Saturday, August 15, 2020

Little Wallet in Cat Print

After making the Oriole Bag recently, I decided I would make a matching Little Wallet (Valori Wells Design) to go with the purses I make from now on. I will include the Little Wallets in the purse for free. Well of course it is Murphy's Law that when you decide to do something, ol' Murphy throws up a bit of a roadblock. My first Little Wallet and I barely had enough of the cat print fabric left at all, juts small pieces. Well that never stopped me from thinking creatively in order to make it work. I had enough of the chocolate brown fabric, so I pieced the cat print with the brown in order to create the outside piece. I did have enough to make the lining out of the lighter cat print. So Murphy take that! I did it.

I used a Kam snap for the closure as they are the easiest snaps to insert, but also to snap and unsnap. 

There are 3 pockets for cards and the back one for folded cash as it is the deepest.

This is the back of the wallet. I had to add strips of brown to the top, sides and bottom, but when it is all folded up, it just looks like a frame around the cats. I was great to be able to make this wallet to include with the Oriole Bag and to use up all of the cat print too.
In case you didn't see the Oriole Bag I made, or forgot what it looked like, here it is:

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  1. that is such a cute idea to have a matching wallet. those little wallets are so cute and functional. sometimes you need something separate to keep cards in. it also really works well with the cat fabric you can really show off the cats.
    great job as always.

  2. Good morning, Daryl -- do you have any kitty fabric left? I would love one of those kitty wallets. The last purse I bought from you is blue/green - I guess it doesn't matter if it matches -- or I could send you some fabric (I have LOTS of kitty fabric!). Jackie


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