Saturday, July 20, 2024

Something Smells Fishy Blog Hop Starts Monday July 22-25, 2024

Carol, of Just Let Me Quilt is hosting this blog hop. I know I am looking forward to seeing what fishy projects everyone has come up with. Come back on Monday to see what the first participants are sharing.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Sew Powerful Purse #142 (2024) for ME!!!

I made 3 similar flaps like this one. The first one was during the Flaps of Friendship, where we exchanged flaps with someone else and that person then completed the rest of the purse and I also completed a purse from a flap I received (well 2 flaps as I joined twice). This was like the second flap I sent to someone. I liked it so much when I made the first one, I made 2 more. The other one I did a bit differently with a purple flower and a swirl in the center of the flower.

I used my husband's upcycle gray pants to make the exterior of the purse. 

The background fabric was a donation and I was able to get 3 flaps using it, but I had to add a strip at the top to make it tall enough on all 3.

side view shows rivet and decorative strap stitches
I used a decorative stitch on the webbing.

flap up to show front pocket from upcycled pants
Front of the purse is where I used the front pocket of the pants, which has 2 pockets, plus the pocket I created as per the pattern.

closer look at front pocket

Inside view showing divided slip pocket
I added a slip pocket with a pen pocket inside this purse. 

Inside divided slip pocket with pen pocket and pen
Inside slip pocket divided by a pen pocket.

back side with slip pocket
The back has a large slip pocket.

peeking into back pocket
Peeking inside the back slip pocket.

I really loved how this purse turned out and I thought I did a great job making it, but then this happened:

I wore this when we went out one day and was told it didn't look good on me. I know it was because the strap cut through my large chest. I couldn't get that out of my head though. My feelings were hurt😢, but I am built the way I am built and I cannot change that, even if I lost a lot of weight I would still be large in the chest. So I ended up cutting the strap at the sides and leaving enough of it to wrap around strap hardware rings. Then I made a wider strap and thread them through the rings. I thought I had measured correctly and made the strap 1 1/4" wide, but it came out 1 1/2" wide. 1/4" isn't that big of a difference, but the original strap was 1" wide, so 1/2" is more noticeable and the new strap looks so out of balance now with the smaller bag size😭. I don't know if I should make another strap now or just use it as it is. I shouldn't have listened and just wore it like I made it in the photos above. I don't even want to share how it now looks. I cannot even donate it because I added the hardware, so I would have to remove all that and add the webbing strap back again and patch together the parts that were cut off in order to have the proper length of strap. Ugh!

So all that got me thinking about what does look good on me? Maybe I need to stop wearing cross body bags altogether? But I love the hands free aspect of a cross body bag. I cannot wear shoulder bags as they are constantly slipping off my shoulder and if the bag is too heavy, it hurts my shoulder. I thought about a sling, which can be worn on the back like a backpack or in the front across the chest, but if I wear it like that, it will just be the same issue again. I have backpacks and I like them, but if I am just popping to the store having to take the backpack off and on can be a pain, but they are great for going to shows and such. I am sure wearing a backpack also emphasizes my chest too!

Then there are fanny packs-waist or hip bags. I suppose that would make my waist or hips look larger or if worn like a sling in front across my chest I am back to the same problem again! I even thought about making a small bag that ties like an apron around the waist, like they wore hundreds of years ago. But why shouldn't I just make and use a bag that I like? Why should someone else's opinion on how I look even matter? I need a bag to carry my stuff and it needs to please me in the style, color, size and the function of the bag, and not someone else. If I am told that again, I will empty out the contents of my bag and just let him carry it all then!😠Thanks for letting me get this off my big chest!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sew Powerful Purse #140-141 (2024)

2 more purses made using the Kokopelli squares I cut from a fabric with these Kokopelli's in a few colors. I sewed around the Kokopelli squares with batik scraps and used a cactus print for one exterior body and batik for the other exterior body.

I will donate these 2 purses to Sew Powerful Purse Project. I did take 2 other Kokopelli purses, similar to these, in to the gift shop to see if any would sell and I sold one in June, but so sales at all are happening yet in July. Even if the second purse there does sell, it will be almost time for Balloon Fiesta intake and I am making some hot air balloon purses now to take in (in September) and see what happens. If I sell any of the purses, the money I make will be donated to Sew Powerful and if they don't sell, the purses will be donated, so it's a win-win either way.

I added to Kokopelli's facing each other in this purse flap.

flap up
Cactus and sun exterior body with batik flap lining.

