Monday, August 29, 2022

Little Tulip Bag in Size Large

Hello lovely people. I tested this bag recently, called the Little Tulip Bag for Little Mint Designs. It is a cute drawstring bag with handles and slip pockets both inside and out. There are 3 sizes included in the pdf and I chose to make the large size, which isn't too large, but to me more of a medium size. It's a nice size for a medium size knitting project. The smaller sizes would be the right size for a child or to use as a lunch bag. Check out the link above to see all 3 sizes together than Jean made.

I chose to use my favorite Echinacea Glow fabric designed by Anna Marie Horner. I have this beautiful coneflower fabric in 3 colorways (I think it comes in 4 colorways). This fabric was out of print for years and has been printed again probably because it is such a popular print! Coneflowers and sunflowers are my favorite flowers so that's why I love this fabric!

I tried to fussy cut the pockets on the outside so they would blend better into the print, but I just couldn't get it right and wasted some of my precious fabric, so I just did the best I could. There are 3 choices for making the handles included in the pattern. I chose to use webbing and fabric both for a 2-color handle. I love how that looks!

I added 3 other colors to make this a bright bag: yellow, orange and dark pink. I love how the colors look on this bag. I also added lots of rivets on my handles.

The lining is a gray polka dot fabric and my current knitting project is inside.

Inside there is a slip pocket on each side. I don't know why my lining looks so wrinkled on the bottom? Maybe because the lining wasn't interfaced? I made as per pattern, so no interfacing on lining fabric; but I think I will add interfacing on the next bag I make to see if that works better?

The gnome statue measures 17" tall x 9" at it's widest, just to give you an idea how the large size Little Tulip Bag compares in size. 
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Friday, August 19, 2022

Colorful Sky of New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Quilt

Hello all you Hot Air Balloon aficionados. Here is a quilt I designed and wrote a pdf pattern for years ago. I never finished quilting it, so here it is, finally done.
If you would like to make your own, Colorful Sky of New Mexico Hot Air Balloon quilt, you can find it in my PayHip Shop here or on Makerist here

If you make this quilt, please tag me as I would love to see it. You can tag me on Facebook or Instagram: @patchoulimoonstudio or contact me or email me. Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!

I have this actual quilt for sale at the Blue Portal gift shop in Old Town Albuquerque now in time for the annual Balloon Fiesta which is coming the first weekend in October and lasts for 9 days. This is the fiesta's 50th anniversary too! 

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ice Cube Zipper Pouch

Hello sweet people trying to stay cool during this hot summer. I have a cool project to share with you. I made a bag to store ice cubes in the freezer. Now you might wonder why I would need such a bag? Well let me tell you. For years we had no freezer at all. We have a small refrigerator, but it has no freezer. We didn't think we would really need a freezer as it would only encourage us to buy frozen desserts! LOL!! 

A couple of years ago we thought it might be nice to have a freezer and we got a chest style freezer on sale that was the right size to place in our kitchen. So we got it. It has one long basket inside, but no shelves. Making ice was a challenge as where could we put the ice cubes trays? The basket was full of food and I would place ice cube trays on top of frozen bags until they were frozen enough to empty into a Ziplock plastic bag where I stored them. 

I happened upon a couple of silicone ice cube trays at a thrift shop that had a metal rim around them and got them. They were shorter trays, but fit perfectly straddling the basket in the freezer. Plus I love how easily the ice pops out of the tray by pushing on the back side. The ice is more of a tube shape than a cube, but they are great for adding to water bottles. 

The plastic Ziplock bag was getting heavy with use and it was hard to get the ice into the plastic bag when it is empty as the bags are flat without any bottom to stand up. I thought I should make a zipper pouch that has a bottom and roomy inside and that can stand on it's own to make it easier to add the ice into the bag. So I searched online to find food safe fabric to use for the lining of the bag. I bought a yard of it (choose the one on sale) in a pretty pale yellow fabric. I had not idea what type of food safe fabric to buy as there were many to choose from. The one I got was thin and rather slippery to work with. It was 2mil and I wasn't sure what mil would be best? 

