here until they sell or I can put things on sale sometimes too.

I am hoping this will be better and easier for you and me. It will take time for people to know about this, so please tell your friends. I am currently only offering shipping to the USA only. Shipping costs to other countries are just so expensive that the cost of shipping would be more than the item I am selling.

If you do a search on Etsy to find an item to buy, a million items come up and I tend to be on the last page (if at all), so I don't get many sales directly from Etsy searches anyhow. I try and drive people to my blog from Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and I do that through Etsy and my blog, so why not just sell on my blog directly? I know it would be easier and better for me to sell on my blog.

Since I am a hobbyist more than a business, I really don't want to or need to create a website that I will have to spend an enormous about of time to learn, maintain and pay for. I already have been blogging since 2008, so I know how to do this. My brain hurts when I have to keep learning new computer stuff or when they update things too often.

I need to be able to sell things because I cannot keep it all and I have to free up space in my home so I need to sell things in order to keep on creating, which is what I really love to do. I love it when someone else really loves what I do too and wants to buy it. That really gives me more of thrill than the money, lol!

I create in a smoke free, pet free, perfume free home too. So no worries if you have allergies, because I have them too and don't allow certain items in my home.

Do you have any thoughts about this? Comments? Please comment below or if you are a no-reply or just want to email me directly or use the contact form on the right on my blog, you can also do that. I would love to hear what you think.
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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lots of Little Wallets!

I decided I would make a Little Wallet to match any bag that I am making to sell. I also thought I would make some wallets using up some scraps as well so that I will be stocked up on these when we can have craft shows again. It will be something I can offer to sell that is not as much as a bag so it can be an affordable gift to buy. Here are 17 of them that I finished making recently.

These wallets measure when closed about 3 1/2" x 5".

Here are 7 wallets closed.

And what they look like opened.

Another 7 wallets closed. Isn't that watermelon one cute? I only had a small scrap of those 2 fabrics and it was enough to make the wallet.

And here they are opened.

2 more here. The one on the left was made with 3 pink batik fabrics pieced together.

And opened you sometimes get a little surprise like the llama fabric inside.

Wanted to show the back of the one on the left, since the fabric was pieced using 3 fabrics in pink.

This cute little kitty wallet was a custom made wallet that I sold

The back had to be pieced with a strip of fabric in order to make the directional fabric work so that the flap or the back wasn't upside down. This fabric is cute and had other garden signs like "Purrenial Seeds" as well as this one that is Purrfect Seeds.
I sold most of these Little Wallets.
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