Sunday, January 31, 2021

Beachcomber Coin Purse & Zipper Pouches

I made a Beachcomber Coin Purse (Needle & Anchor Design) and then made a few more. Great stash buster for using up bits and pieces of fabrics. I made 6 in all. I wanted to also use up some small metal teeth zippers that I had on hand. I wasn't as pleased with the metal zippers. Some just didn't want to close all the way, so there is a tiny gap at the start. Better use up those metal teeth zippers in something flat like a zipper pocket instead. Lesson learned.

Still these did turn out cute and are useful for coins or other small items.

This was the first one I made and I used a nylon zipper and this coin purse came out the best of all of them.


I liked the shape of the wallets, so I decided to enlarge the pattern a bit and then I made a zippered pouch and boxed the corners of the pouch.
I boxed the corners for this pouch.

This is a small pouch.

Hand painted fabric for the lining.

I enlarged it again larger still. I used a different sewing technique I learned from another pattern and this one came out even better than the first one. Instead of boxing the corners, I decided to sew darts in the corners for this pouch.

Darts sewn in corners.

The technique I used to sew this makes the pouch open nice and wide.

I added a slip pocket.

I added a zippered pocket inside too.

So there you have all the Beachcomber variations that I made.
All of these have SOLD.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Four Zip-tastic Pouches with Boxed Corners

I wanted to make the small size Zip-tastic Pouch (Moments by Liz Design), but I wanted to box the corners to see how I liked the pouch with boxed corners instead of the rounded flat corners. I love the boxed corners! Now you might be thinking, why is this pouch any different than a 100 others out there? Well it's all in the way it is sewn that makes all the difference. Liz has some different ways of sewing bags that make them look so fabulous, but no one would really know it is sewn differently unless they are a bag maker and really were to examine the bag closely.

The Zip-tastic Pouch pdf comes includes size small and large and Liz has a bonus pdf on her Facebook page (in the files) that show how to box the corners. You have to join her FB group to get access to the files.

I made one with an applique of a Band-Aid to use as an Ouch Pouch. I made one with the front zipper pocket and I made 2 without front zipper pockets. I think I prefer the zipper pocket on the front of the flat version rather than the boxed corners version, because boxing the corners makes the bottom of the bag look shorter and the zipper looks too low. 

I do love how these all look.

I painted this fabric with yellow, orange, blue and a touch of purple. When I cut out the fabric for this bag, the yellow and orange with the purple in the center showed. I used the blue on the back side of the next bag. I appliqued a Band-aid to the front of the bag.

Back side of the bag.

Inside the bag. I used a fusible fleece that didn't show any wrinkles until I turned the bag right-side-out. I just couldn't get the iron in the bag to press it that well. Hopefully in time the wrinkles will relax. If I had fused interfacing first and then the fleece, it wouldn't have wrinkled. But see how nice and snug the lining is? I love that! I used hand dyed fabric for the lining.

See how there are no zipper tabs, no dented in corners at the zipper ends, and no zipper tape hanging off the edge. That is what makes Liz's technique in sewing these so great! Did you notice how wide the bag opens? See photo above.

The next bag has a zippered pocket on the front. The zippered pocket looks too low with the corners boxed. So I will not add the zippered pocket on the outside when boxing corners, but I might add a zip pocket inside if I want a zip pocket.

The back side shows the blue part that I painted. I have one small painted piece left like this with the blue.

I used the same hand dyed fabric for the lining in this bag too.

The next 2 are both made using the Route 66 fabric, but on one I used a blue zipper and one I used a black zipper.

I used this same black and red check fabric for the lining of both bags. I love that snug fit lining!

And did you notice how nice and wide these pouches open up? I love that too!

All of these zip pouches have SOLD.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Handknit Socks in Green & Turquoise

I love the book entitled, Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. Ann has instructions for knitting socks in all gauges, so you just choose the instructions for the gauge of sock that your yarn/needles knit to. The instructions are basic, but she also has instructions for certain patterns, so it's not all knitting stockinette stitch. What I like to do is use the instructions for the gauge and needle I knit (in this case I used a size 1 needle at 8 stitches= 1" gauge) and then knit the body of the sock (around the leg and the top) in a different stitch. For these socks I chose to knit them in a Knit 3, Purl 1. I have knit other socks in a K2, P2, or knit a cable, etc. You can choose whatever you like as long as the pattern can be knit around the leg evenly (as you change to the foot, you might be a stitch short of the pattern as it is knit into the stockinette, but that doesn't matter as the pattern will still be there.

