Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Beckenham Knit Scarf

Mr. P wanted me to knit him a scarf out of a nice quality wool in OD (Olive Drab) Green color. So first to find a good pattern to knit and then to seek out and find an OD green color. 

I found the Beckenham Scarf and showed it to him and he liked it, so bought the pattern. I also did a search for the yarn and found it at Wool & Co. a yarn store in St. Charles, IL They will wind your balls of yarn too if you request it (free of charge) and they ship free with any purchase too. Spend $100 or more and you get 10% off and if you forgo the tissue wrapping, they donate 25 cents to charity. (I am not an affiliate, I just liked their store).

The yarn I purchased was from Plymouth Select, Worsted Merino Superwash, color 81, which they call Green Heather. I love knitting with good quality yarn and this is so soft. I purchased 3 skeins of yarn and only used 2 skeins, so I will make a hat for him too.

Mr. P has worn this scarf every day since I finished it. He says it feels so soft and warm too. Merino is the only yarn I can wear against my skin as it doesn't itch at all. Even yarn with only 10% wool (unknown wool origin) and 90% acrylic will make me itch a little.

Happy knitting, or sewing.
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  1. excellent work, I love that this pattern looks very vintage I'm sure Mr. P looks great in it. is this fingering yarn? the pattern is very interesting, sounds like a great fiber company to support as well. great job can't wait to see the hat.


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