Sunday, August 16, 2020

Silvana Bag & Matching Wallet in Patriotic Fabric

The Silvana Bag is a free pattern if you join Shamballa Bags Facebook Group. It is a cute bag and not too many pieces to cut and sew.

Bag measures approximately 10 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" high x 3" deep.

I do like the overall design and the changes I made to it. I made the strap out of 2 fabrics. I added the strap tabs to the sides of the bag with rivets and I added a slip pocket inside the bag as well as the zipper pocket too.

The back of the bag.

The matching little wallet that I am now making and including with the purses I make.

I love the yellow lining!

So hard to get a good interior photo. There is a zippered pocket and I used the star fabric with a bit of red at the top of the slip pocket. You can see the little wallet in the slip pocket and I added a pen pocket too including the pen.

I riveted the strap tabs to the sides of the bag.

You can purchase this bag in my Etsy Shop. With it being an election year, I hope it sells.
This bag sold at a craft show 11/21
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  1. You do beautiful work, Daryl. I cannot imagine why this person dropped you, unless, like you said, she didn't want to hear she made errors. This bag is beautiful and that little wallet is just adorable. Love them both!

  2. Your purse and coin purse are really cute. In fact, I wouldn't mind having one myself but I doubt if I'll make one. Part of the charm of yours are the rivets, fabric choice, inside pocket/zipper. And that WOW yellow lining. How fun is that. Great job.


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