I love Opal Sock yarn too. After knitting socks for years, this is the best sock yarn I have found and doesn't get holes as easily as other yarns have. I also knit with an added strand of nylon thread (like Wooly Nylon) after knitting the leg, starting at the heel and the rest of the sock. This adds extra nylon for strength and prevents holes from happening as quickly (it all depends on your yarn and how hard you are on socks as to how long before you get holes, typically in the heel or toe area). Hubby is hard on socks and the socks I knit him in Opal sock yarn and nylon don't have holes yet and it's been a long time now since I knit the first pair in Opal yarn.

I love the colors of greens in these socks. I have been wearing them now for a few days and love the feel. There is nothing like wearing handknit socks.

The self striping yarn came out almost identically on these 2 socks. Oftentimes the heel and toe are in a different color area of the yarn.

I have small feet (size 6 shoe), so I always have lots of leftover sock yarn. This is a large skein, so I only needed one skein of yarn to knit this pair of socks.

I think I am going to gather all the bits of leftover sock yarn I have from the dozens of socks I have knit in the past and knit a scarf. It will certainly be a wild looking scarf with lots of colors, that's for sure.
Happy knitting!

I am not an affiliate for Ann Budd or Opal yarn, I just love their products.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Footloose Tote in Southwest Fabric Print

After I tested the first Footloose Tote for ChrisW Designs, I wanted to make a second tote, but add some extras to this tote and only add the carry handles and not the removeable shoulder strap. 

This fabric is a beautiful Southwest print and really is the perfect bag for someone who lives in the Southwest USA or just loves the Southwest. 

The bag features a vertical zipper pocket on the front of the bag for easy access to phone or keys, a divided slip pocket inside and a zipper pocket inside, (I added a magnetic snap closure to this bag), plus purse feet on the bottom to help keep it clean. I did add some rivets to the straps for a bit more bling for this bag too.

Just a pop of turquoise for the zipper adds a nice touch.

Back side of the bag.

Purse feet to help keep the bottom cleaner.

Nice and roomy inside.

Inside divided slip pocket.

Inside zipper pocket.

I tested this bag in early June, so that's why I have flowers in my garden, lol!

Side view.

The 2 Footloose Totes I made shown here side-by-side.

Check out the video course and the tester's bags here. Join ChrisW Design's Newsletter to be notified about all future releases and you get a discount code for the current release for a limited time, which is only for newsletter subscribers. Plus you get the free Coco Bag pdf too just for subscribing. The Footloose is a video course that comes with a pdf too. Hurry becuase the subscriber discount code is only good through Friday 1/22/21 Aussie time, but you have to sign up first.

If you would like to purchase this Footloose Tote in Southwest Fabric (or the Sailboat print Footloose), the cost is $100 (shipping included for USA, international shipping extra). Email me and I can invoice you through PayPal.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Footloose Tote in Sailboat Fabric

I tested this Footloose Tote bag for ChrisW Designs last year, but she wasn't ready to release the video course until now. So here is my Footloose Tote bag. I really love this bag! In fact, so much so that I made 2 of them (I'll share the second one with you in a day).

This bag has a nice shape to it and features a front vertical zipper pocket for easy access to phone or keys, carry handles and a removeable shoulder strap, plus on the inside of the bag is a divided slip pocket as well as a zippered pocket, and the bottom has purse feet. This is a great bag for a beginner and uses minimal hardware, but you can add or subtract hardware to your personal preference.

The bag measures 15" wide 13" high x  5"deep.

Inside features a divided slip pocket and a zippered pocket and lots of room.

The bottom has purse feet to help keep the bottom clean.

Side view with the shoulder strap removed.

Divided slip pocket inside bag.

Back side of bag.

Be sure and check out the other tester's Footloose's (lol, is that a word?). And if you sign up for CWD's Newsletter, you will be notified about all future releases and you get a discount code for the current release for a limited time, which is only for newsletter subscribers. Plus you get the free Coco Bag pdf too just for subscribing. The Footloose is a video course that comes with a pdf too. Hurry becuase the subscriber discount code is only good through Friday 1/22/21 Aussie time, but you have to sign up first.

This finished Footloose Tote that I made is for sale. If you want to purchase it, please contact me and I will invoice your through PayPal. $100 (shipping is included to USA only; international shipping is an additional cost). Local pick up or delivery (Greater Albuquerque area) I will deduct the shipping cost.
Thanks for looking.
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