Saturday, November 7, 2020

emPower Lace Knit Cowl

I saw this emPower Lace Knit Cowl on Ravelry not long ago and I liked how it looked and that it didn't use too much yarn, so I downloaded the pattern and got to knitting it in the evenings while watching Netflix or Amazon Prime movies. It was a nice cowl to knit (knits flat) and then I blocked it and seamed it together at the ends to form a cowl.

I used Patton's Solo Soufflé yarn which is 80% acrylic and 20% nylon and has a bit of a fuzzy mohair quality to it. I had 2 skeins and used one entirely and some of the second skein. As you can see using a fuzzier yarn gives the cowl a softer look than the yarn used in the photo of the pattern (last photo below).

This is how it looks worn on a model. Photo courtesy of Ravelry.

I will either sell or donate this cowl as I have more than I can use and have others patterns that I want to knit. 

I am about half way done knitting a different scarf right now. I have been knitting on my current scarf 2-4 hours each evening for almost 2 weeks now. Knitting takes a ton of hours to complete anything, especially using thinner yarn; my current scarf is being knit with fingering yarn (which is the second thinnest yarn with lace weight being the thinnest yarn). So pricing knit items is quite a challenge to do because of the enormous amount of time involved and because yarn is quite expensive when you use the better quality yarns. Yarn skeins can cost $10 to over a $100 a skein for good quality yarn that is made of wool and blends. And skeins vary in weight and yardage depending on the type of yarn used. So knitting and crochet is not a cheap hobby, but it can be relaxing and good therapy. 

You can of course purchase cheaper acrylic yarn at hobby stores for less money and some of that yarn can be quite nice too, while others never feel or look as good as better quality yarn does. Even knitting with the cheapest yarn will still take hours and hours to complete a project, so unless I am knitting a baby blanket or baby garment that I don't want to invest a lot of money in, especially when a baby grows faster than the time it took to knit the item, I will use a less expensive yarn that doesn't itch for a baby or a child.

I know all you knitters understand. :0)
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  1. I'm not a knitter (learned as a kid and did knit straight scarves for a short time tho) but I totally understand the price of supplies. My local "grocery" store started selling yarn a while back and Mom and I were looking at the prices and thinking, wow - that's a lot to pay for not much.

    Looks like a good item to wear today where I am... it's snowing like the dickens right now!

  2. great job and lovely pattern. YES, knitting takes a LOT of time. It is one of my great passions but I don't understand how people can sell their work, its so time consuming to make anything. well I love seeing what you make and this one I may want to make as well. thanks for sharing.

  3. So pretty! I gave up knotting and crocheting. I was just fooling myself when I thought I could continue increasing my skill level. Instead of getting better, I just got worse, lol!


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