Monday, January 30, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #7

Denim lovers, denim jean lovers & upcycle lovers, here is a purse I created by upcycling some denim jeans. I was experimenting and trying some new things on this denim flap. I sewed the denim scraps and quilted each section down, which really helped flatten those thick seams at the same time. I wanted to try adding a few belt loops on the flap as a different embellishment. I also threaded a wide ribbon that has metallic threads on it through the belt loops. I then added rivets through the belt loops and ribbon to hold it all in place so the ribbon would slide around. I like the result. Kind of Shabby Chic would you say? (Donating this to Sew Powerful of course).

Happy Scrappy Denim Flappy. With ribbon, rivets, a couple of buttons and it's quilted too.

Back side I added a slip jean pocket that I first appliquéd a heart to.

Lining view.

Side view with added rivet.

Have a Happy Scrappy Sewing Day, week, month, and/or year!

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #6

Hello Selvage lovers, here is my next purse that I made to donate to the Sew Powerful Purse Project using selvages. I love using selvages and have already sewn about 10 more purse flaps using selvages laying them out in different design patterns, so I just need to pick a fabric for the body and lining and cut them out and stitch them up later.

This purse flap started by cutting a hexagon in the fabric of African women (that was donated to me) and then I sewed the selvage pieces around the hexagon. I upcycled denim blue jeans for the purse body.

When I have a bit more fabric on the selvage it allows me to add a few buttons as embellishments and mimics the dots on the selvage edge. Since a lot of the selvage strips were given to me, sometimes there just isn't even enough fabric left to even sew it down. So if you want to use selvages to make something of your own, leave at least 1/2" of the fabric part + the selvage itself showing, but better yet cut it a bit larger up to 1" of fabric showing is ideal as you can always trim it down if you desire later. 

Side view showing gusset.

Inside I used a solid blue fabric.

An added denim slip pocket I sewed on the back, but I added the heart appliqué first. A sweet surprise on the back of the purse for the girl who receives this one.

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #5

Another Happy Scrappy Flappy Sew Powerful Purse completed. 

Happy Scrappy Flappy as I like to call my scrappy purse flaps. I use the exterior body fabric on the flap and the lining fabric too and then I add other scraps of fabrics that work well with these 2 fabrics.

Lining and front slip pocket.

I added a slip pocket on the back of the purse.

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #4 (for 2023)

Here is purse number 4 sewn this year for the Sew Powerful Purse Project.

I added a back slip pocket to this purse. I like to add the back pocket as long as I have enough of the exterior fabric to do so. 

I love creating scrappy flaps. I call them Happy Scrappy Flappy, lol! Great way to use up a few scraps as I create more scraps along the way. I also love using buttons and other embellishments on the flap.

I add a rivet on the sides to strengthen the strap and for a bit of bling.

A fun little label I had created to put on the lining of the flap.

Back slip pocket.

I will be sharing more purses, since I got a few more finished.
Happy Scrappy sewing!

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #3 for 2023

Third Purse completed for the Sew Powerful Purse Project.

Another Happy Scrappy Purse flap.

I tried something new for sewing on the buttons: I sewed them on making a little flower with stem and leaves. It turned out cute and is a happy little surprise embellishment. 

I had enough of the lining flap to use on 2 purses (same with the main lining fabric). I use all kinds of fabric in these purses. I think it is fun to peek into the purse or pocket and find another fabric there. 

The linings were donated to me fabrics.

I added a slip pocket to the back. The exterior was also a donated fabric that is a twill, rather than a denim.

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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #2 for 2023

Purse #2 completed for the Sew Powerful Purse Project. 

This purse was made all from donated fabric, with the exception of a couple of small scraps on the flap that I had purchased.

Happy Scrappy pieced flap with added ribbon and button embellishments.

Side view showing gusset and rivet.

I sewed this button on making a little flower. Such a fun new to me way of sewing buttons. I will try a few more flower styles on other buttons I sew. I also added a bit of ribbon scrap I had (on the left with the white and red flowers). I have so much ribbon I have had for years, but never knew quite what to do with it. So I hope to add more ribbon bits to the purses I make. I just need to remember to add it at the right time when sewing so the raw edges on the sides can be sewn into the seam.

I used the flap lining in another purse too as I only had enough for 2 purses. So I had just enough of this lining fabric to use in one purse. These were donated fabrics and smaller pieces, so I have to use them where I can on a purse. So fun to see several fabrics in one purse.

I had enough exterior fabric to add a back slip pocket. Sometimes I don't have enough of the exterior fabric to add a back pocket, so I don't add a pocket here, but I love it when I can add a pocket.

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Friday, January 20, 2023

Sew Powerful Purse #1 for 2023

Hello Lovelies. The past 2 months I have been cutting out kits for making the Sew Powerful Purses. I wanted to have them ready to sew when the mood strikes. I cut out 213 kits since November 2022. In the process of cutting out (mostly donated) fabric, I used up quite a bit of fabric and of course ended up with bags of scraps too! I make the flaps scrappy, so the scraps get used there and I try to make a matching postcard for each purse as well, which uses up more scraps of fabric too. But I still have loads of scraps leftover and those will be sewn into string quilts to be donated to Project Linus. It is so satisfying to use up fabric scraps!!!

