Monday, November 30, 2020

USA Bib & Burp Cloth

Earlier this month, I made 7 sets of bibs & burb cloths as a custom order. I got another custom order to make one set in this USA fabric print. I backed them both with soft flannel in a red plaid print.


The red plaid print is flannel on the back of both.

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Friday, November 27, 2020

Camaraderie Knit Beanies

I knit a couple of hats called the Camaraderie Knit Beanie. The first one I used one of those acrylic yarn cakes that has very long colors (yards of one color before the color changes) and I held 2 yarns together as I knit it to make a thicker yarn. So the colors would change on one ball to where I had 2 colors I knit creating a heather or tweed effect. I used this yarn since it was leftover from another project and I still had plenty leftover after knitting this hat. 

I liked how the hat turned out and fit, so I grabbed a skein I had of some acrylic blend in purple that was thicker yarn and soft and fuzzy. I am keeping this purple one for myself because I love how soft and warm it is.

The stitch pattern is easy to knit and uses a cable needle on the third round, but doesn't create a cable stitch. I tried making a pompom on the variegated colored hat using the largest pompom maker I had and the pompom still looks small to me. I need to find a larger size maker or create one myself, but not sure what size to use to make the size I want. 

The purple pompom is rather loose because I was trying to make a larger pompom and I used all the rest of the yarn I had left, which wasn't enough to give a firm pompom. Still I like the larger size better.

I photographed several views of the hats on the head model with and without a wig.

The ribbing band started with the 2 strands of turquoise held together while knitting, and soon changed as the colors changed while being knit.

Close up of the knit stitches.

The largest pompom maker I had made this pompom and I feel it is still too small.

You can see how the variegated yarn (with 2 strands held together) started changing colors and the look. 

Using a fuzzy yarn on this hat the stitches aren't as defined looking, but still gives it some texture.

My larger, but looser pompom.

The Camaraderie Beanie is designed by Sandra Saraswati. I like how she wrote the instructions for this hat. Some designers for knits write great patterns and other designers instructions can be so confusing. There is no standard way of writing patterns and so I love it when I find a designer that I can understand and follow without a problem. I got a few other hat patterns by her too, so I might be knitting some more hats, since I have so many skeins of miscellaneous yarn and you cannot knit much with one skein of yarn (unless it is a huge skein). 

Here is the photo from Ravelry that shows this hat knit by the designer. She added a fake fur pompom, which looks nice, but I couldn't believe how expensive those pompoms are when I searched online for one. They cost more that the yarn I used!

Photo above from Ravelry, shows the fur pompom which is a nice size pompom and the size I wanted to make using my yarn. You can also see how nice the stitches show on her hat here. Using the variegated yarn and the fuzzy yarn that I used on my hats didn't produce a defined stitch like using one color (not fuzzy). So I may knit another one in a yarn that will show the stitches the best. I am trying to work through using all the yarn I have, so I will choose a better yarn on the next one of these hats I knit.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

To all my American friends, have a joyous Thanksgiving today.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Clearly Organized Bags

Around the Bobbin has a new pattern, called Clearly Organized, which is a set of 6 sizes of zippered pouches made out of clear vinyl. They can be made with handles or not. As one of the testers of this pattern, I chose to test the 2 largest sizes, since I thought those would be the most useful to use as project bags for either quilting or knitting. The larger bags measure 12" x 15" and 16" x 16". I love that you can clearly see what is inside these bags, making it easy to find your project or supplies or whatever you keep inside of the bags.

The pdf pattern is on sale for $8 (regularly $10), that's 20% off!  Sale price good through midnight November 29, 2020 (CST). Go here to buy the pattern.

Here are the 2 larger sizes I made~

I used a sewing theme fabric for this bag.

While only one fabric is required, I didn't have enough of the main fabric, so I combined it with an accent of purple fabric at the top where the zipper is and the under side of the handle is purple too.

Show side-by-side to see the size difference.

I wanted to show different backgrounds in these next photos~

And here I filled the bag with some fabric.

2 folded Fat Quarters inside this bag to show you the room in this bag.

Be sure and grab your pdf pattern before midnight the 29th of November (CST) for you 20% off. No code needed. Only $8 instead of $10. 

And to see all the other tester's Clearly Organized bags in various sizes, check out Lisa's Blog post here.
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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Applique Fabric Birthday & Hanukkah Postcards

These postcards I made for a custom order and the first 2 cards I made and gave to my friend who just had a birthday a few days ago.

This is the birthday card I gave to my friend.

This is the Hanukkah card I gave to my friend. It's a bit early, but since I was dropping off the cards anyhow, I thought I should give it early. She like llamas, so I thought she might enjoy this play on words one. I cut out the llama from fabric and fused it.

Just candles without a Menorah.

I used this stamp on the back of all the postcards.

2 Dreidel cards.

I made several of this style card with a Menorah. I painted the candle flames. I used up scraps of batik fabrics for all of these postcards (except the llamas).

This and the one below are more llamas from the same fabric I had.

All of the Hanukkah postcards here.

A couple of birthday cupcake postcards.

I made the rest of the birthday cards with balloons and hand embroidered the strings. Some have 3 balloons, some have 4.

All of the birthday postcards her together.

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