Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Arabesque Bag with Modifications

I love the Arabesque Bag (by Sew Sweetness). I usually make this bag by sewing together vertical strips of fabric and quilting it. I love the scrappy patchwork look and it is a great way to use up the scraps that start to pile up. Sometimes I make the bag in only batik fabrics, sometimes I choose a color like purple and only use purple fabric strips to sew together. No matter what the colors I have chosen or the modifications I make to this bag, I love this bag.

This time I decided to not sew together scraps and use one main fabric along with an accent fabric to create the bag. I tend to make this bag in 3 sizes: the original size and reduced to 90% and 80%. For this bag I made it reduced to 90%, which is a perfect size in my opinion. For those that like a slightly larger or smaller bag, then the larger or smaller versions are equally as great.

I chose this Paris, France collage print fabric (which I love) and paired it with a faux black cork fabric. I think this is a great looking combination. What is it about Paris, France fabrics that always look so good and are so appealing? Usually they tend to be in a collage print, which I personally like, but even other non-collage prints are good looking too. Is it the Eiffel Tower? The text or postcard prints that are on this print? The rose and butterfly? I don't know for sure, but the combination of all those items together just looks fabulous! Are you drawn to Paris, France prints? Why do you think you like them?

The bag measures 11 3/4" wide x 9" high x 3 1/2" deep.

Okay, here is the bag and I will note my changes in the caption.

I added a label with rivets and added some rivets at the base of the straps too.

I make my own beaded zipper pulls with charms and I bought some Eiffel Tower charms to use on the Paris, France bags I make.

On the back of the bag I added a zippered pocket, since the pattern has no exterior pockets, but I feel a bag needs at least one exterior pocket. I also added a couple of rivets at the sides of the zipper.

I added a heavyweight interfacing to the bottom of the bag and quilted it in place and added purse feet too. This helps to give more structure to the bag and the purse feet help to keep the bottom of the bag clean.

I changed the way I sewed the main zipper closure too, so that the bag opens nice and wide. Inside I added 2 divided slip pockets.

A matching Little Wallet that I include free with the purchase of the bag too.

This Arabesque Bag is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Lovingly made in my smoke free, pet free, perfume free home.

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  1. i love how this purse really shows off your fabric, its really lovely. the size is good looks like it can hold a fair amount. great job all around

  2. A little late, but yes, I do love this Paris themed fabric! Good match with the faux cork.


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