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Feather & Fan Knit Bottle Cozy for Spray Bottle (plus a dry iron review)

Hello my lovely friends. My spray mist bottle broke 😭!! I loved using that gentle mist of water to dampen my fabric when I press my fabrics. The trigger part was starting to have issues and I would have to pull it back into place after I used it. But then one day while I pressed the trigger, it just broke and wouldn't work anymore! I had 3 tall regular spray bottles, not the fine mist one I had, so I tried using it and it worked fine. The trigger on this bottle is what most spray bottles have. The bottle had printed on it "Window Cleaner" as you were supposed to add that to the bottle. (I rescued the 3 bottles from my daughter's give away stuff a while ago). I didn't want to put window cleaner in the bottle and I thought it would be nice to make a knit cozy for the bottle to not only cover up the wording on the bottle, but to have the bottle look nicer and use a bit of my yarn up too. So far this is working well to dampen the fabric for pressing.

You might be wondering why I don't add water to my iron and just steam the fabric? I will tell you why. I found out the hard way that irons do not last very long if you add water to them. Plus, they can rust inside and spit brown crud all over what you are ironing and thereby ruining your fabric or clothing! I only ever used distilled water and it still did this! Plus, have you read the instructions on steam irons? They all say to empty the water from the iron when you are done steaming. Does anyone do that? Even if you did empty the water, there is always a tiny bit of water and moisture that cannot be emptied out. So after the 2nd iron I owned died after a few short years (the first one, a Rowenta, died just after the one year warranty and it had other issues as well), I decided no more water in the iron and I have not had an iron die since then. 

Even if you have a steam iron and you use it dry, those steam holes will still accumulate dirt and dust and can and will come off on whatever you are pressing with the iron, so make sure you clean those steam holes out periodically too. My favorite iron is a Japanese designed dry iron made by Panasonic. What is a dry iron? It is an iron that has a smooth surface without any holes for steam as it doesn't have a water reservoir, therefore no steam holes to get clogged with crud. 

I bought a Panasonic brand dry iron about 3 years ago and love it! I got it from Amazon here. I am not an affiliate and these are my own personal opinions here. So what do I love besides it being a dry iron? I love that it isn't so darn heavy! So many of the fancy irons these days are so heavy to lift now that my shoulder starts to ache after a short while using them. The dry iron has a long cord and cleaning is much easier as the sole plate is flat and no steam holes to clean out. It has a thumb rest for for both right and left handed users. It is a slightly smaller size, but not as small as a travel iron. There is no auto shutoff and no beeping sounds to drive you crazy, either! (I had an iron that would beep and drive me nuts! It still works, but I had to unplug too often to shut it up, 😁). The Panasonic is a basic old school design. Some reviewers on Amazon complained all the wording was in Japanese, but hey turn the dial in one direction and it is going to get hotter and the other direction will be cooler, so find what level of heat suits what you are pressing and leave it there. Okay, I didn't mean for this to end up becoming just an iron review, 😂.

Here is the knit bottle cozy I made for the spray bottle. I used this free Iced Drink Cozy pattern to knit this, but just made the cozy taller by knitting more rows before starting the bottom of the cozy. I love this knit cozy pattern as it is so easy to knit and looks so great! I have made several of these for my drinking glasses as well. It looks great in a variegated yarn too, but for this bottle cozy I used a  solid color yarn with a bit of angora softness in it.

This bottle is taller than most spray bottles and narrower too, so the cozy fit it perfectly.

I love the feather & fan knit stitch.

The bottom of the cozy. While the pattern said to leave a quarter-size hole at the bottom, I didn't see the need for that and I closed it up pulling the yarn tight. I may make a few more in different colors of yarn to dress up the other 2 spray bottles I have too.

Happy knitting and pressing!

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  1. I feel your frustration with steam irons. I've gone through a lot of irons and finally switched to a less expensive Rowenta. And, I do use it with water but if I'm not sewing every day I will empty the darn thing. I don't think it gets all that hot which bothers me. So far I haven't had any of the spitting and staining happening. I just read that distilled water can promote corrosion in irons. Weird right? Your water cozy is really cute.

  2. I love a dry iron! But sometimes I do like steam. I have both! LOL Love the cozy for your bottle. Thanks for sharing with us on Monday Musings!


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