This is the first purse I made this year and it is made using denim jeans. For the flap I sewed a variety of blue denim colors to make it more interesting that just using one blue shade. I sewed it QAYG (quilt as you go), with the quilting showing on top. The stitching on top not only adds interest, looks good, but it also helps to really flatten those thick denim seams, making it easier to sew the flap lining on later. 

I love to embellish the flaps with buttons, appliqué, touches of ribbon or crystals, usually. For this flap I added appliqué flowers, a couple of buttons and I also added a belt loop with added rivets to this flap as well. I had been wanting to use the belt loops in a creative way and wasn't sure quite how. So I started off slowly and just added one belt loop.

I love how this purse came out! There is even a surprise on the back side as you will see on the last photo.

Added belt loop for fun and riveted the 2 sides.

I like to add a Handmade button or a ribbon that says handmade, which you will see on the next purses I share with you.

The front pocket and inside flap side.

Peeking inside the purse is a beautiful fabric that was donated to me. I had just enough of this fabric to cut linings for 2 purses. 

The side view. I like to add a rivet to secure the straps at the upper side gusset.

This was a fun addition to add! The pocket came from my daughter's jeans (the main body was from hubby's jeans). Hubby's jeans are larger and therefore hard to find a place to use them on these purses as they are too tall. But daughter's jean pocket was the right side to sew to the back for a fun added pocket. I dressed up the pocket first by adding the appliqué hearts. 

This is the intermediate purse with the beginner flap. I love the beginner flap as it is like a blank canvas that I can get creative with. I also love a purse/bag with a gusset, rather than boxed corners. I used gray thread throughout and I love how the topstitching shows the thread. I may just use a neutral gray thread for making these purses from now on, as long as it looks good. It sure makes it easier & faster not to have to change thread colors to topstitch all the different pieces.

I will be sharing more purses with you as I complete them. Oh and this purse (plus 14 more that I make) will be heading to the Atlanta Quilt Show in March. I was asked by one of the volunteers of that show if I would send her some purses to display for the show. Of course I said yes! Now I just need to make them and mail them off as soon as they are done, along with the added card for each purse too.

Happy Scrappy Sewing!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Morphing Convertible Bag (size small)

A New Year and a brand new bag pattern just released from ChrisW Designs. Meet The Morphing Convertible Bag, that comes in a size Small and a size Large all included in the one pattern.

Finished size:

Large: Approx. 26cm (10") W X 36cm (14") H X 10cm (4") D.

Small: Approx. 20cm (8") W X 25cm (10") H X 8cm (3") D.

It is a convertible bag because you can make either size into a backpack that converts to a cross body bag, or just make it a cross body bag, which is what I did here with the small size I tested. 

This bag is made without any binding using Christine's awesome instructions for sewing the lining. 

The front of the bag is a great place for getting creative like I did by adding an appliqué bird. You could also feature a pretty panel that fits or all of you people that own embroidery machines, well so many wonderful embroidery designs could be embroidered on this bag.

The bag features a vertical hidden zipper pocket on the front of the bag, a top zipper closure, a phone pocket (or for keys) on the back (Christine's signature pocket that I absolutely love!), a zipper interior pocket. Add a slip pocket inside if you want to (inside slip pocket is not included in instructions and I found it's not really needed for this small size anyhow). Add a pair or just one (optional) grab handle on top (I didn't add it as I made this small just a cross body bag and not a backpack).

Oops, I just noticed one of my little red crystals fell off! How did I not see that before? Well I will be fixing that right now, lol! I did noticed some of the crystals I have the glue on the back had fallen off and maybe I was trying to heat set it and it never had any glue there in the first place? I have never had a crystal fall off of anything ever before, so I am sure that's what happened, no glue, lol!

I made this bag using denim jeans.

I know the back side of the bag won't be seen when worn, but I wanted to make it look pretty too and I added a flower pentagon appliqué to the back of the bag, along with some crystals. 

This is the phone pocket on the back side of the bag, which is so handy and the pocket is padded to protect your phone too.

Inside the bag is a zipper pocket. You can add a slip pocket, (not included in the  instructions) if you want to add it. In the larger size bag Pocket Supplement A can be added to the inside of the bag, which you can purchase separately for a small fee (it's a great pocket to use when making any bag).

The side view of the bag shows the depth and a bit of the front hidden zipper pocket.

The bottom of the bag I quilted like this, but you can quilt it any way you want to hold the stabilizer in place. You can see the flat felled seam from the jeans I used to make this bag.

This bird appliqué is one of the bird die cuts from Crafter's Edge, designed by Sue Spargo. I love those funky birds!

You can get this pdf pattern for 15% off now through Thursday (Australian time). Use the code: 15offmorph. 
Or to save more and be the first to learn about new releases, sign up for ChrisW Designs newsletter and you will receive 20% off new releases, but you must sign up in order to get the discount. Go here and fill out the newsletter form on the right side of Christine's blog.

There will be a video for making this bag soon as Brandy Jackson of Beans Bags & Handicrafts Co. makes it.

See all of the testers bags, both small & large here. Christine brought on a lot of new testers this year and they all made some gorgeous bags, some making both sizes, so check them out. Sometimes seeing the fabrics chosen by a tester can make you really love the bag more than another fabric by another tester. 

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