Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Appliqué Flower Quilt

I made this quilt (from book called Magic Vine by Eleanor Burns) in handyed fabrics and I appliquéd the flowers all by hand. I machine quilted and made a scalloped binding, added a few beads too. Pin It Now!

Ruler Bag

Back of ruler bag: has a large and small pocket sewn on top: Front of ruler bag also has a small and large pocket sewn on top, plus under the top flap is pocket for holding 24" ruler, and in middle of bag (green binding) is a pocket for the 6" x 12" ruler. This hangs in my sewing room, but can easily be taken with me to a class or quilt retreat.
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Prickly Pear Appliqué Blocks

The pattern for this (Prickly Pears from Karen Stone) called for making 12 blocks, like I made above. For some weird reason that I don't even recall, I made 14 blocks (below). So I need to take 2 away and do something else with the extra 2. Problem is I don't know which 2 to remove. Or I may end up doing this setting below, with all 14 blocks? I doubt I have enough fabric for the corners though. While I figure this out, it will go back into the UFO box. *sigh* Pin It Now!

Batik Flowers Quilt Top

I set these batik flower squares with handyed yellow and orange fabric. I haven't decide how I will quilt it yet.
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