While I was waiting for the lining fabric to arrive, I choose the fabric and the pattern I decided on using. Looking through my batik fabric, I found I had this snowflake print, which I thought was a perfect choice. I paired it with a yellow batik print. I quilted the blue fabric to fleece in a triangle mountain peak sort of design I drew. Hard to see it in the photos though. I knew I wanted to appliqué the words "Ice Cubes" on the front of the bag, so I did that first. I chose to use the Scooter Pouch by AllSewPetite, but I eliminated all the straps and hardware and the zipper pocket. I also added a tab at each end of the zipper to grab on to when zipping and unzipping the bag as well as a grab handle at one end. It turned out great! And it's so useful too. If we had shelves in our freezer, then we could have just used a plastic bin to store ice cubes in, but this is at great solution for us and it's so much prettier, don't you think? You could also use the Isabella Pouch as well, since it is the same basic shape as the Scooter Pouch. Since I had tested the Scooter Pouch for Monika, I used it. Both bag patterns have a free video tutorial. Check out Monika's YouTube channel here for all her patterns (she does a video for her all her patterns, whether they are free or you pay for the pdf with templates). Her instructions are always great! So whether you want to follow the pdf or the video or both, you can do it either way.

The snowflake batik was a great choice for this pouch, along with the "Ice Cubes" appliqué.

Top view.

The pretty yellow food safe lining fabric in yellow.

The other side. I quilted the blue fabric in a triangle mountain peak sort of design I drew. Hard to see the quilting in these photos.

Full of ice cubes. Or they look more like ice tubes, lol!!! That makes me cooler just looking at that bag full of ice!

Stay cool my friends!
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Monday, August 8, 2022

Flying High in the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon; Flag Pennant That Is

Hello hot air balloon aficionados, I am here to share my latest project using Crafter's Edge die cuts and the Crossover II die cut machine, also by Crafter's Edge. I used the Flag Pennant die cuts, the Letter die cuts, the Nested Clouds die cuts and then added 3 appliqué hot air balloons. With the annual International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico starting the first Saturday in October (and lasting 9 days), I wanted to create something for the occasion. 

What word(s) should I use? Well I wasn't sure and just thought, "Flying High" seemed suitable. Well that meant 13 pennant pieces and 10 letters, which when completed stretched out quite a ways and I didn't know how I was going to photograph this. So I have a couple of magnetic hooks and I just put them on the garage door and hooked the pennant to that. I stood back quite far in order to get the entire pennant in the photo. Then I took closer shots of the letters and hot air balloons.

The Flying High Flag Pennant with hot air balloons.

Closer look at a part of the flag pennant.

I used cotton fabric for the inside smaller flag pennant, the letters and the hot air balloons and clouds, and the pale yellow larger flag pennant is felt. I also backed each flag pennant with another piece of felt.

I love how using a couple of the Nested Cloud die cuts added to the hot air balloon

Thanks to the die cuts I used from Crafter's Edge, the cutting was a breeze. Get it? Flying high, breeze? LOL!!! Okay I am being a bit punchy this morning.
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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sew Powerful Purses #100-101, Plus 52 Purse Kits

Hello my lovely purse makers and purse admirers. I wanted to share my 2 latest Sew Powerful purses with you. I have now officially made over 100 purses for this year! Woohoo!!! 

The Sew Powerful Sew-A-Thon will start September 1-30. That means we don't sew until September, but we can cut out purse kits and have them ready to sew in Sept. So I have been cutting fabric and fusing interfacing and cutting webbing straps to create the purse kits and I clip each kit with a plastic colorful clothespin to keep each kit together. Then I stacked all 52 kits into a grocery sack. Yes, so far I have 52 kits ready to sew!!! I will continue to cut out more kits all month long. I may not finish sewing them all in September (in fact I have no idea how many I will complete), but that means I will have kits already to sew even past September.

Here are purses #100 &101 that I did sew before the Sew-A-Thon was announced at Sew Powerful.

Purses 100 & 101 I have completed this year. The left purse was made with denim jeans.

The back side. I added a slip pocket for each.

Here is what 52 purse kits in a grocery sack look like. I weighed the bag and it weighed 8 pounds 6.4 ounces. I didn't include any webbing straps in the kits or else the weight would be even more. I have my webbing cut and hanging up so I just grab the color strap I want for the purse when I am ready to sew the strap in.

Each kit is clipped together with a colorful plastic clothespin.

How many purses do you think I will sew during the month of September? Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea, but I will be sewing every day at least a little sewing each day.
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