Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018~Welcome 2019

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year. Be safe my friends. 

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Needle Book with Cat Print

I made this Needle Book with a cute cat print for a good customer, blog follower and blog friend (all one person, lol) as a thank you (and Christmas gift) to her for being all those things. I made and designed the needle book as I sewed because I needed for it to fit the size of the cat print. She is a cat lover of course.

I thought this cat print was so darn cute! I added some lace with teeny tiny buttons and a satin ribbon threaded through it.

Inside the book I added some felt pages for needles and pins and a pocket to hold a thimble or other small items. 

This is a cat button too, but the holes are kind of in a weird place.

I used some ribbon to make a place to hold a small pair of scissors. 

These are my scissors for the photo, but I did include the knitting needle protector, which is great for protecting scissor points too.

For pins or needles.

Another pocket for something small with a sewing machine button.

Needle book closes with a snap.

The front of needle book on right and the back of the needle book on left, opened to show the whole outside.

Closer look of the lace with satin ribbon and tiny buttons.
I hope you love using this needle book Jackie! I loved making it for you.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

$2 PDF Sale on Makerist Now!

Makerist has a $2 pdf pattern sale on over 2400 patterns now through December 31st. Get them while you can at this great price! I have a few of mine on sale as well.

$2 pdf sale

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Three Knitting Notions Bags

To all my readers, friends, family (and lurkers too, lol) I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Joyful New Year! I will continue to blog as I enter into my eleventh year in 2019 of blogging. I hope you will all visit me from time-to-time to see what I have created and what is new here at Patchouli Moon Studio.

I have plans to join in at least one blog hop in February, which is a good way to get me motivated to create and finish a project. If other blog hops interest me, I might join in a few more. Thank you all who visit my little blog and I hope I have inspired you at least a little over these past 10+ years of blogging. I know those of you who have blogs that I follow have certainly inspired me!

On to the bags~

I have made several of these zippered Tool or Notions Bags and every time I make them they sell quickly. These do take a bit of time to make, so this time I thought I would make 3 at time. They all have the same knitting motif fabric on the outside, but each bag has a different accent color outside and inside I like to use a variety of fabrics for the pockets. One reason is that once you use the bag, you are more apt to remember what you put inside the pocket if it is a different fabric from the other fabrics.

I love this colorful knitting motif fabric. It's called Knitty Kitty by Benartex, apparently from a line of fabric that has cats on it and this must be a coordinating fabric. I usually don't buy much in recent fabric and this one is a line of fabric that must be gone or nearly gone as I had a hard time finding any of it. A friend had made a knitting bag with this fabric that she got on closeout and bought the rest. So I searched online and finally found some about a month ago. I don't remember where I got it, but it was a shop in Alaska! I got a little of the gray/black color way too.

Inside each bag are 3 zippered pockets (with my handmade zipper pulls) and in between the zippered pocket are more pockets to put things. These make great bags for knitting tools, which is why I used the knitting theme fabric. But you can use them to hold sewing notions, first aid supplies, pencils, beading, etc... inside them too.

These will be either going to the yarn shop early next year (2019) or I will add one or more to my Etsy Shop when I get the chance to add them. But with Christmas tomorrow, there is no need to list them on Etsy now.
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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Attention: Changes Happening Soon With Craftsy

Hello friends,
I received an email from Craftsy explaining how they would change things soon. They let me know I was one of their "Top Designers", however, they could remove some of my pdf patterns that aren't selling well. This will be happening soon. Well I can tell you the only thing that has made me a top designer is the FREE pdf's I have offered since I first joined Craftsy. Back in the begining Craftsy would email me every time I had anyone download one of my patterns, whether it was free or paid for. Every day I would get anywhere from 4 downloads to hundreds a day! Then when things changed, the emails stopped, but I could go into my account and see what daily pdf's got downloaded and still it was every single day because of the free ones I offer. As for the pdf's that I charge money for, well those are few and very far between. So will some or all of the ones I charge for go away? I have no idea.

If you have not downloaded pdf's (free or not) from me or other designers on Craftsy, you might to download them to your computer or save to a memory stick because if they go away, I do not know whether or not you will have them in your Craftsy library indefinably now or not? Better to be safe than sorry I say.

