Sunday, January 31, 2021

Beachcomber Coin Purse & Zipper Pouches

I made a Beachcomber Coin Purse (Needle & Anchor Design) and then made a few more. Great stash buster for using up bits and pieces of fabrics. I made 6 in all. I wanted to also use up some small metal teeth zippers that I had on hand. I wasn't as pleased with the metal zippers. Some just didn't want to close all the way, so there is a tiny gap at the start. Better use up those metal teeth zippers in something flat like a zipper pocket instead. Lesson learned.

Still these did turn out cute and are useful for coins or other small items.

This was the first one I made and I used a nylon zipper and this coin purse came out the best of all of them.


I liked the shape of the wallets, so I decided to enlarge the pattern a bit and then I made a zippered pouch and boxed the corners of the pouch.
I boxed the corners for this pouch.

This is a small pouch.

Hand painted fabric for the lining.

I enlarged it again larger still. I used a different sewing technique I learned from another pattern and this one came out even better than the first one. Instead of boxing the corners, I decided to sew darts in the corners for this pouch.

Darts sewn in corners.

The technique I used to sew this makes the pouch open nice and wide.

I added a slip pocket.

I added a zippered pocket inside too.

So there you have all the Beachcomber variations that I made.
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  1. wow my mind is blow again by the idea of using darts instead of boxed corners, it never occurred to me. I love how you play with patterns and continue to adjust until you find out what works best for you. i have had metal zipper issues as well. I like to use second hand ones which are cheaper of course, even free, but i need to check them out thoroughly first. great job and the coin purses are wonderful. Tara

  2. Yep, a metal zipper looks nice, but can be a bugger when applied to a small, curvy area. (I learned that same lesson years back with a small zippered pouchy thing.)

    On the other hand, I am not fond of the process of adding those corner darts into a bag or pouch, but I do like the smooth finished look they provide. Guess it's one of those "it's worth it" things!

    Admiring your fabric choices as usual. :-)


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