Friday, April 12, 2024

Twister Quilt

I love making Twister quilts! I have made several in the past. I usually use the 5" size Twister Tool to cut the Twister Pinwheels, but this time I used the 6.5" size and I like the larger pinwheel effect. I may try doing the next Twister with even larger blocks.

This quilt measures 36" x 36". I backed it in a bright yellow flannel. I grabbed all the pieces of fabric scraps that I had that were large enough to put into this quilt. I put it in the gift shop to sell it, so we'll see what happens. If it doesn't sell then it will be donated to Project Linus. That is always a great option for me to donate something that doesn't sell and I would say more than half of what I take there doesn't sell for whatever reason, I really don't know? I price them about or even cheaper than someone could make their own quilt so that is sells. It is easier to try sell at the giftshop than to sell online, which for me is much harder to do. I want to spend my time sewing and creating, rather than promoting myself all over the internet! 😜The time doing that takes away the joy and the time that I have to create and sew. Okay enough of that and on with the Twister Quilt!

I used a Serpentine stitch to quilt in a diagonal grid.

another closeup

Flannel backing showing the Serpentine quilting stitches
Soft yellow flannel backing showing the Serpentine stitching.
Let's do the Twist!😁

*Update: This quilt sold at the gift shop! Yay! I thought it was good enough to sell, but you never know. I priced it cheap enough, but they don't always sell.

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  1. Samantha BurnsideFriday, April 12, 2024

    Such a beautiful quilt! I love the twisters on it. It's quite stunning! Anyone will be crazy not to snap this up at the gift shop.

  2. love twister quilts, its always so fun to see how it will play out after you twist it. someone will love this that's lucky enough to get it.

  3. Great quilt, Daryl!! I bought all those templates, made one Twister quilt and haven't made another! LOL Love yours. Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Musings!


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