Another thing is if you have wanted a pattern from me on Craftsy, you had better get to it now and download and save it to some device in case that goes away too. I will be adding all my patterns to Makerist as soon I can. I do not have them all on Makerist now. But you will find them all on Makerist until Makerist decides to also do what Craftsy is doing and purge some designers and some pdf's.

I may also end up making a tab on my blog showing my pdf's and if you want to purchase one from me you can email me and I will invoice you through PayPal and then email you the pdf once it has been paid for. This will only happen if the other places I sell through end up making things difficult. So time will tell what will happen there.

I thought I should inform you all in case you are not aware of these changes and want to buy pdf patterns from me or other designers too while you still can. Craftsy says it will be reducing the patterns available after 12/28/18, so you only have a week to make sure you buy what you can now! As a designer, we will not have the ability to upload patterns until later in 2019, whatever "later" means?
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Large Bag for Knitting Stuff

I wanted to try and make a larger knitting bag, so I made this bag from a combination of several bags I have made in the past. I love the size and shape and the way it opens up nice and wide too. 

I added front and back outside pockets and a zippered and slip pocket inside. I accented the bag with "uncorked" purple fabric, which is made to look like real cork. I will be making some more knitting bags to sell later as time permits.

I love this fabric of colorful knitting, yarn balls and knitting needles. It's from the Knitty Kitty line by Benartex. I usually do not buy any new fabrics, since I have so much, but when I saw something a friend made in this fabric I had to have some and had to search all over the internet to find it as it is not the newest line and must have sold out most places.

My first time adding purse feet and well I do not know how I got them on a bit crooked! I measured evenly (I thought!). I added a second layer of foam to the bottom to make it sturdier and added feet. I will be more careful on the next bag with feet I make.

Nice and deep inside. Bag opens wide and there is a slip pocket as well as a large zippered pocket inside.

A little uncorked fabric accent on the slip pocket.

Zippered pocket with my handmade zipper pull.

This is the beginning of my shawl/scarf project. Placed it inside the bag to show you how roomy the bag is. 

Here is the large knitting bag with some matching tool and project bag that I made recently. The project bag in the back is for sale in my Etsy shop and the tool bag I made 3 of those and they are for sale. I made them all with this same fabric, but different accent fabrics. I just wanted to show how this would look as a set.

I added a cute button with a painted flower on the zipper tab end for a bit of bling.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Zippered Knitting Project Bag

I made a couple of zippered pouches using the Knitty Kitty knitting motif fabric from Benartex fabric. One has a white zipper and one has a lavender color zipper. These pouches open up nice and wide and feature a pocket inside too. They are great for knitting or crochet project bags.

This one has the lavender colored zipper and lavender lining fabric too.

Includes my handmade beaded zipper pull with a charm.

Inside has a pocket.

This is the one with the white zipper and pink lining fabric.

Handmade zipper pull with beads and a charm.

Pink lining with a pocket.
Each one is for sale in my Etsy Shop. Lavender lining bag is here. Pink lining bag is here.
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hoot & Holler Owl Table Runner

When I saw this adorable table runner on the Wooden Bear Pattern site, I loved it and had to make one. I have a round table, so of course this runner won't work on my table, but it is for sale in my Etsy Shop. SOLD at a local shop in 2021!!!

I will be making myself a round version, including about 3 owls and maybe some pumpkins too. I hope it will turn out looking as cute as this runner does. If I start soon, it should be done by next Autumn, you think?

I used mostly batik fabrics in making this runner. I just love batik fabrics! I added buttons for his eyes and colorful buttons along the scalloped edges too and a bit of hand embroidery for the scarf fringe. This Hooty Owl is all bundled up for the cold weather and ready to dress up your dining room table.

I added colorful buttons on the scallop.

I love how the button eyes gives this owl such personality.

A branch of leaves and acorns make this an Autumn table runner, but it's cute enough to use any time of the year.

This owl table runner will dress up any dining room table.
Runner measures 12" x 35 1/2". One-of-a-kind runner in my Etsy Shop. While I can make this again in other fabric colors and prints, it will never be repeated exactly like this one, making it one-of-a-kind.
This runner SOLD 10/2021 at a local gift shop.

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