Friday, December 7, 2018

Pineapple Quilted Table Runner

I made a Pineapple Table Runner using scraps of white fabrics and scraps of batik fabrics. The inner and outer border and binding is also batik fabric. I quilted it in a wavy variegated thread.

The blocks were made using the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Ruler, which made this much easier to make. I posted about this when I had only made the blocks and shared the video from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilting Co. After watching her video I had to get this ruler and I am glad that I did. I don't like to buy specific rulers unless I know I will make more than one quilt, runner, etc. using the ruler. Mainly because those rulers are all so dang expensive! Creative Grids price fix their rulers, so they don't go on sale unless they allow them to go on sale, which I have not seen more than a 50 cents difference in price on any of their rulers before. So if you are waiting for a sale, don't hold your breath! (I am not an affiliate of theirs.)

When it comes to rulers, if you want to know how to use them properly and get tips, etc. you must search online to find a good video to learn how to use various rulers and not just from this company. Going to local quilt shops, you will find lots of rulers, but unless someone in the shop demonstrates a ruler, I would have no idea how to use it and may or may not want to buy it without knowing this before purchasing the ruler. So quilt shops please listen up and offer ruler demos or you won't sell many rulers! And don't charge for a class in order to learn how to use a ruler that you are selling either. We can all go online and find free videos to see how to use the various rulers out there and then decide whether we want to buy the ruler or not. I am all in favor of supporting local shops, but if they don't make it easier for me to buy rulers from them, then I will go and seek out the help I do need in order to make an informed decision. Yes I can be very opinionated, lol!!!

Quilted wavy lines in a variegated thread.

Back of quilt.
The runner measures 26" x 45 1/2". It is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

In case you missed the free tutorial showing how to use the Pineapple Trim Ruler, here is the video:

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  1. first let me just say the pineapple runner is wonderful. I've seen it up close and personal and its even better and more vibrant than it appears in the photos. pineapple blocks have always been one of my favorites. I've seen some wonderful quilts done using this ruler as a guide. i appreciate what you said about buying a specific ruler for a specific kind of block because i do have a few in my stash that i never ended up using or used only once. thanks again for sharing your opinion and your lovely quilting.

  2. I've always loved the pineapple pattern and your runner is just gorgeous.

  3. Oh those blocks made a lovely runner. You've inspired me to break out my ruler. I'm adding a pineapple quilt to my 2019 list...and using scraps, of course!

  4. It really turned out nice. I will definitely shop where it benefets me the most. Supporting local is good but...

  5. Beautiful! I just got the pineapple trim tool and plan to make a table runner!

    1. Thank you Karla. Your comment went to Spam, so you are a no-reply and I cannot email you since I don't have your email. You will love using this ruler. Makes it so easy!

  6. I love your pineapple runner, and I've been wanting to do a pineapple type project for a long time, but I didn't want to get in over my head with a big project. You must have read my mind! I will be trying out the pineapple block with your tutorial, it's the perfect project, thanks! Jadahlgr at yahoo dot com

  7. Beautiful work Daryl! I have this ruler and love it, I have many other rulers and am thankful for YouTube videos to help learn how to use them! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your runner is a great example of a scrappy pineapple. It's one of my favorite blocks, but I don't have that ruler. I'm running out of the transparent papers I've always loved, so I think I'm going to have to buy one of the rulers. During shop hops around here, each shop always chooses a ruler to demonstrate, so I learn which ones are things I would use.


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