Friday, September 18, 2015

Scalloped Fabric Bowl With Pentagon Base

I made this fabric bowl with a pentagon base and scalloped top edge. I made one like this before and I liked the shape a lot. I was thinking of making it with the hexagon base, but decided to make another pentagon, as I rather like the 5 sides. Plus it's one less side I have to sew, lol!!!

The instructions on how to make this bowl comes from the Contain It! English Paper-Pieced Accessories book by my blog friend Laura Chaney (Gerth) and her mother Linda Chaney. They blog over at Prairie Sewn Studios.

I love the bowls and vases and containers in the book. I should try making another shape and size that I haven't already made. I participated in their blog hop last year where I made several containers and you can go here to see what I made in case you forgot or are a new follower or are just visiting today. There are so many possibilities of great containers to make in their book.

Here is my latest scalloped bowl with the pentagon base:
I chose a floral and paisley fabric for the exterior of this bowl.
Each side is a bit different from how the fabric was cut.

The inside is a pink with lime green dots.
You can see the pentagon base and all 5 interior sides in this view.
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  1. The little girl in me says she would love a bowl like that!! Love the fabrics! Lovely work!!


  2. I love these containers. So unique and beautiful.

  3. Those fabrics are so pretty. I love the bowl. I can see so many possibilities for using this in any room's decor.

  4. Fabulous! I love these projects that you've made from that book... definitely hope to see more.

  5. I do remember the bowls you've made earlier this year. All beautiful. And this new one is quite beautiful too. I love the paisley fabric.

  6. This is a really fun pentagon bowl with the bright cheerful fabrics. I can see this as a lovely gift container filled with lots of girly things...nail polish, hair fixtures, etcetera. How fun to see what you are sewing dear.

  7. Such a pretty flower shape and cheery fabrics - I love it Daryl! Laura and Linda's book is full of fun projects and a couple of Contain It! projects are on my radar too.

  8. Love the newest bowl! And that fabric is perfect if you wanted to add a little more sparkle by attaching seed beads or iron on crystals.

  9. very cute, I like that you can enjoy the inner and outer fabrics, so often the inside fabric is never seen. I like the scalloped top.


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