Friday, August 28, 2020

Selling my Bags (& Quilted Items) Directly on My Blog

Hello my friends, followers, customers, lurkers, etc. I am trying something new and that is to sell my purse and bags and some quilted items directly from my blog. I will still have my Etsy Shop too, but wanted to try this and see if and how successful selling from my blog will be.

If something is for sale you can look under the Shop for Bags (or Quilted Items) at the top of the blog as well as on the individual posts that I create. I will have and add to cart button that you can click on to add that item to the cart. So that way if you have more than one item to purchase you will add each one to the cart. I am not absolutely sure how it will work with more than one item in the cart. PayPal says you will be able to see what is in the cart and you can remove anything before clicking to pay, which of course will go through PayPal. So please bear with me as I learn how to do all of this.

Selling directly from my blog will make things easier for me because I am already writing a blog post with photos and descriptions anyhow, so adding the button to buy an item is only another step. Whereas I have to write and click on so many things and keywords on Etsy and I have to pay for listing fees and more fees when something sells on Etsy and all that is more time consuming as well as more costly to me. So I can keep my prices a bit lower for you by having you buy directly from me through PayPal. Plus I won't have listings expire every 4 months like they do on Etsy. I can keep items for sale on here until they sell or I can put things on sale sometimes too.

I am hoping this will be better and easier for you and me. It will take time for people to know about this, so please tell your friends. I am currently only offering shipping to the USA only. Shipping costs to other countries are just so expensive that the cost of shipping would be more than the item I am selling.

If you do a search on Etsy to find an item to buy, a million items come up and I tend to be on the last page (if at all), so I don't get many sales directly from Etsy searches anyhow. I try and drive people to my blog from Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and I do that through Etsy and my blog, so why not just sell on my blog directly? I know it would be easier and better for me to sell on my blog.

Since I am a hobbyist more than a business, I really don't want to or need to create a website that I will have to spend an enormous about of time to learn, maintain and pay for. I already have been blogging since 2008, so I know how to do this. My brain hurts when I have to keep learning new computer stuff or when they update things too often.

I need to be able to sell things because I cannot keep it all and I have to free up space in my home so I need to sell things in order to keep on creating, which is what I really love to do. I love it when someone else really loves what I do too and wants to buy it. That really gives me more of thrill than the money, lol!

I create in a smoke free, pet free, perfume free home too. So no worries if you have allergies, because I have them too and don't allow certain items in my home.

Do you have any thoughts about this? Comments? Please comment below or if you are a no-reply or just want to email me directly or use the contact form on the right on my blog, you can also do that. I would love to hear what you think.
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  1. what a great idea and it makes perfect sense. i wish you great success

  2. First of all, I love the fabric you used on the enlarged Mini Hipster in your other post. (Intriguing back story about the designer tho!)

    Good to see that you are embracing the e-commerce stuff on your own platform. Selling from your blog makes total sense when you've got an audience here that's already pre-screened and doesn't need to "find" you. (And of course, all of the Etsy fees go by the wayside.) Since the Craftsy shop closures, I've been selling the occasion pattern from my blog; it's certainly not making me rich but it costs me nothing to run.

    I think you'll do well here.

  3. I hope you do fantastic selling on your blog!!


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