Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Link Party #2

Last Friday I had my first ever Link Party here and there were fourteen links! Thank you to those who linked up here. This is a new adventure for me and I am still learning about this. One thing I learned was I didn't read the fine print where InLinkz says the first link up you get a free trial of thumbnail photos, after that the links will be in text only....unless you pay a monthly fee. Lol!!!! Okay I am too cheap and I don't make any money from my blog, so I am sticking with the free version of the text only. I really liked those thumbnail photos and how you could crop them too. Oh well I hope some of you will still link up even if you have to click on the text to see what is linked. So I encourage those of you who link up here to write a really good title so that we know what you are linking. If it is a quilt, please use quilt in the title. If it is a bag, use bag in the title and so on. That might help those who are looking to click on the titles that might interest them. We don't always have the time to view everything and I know I spend a lot of time on the computer, so I am sure you do too. Plus if you are only interested in certain things, this will help the viewers determine if they want to visit you this time or not.

Also would you prefer that I ask you to post things that are related to a particular theme? Or do you prefer to link anything? When you link up with other link parties do you like themes or not? I appreciate your feedback.

So for now please feel free to link whatever you want here.

You can grab my Weekend Link Party Button here or on my sidebar. Thanks!
Patchouli Moon Studio's Weekend Link Party
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Doodle Art is Featured Today

The Inspired Wren is featuring my doodle art over at her blog today for her Inspire Us Thursday feature.
Hop over to check it out.
Inspired Us Thursdays: Sew Needle Stitch Hook, a link party of fiber arts. | The Inspired Wren
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Knit Zigzag Baby Blanket

I had a lot of miscellaneous scraps of baby size yarn, so I decided to knit a baby blanket in a zigzag design so that I could use up a lot of these leftover yarn balls I had.
At first I was knitting a pattern of so many rows per color, but I ended up with way too many yarn tails to weave in, so I decided to knit wider rows of each color instead.

You can see where I started this blanket on the right side with the narrower rows and then where I switched to the wider rows. Some of the yarn was variegated so it looks like narrower rows because of the way the yarn knit up.
I will probably donate this blanket.  I might also use up my thicker weight yarns and knit a larger blanket like this too because it was easy to knit and a good way to use up my miscellaneous leftover yarns.
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Patchwork Drawstring Bag & a Bunny Drawstring Bag too

I wanted to make a drawstring bag that would hold my shoes when I travel. The tutorials I have for drawstring bags are both for smaller drawstring bags that wouldn't be large enough. I decided to use this tutorial and use up scraps from the bags I recently made and to double the size of the bag, or at least double the number of squares used. This tutorial called for 4 squares across by 4 down for a total of 16 squares for one side of the bag. I made mine 8 squares x 8 squares for a total of 64 squares for one side of the bag. I made my bag patchwork on both sides, so I used 128 squares in making this bag. Although I sewed my strips together and then cut them, rather than actually cutting 128 squares. I also used batting scraps and quilted the bag too. This bag came out huge! A lot larger than I thought it would be, But that's okay I can certainly stuff more than just shoes into this bag, lol!!!
You can see some fabrics from in here from the Convertible Bag (from the Bag-of-the-Month Club) that I made. Also I made a matching wallet and the Great Getaway bag from those same fabrics. The swirl fabric is from the Fiesta Bag I made and the lighter fabrics are some of the lining fabrics that I used from those bags. Plus I threw in a few more pinks like the kitty fabric.

My blog friend Maria made the original size of this bag and used patchwork on one side, but I wanted to use up more scraps, so I did patchwork both sides. 
I found the tutorial for making this drawstring Bunny Bag online here
It's empty right now, but it will look cute once it's filled with some goodies.
I will give this to my grandson this week.

Val's Quilting Studio
This bunny bag is featured on Val's Blog
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Friday, April 11, 2014

New Weekend Link Party

Hello and welcome to my new Weekend Link Party. Feel free to link up anything that you have created, old or new or a work in progress. Click on the blue button below to enter the link party.
This is all new for me so I hope that it works well. If there is a problem I will have to try this again. Seems easy enough, but I won't know until someone tries to link up, lol!!!
 photo bcf3395a-49a9-408c-b11c-da64c226cab6_zpsf0e4d4e1.jpg

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Girlfriend Quilted Wallet

I tested a wallet pattern called the Girlfriend Wallet recently and here is the wallet. Amira from Little Mushroom Cap designed this wallet and she now has her wallet pattern for sale in her Craftsy and Etsy shops. She also has all the testers wallets on her blog posting. You can go there to get to her pattern links too.
I quilted it with straight stitching.
Inside are the credit card pockets, a zippered coin pocket and a cash pocket behind the zippered pocket and a magnetic snap closure.
I love this fabric and only had a small piece left. The blue fabric is a hand dyed fabric I dyed that went well with this print.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doodle Art Quilts

I made some small doodle art style quilts. I painted the fabric on the first one with watercolors and then started doodling with a fabric pen.
I painted my fabric with watercolor pencils going around in a circle. I like how that turned out.
I hand quilted this piece using some sliver thread which has a pretty iridescent look to it.

This is a sunflower I doodled onto a piece of muslin. Then added this black print border. It needs to be quilted.
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