Lining view
Lining fabric.

back of purse with pocket
Back side with a slip pocket.

one Kokopelli with batik scraps sewn around him.

Flap up
Batik for the exterior of the purse and the flap lining.

lining view
Lining inside.

back side with pocket
Back of purse with a slip pocket.
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Monday, July 15, 2024

Emma Half Moon Bag in Echinacea Print

I made this Emma Half Moon Bag for myself! When I tested this bag pattern for Around the Bobbin patterns a while back, I made one for my Aunt in opera and music print fabrics. She is a retired singer.

I knew I wanted to eventually make this style for myself and I chose my favorite flower print fabric to make mine. The Echinacea Glow is by designer Anna Marie Horner.

The bag measures 12" wide x 8" high x 3" deep

Front of bag
I love the shape and style of this bag! And of course my favorite flower print! Echinacea (or coneflower) is my favorite flower, with sunflowers being a close second favorite.

closer look at front
Front of bag with a zipper closure. I have my stuff inside so it looks full.

Side view showing gusset, strap tabs and rivets
I added the strap tab to the outside upper gusset. I stitched and riveted in place and added a strap end as well.

Back side of bag with slip pocket that closes with a magnetic snap. (I really thought I had aligned the fabric to match just perfectly before I cut the pocket, but apparently not!😛😬 Oh well this bag is for me and the back side will be against my hip so no one will see it.

My keys inside back pocket
Back pocket with my keys inside.

My stuff inside bag
My stuff inside.

Zipper overlay inside
I added a zipper vinyl overlay to the inside zipper pocket.

divided sliup pocket inside
Divided slip pocket on one side of inside.

Quilted bottom of bag

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Monday, July 8, 2024

Sew Powerful Purses #135-139 (2024)

5 more purses finished for Sew Powerful Purse Project. A variety of flaps here, from appliqué to scrappy pieced to selvages, to upcycled denim jeans. 

A Garden Angel, named Greta. This was from a Debbie Mumm print I have had for ages! So I cut out all the motifs in the print to use to make more purses in the future. This one I finished, but I will be making dozens more using the various parts of this print. It worked best to appliqué the cut out print, since the designs were scattered all over the fabric and not in a straight line at all. Sometimes I wonder why they design fabric like that? How do most people use it? As a whole piece of fabric? It just seems to call out it wants to be cut apart from the rest and used differently. Some of the designs in this print overlapped very close together, so it was tricky to cut them out. I cut a lot by cutting in a sort of wavy cut. I think this one made a cute flap. All the females in this print were Caucasian. I wish designers used more variety of ethnicities in their designs. 

back side with slip pocket
Back of purse I added a slip pocket.

Scrappy pieced flap with added appliqué.

back side with slip pocket
Back with slip pocket.

side view
Side view showing rivet and decorative stitched strap.

Upcycled denim jeans flap and purse body too.

Back of scrappy raw edge upcycled denim jeans pieced
Back (no pocket) that is raw edge pieced and quilted.

Selvage flap.

back of purse
Blue & white plaid purse body. Here is the back with the pocket. I even made the plaid straps to match. One school in Zambia has uniforms in this color plaid. The other schools wear different colored uniforms.

Another selvage flap.

back of purses with slip pocket
Another blue & white plaid body with a back slip pocket.

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Saturday, July 6, 2024

Sew Powerful Purses #133-134 (2024)

I found this little leftover appliqué bird from a quilt I made years ago, in my miscellaneous pile of stuff, so I immediately thought to make a purse flap using the bird. Blue and yellow is a favorite color combination. I then made the rest of the purse in a blue and white plaid.  


Another Happy Scrappy Flappy 😄.

Back pocket.

These purses will be donated to Sew Powerful Purse Project.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Sew Powerful Purses #131-132 (2024)

Some more Happy Scrappy Flappy purses for Sew Powerful Purse Project.

I even did a decorative stitch on the webbing strap for a bit of bling.

I am not sure if this fabric looks African or Asian? I can see a bit of both in the design and colors used in this print. Either way I think it is a pretty print. I have had it for years and glad to finally be using this fabric for something useful.

Crazy pieced flap.

I think I have used up all of most of the donation plaid fabrics I got a couple years ago. The fabric is sturdy, but most of the plaid colors were brown, blacks, and greens. Need to use bright colors from now on as the girls love bright colors, but so do I!!!😉

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