Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Four Zip-tastic Pouches with Boxed Corners

I wanted to make the small size Zip-tastic Pouch (Moments by Liz Design), but I wanted to box the corners to see how I liked the pouch with boxed corners instead of the rounded flat corners. I love the boxed corners! Now you might be thinking, why is this pouch any different than a 100 others out there? Well it's all in the way it is sewn that makes all the difference. Liz has some different ways of sewing bags that make them look so fabulous, but no one would really know it is sewn differently unless they are a bag maker and really were to examine the bag closely.

The Zip-tastic Pouch pdf comes includes size small and large and Liz has a bonus pdf on her Facebook page (in the files) that show how to box the corners. You have to join her FB group to get access to the files.

I made one with an applique of a Band-Aid to use as an Ouch Pouch. I made one with the front zipper pocket and I made 2 without front zipper pockets. I think I prefer the zipper pocket on the front of the flat version rather than the boxed corners version, because boxing the corners makes the bottom of the bag look shorter and the zipper looks too low. 

I do love how these all look.

I painted this fabric with yellow, orange, blue and a touch of purple. When I cut out the fabric for this bag, the yellow and orange with the purple in the center showed. I used the blue on the back side of the next bag. I appliqued a Band-aid to the front of the bag.

Back side of the bag.

Inside the bag. I used a fusible fleece that didn't show any wrinkles until I turned the bag right-side-out. I just couldn't get the iron in the bag to press it that well. Hopefully in time the wrinkles will relax. If I had fused interfacing first and then the fleece, it wouldn't have wrinkled. But see how nice and snug the lining is? I love that! I used hand dyed fabric for the lining.

See how there are no zipper tabs, no dented in corners at the zipper ends, and no zipper tape hanging off the edge. That is what makes Liz's technique in sewing these so great! Did you notice how wide the bag opens? See photo above.

The next bag has a zippered pocket on the front. The zippered pocket looks too low with the corners boxed. So I will not add the zippered pocket on the outside when boxing corners, but I might add a zip pocket inside if I want a zip pocket.

The back side shows the blue part that I painted. I have one small painted piece left like this with the blue.

I used the same hand dyed fabric for the lining in this bag too.

The next 2 are both made using the Route 66 fabric, but on one I used a blue zipper and one I used a black zipper.

I used this same black and red check fabric for the lining of both bags. I love that snug fit lining!

And did you notice how nice and wide these pouches open up? I love that too!

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  1. These are so nice! Love the ones with front and top zippers! Looks like a great pattern!

  2. I love the first one so very much. Great work.

  3. it is so clean looking!! the inside is beautiful and the zipper is very well done. i love these small details that make all the difference. great job and fun fabrics.


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