Sunday, November 22, 2020

Applique Fabric Birthday & Hanukkah Postcards

These postcards I made for a custom order and the first 2 cards I made and gave to my friend who just had a birthday a few days ago.

This is the birthday card I gave to my friend.

This is the Hanukkah card I gave to my friend. It's a bit early, but since I was dropping off the cards anyhow, I thought I should give it early. She like llamas, so I thought she might enjoy this play on words one. I cut out the llama from fabric and fused it.

Just candles without a Menorah.

I used this stamp on the back of all the postcards.

2 Dreidel cards.

I made several of this style card with a Menorah. I painted the candle flames. I used up scraps of batik fabrics for all of these postcards (except the llamas).

This and the one below are more llamas from the same fabric I had.

All of the Hanukkah postcards here.

A couple of birthday cupcake postcards.

I made the rest of the birthday cards with balloons and hand embroidered the strings. Some have 3 balloons, some have 4.

All of the birthday postcards her together.

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  1. I love all your postcards. I must try to make some Christmas cards, but I don't know what to use to make them stiff enough.

  2. LOVE these, I've already gave some away. The recipients adored them but I had a hard time parting with my precious cards. Each postcard, even if it has the same design, has its own personality and I want to keep everyone to admire longer. They are too cute to part with. I know these postcards took a quite a while to make, your stitching is beautiful and of course the design as well. Please make some for Christmas as well, I have friends that celebrate that holiday and I will happily buy more to send to them. You are a sewing genius you capture the spirit of the celebration with each imagine. thank you Tara

  3. Beautiful job, Daryl! As soon as my stabilizer arrives, I plan to make a Hanukkah card for one of my friends, and finish my Christmas cards. These are beautiful!

  4. Fabulous job. The llama's are just adorable, but the cupcakes are so sweet;)

  5. Love these; super job! I heard that this year, people are sending out more physical cards to celebrate various occasions. Any of these would be an awesome version to receive! (They certainly wouldn't end up in the recycling bin.)


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