Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House Quilt

This was a design from a Laura Wasilowski book. I sewed the house quilt to a quilted background piece.
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Knitted Pear

I knit this pear from a free online tutorial. It's from a blog called, Natural Suburbia. You can find the tutorial here: I plan on knitting her apple next. Great way to use up those yarns scraps. The pear could be used as a pincushion (yeah like I really need another one of those!), or I might knit up a whole bowl of assorted knitted fruits, and knit the bowl as well. Then maybe I could take up juggling?
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Chile Placemat

This is a Chile Placemat I made. I won the pattern at our quilt guild. The pattern is from my friend Pam Wolf Designs (Pam designs patterns with a Southwestern theme). I was the pattern tester for her other Chili Rounder (Chile Rounder) pattern. ( This pattern is her Chili (Chile) Chain Table Runner where you can make several chiles and link them together to create the size you need for your table runner or make one for a placemat. I used up a lot of red scraps to make this one. I'm going to make a green one next again using scraps I have in greens.
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Shirts I Made

I made this shirt in a pink flannel with tiny white dots. I made the sleeveless version of this several years ago and it not only was easy to make, but fits me nicely too.

I had this pattern for well over 15 years and never made this shirt. The pattern came with several applique designs that you can add to the shirt, and I may decide to add some appliques later, but I will find some appliques that I like better than the choices that were given in this pattern. This shirt is also made with flannel fabrics. I am finally using those Southwest flannel prints that my friend Susan gave to me a few years ago. I just couldn't find the right quilt to use them in, so this way I used them all in this shirt. It was easy to sew together being all squares and rectangles, although the underarm part was a bit tricky to sew without creating a pucker.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Lil' Twister Quilt

To make the Lil' Twister quilt you first start off making squares and a border like this.

Then with the template, you cut out and re-sew into tessellating pinwheel blocks. It's really a cool idea and a great quilt is the result. I made my own template and made it 1-inch larger than the Lil' Twister template. I used mostly Civil War reproduction scraps. My husband is a Civil War buff, and I made it and gave it to him a few days after our anniversary, because that's when I finished it. He really loves it.
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Cherry and Lime Top

I made this top this weekend. It was easy to make. I made a sleeveless version a couple of years ago. The fabric is a seersucker, so hopefully will be cool in the heat of this summer we are having.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magnolia Branches & Lil' Twister

Magnolia Branches. I fused the background fabrics to batting and quilted it all over. Then I fused the magnolia appliques on top and stitched them in place. Rather than bind the quilt, I decided to sew with a facing instead.

This is one of those Lil' Twister quilts. My friend Bobbie showed our small group how to use the Lil' Twister template. I made my own template from plastic and then made this small quilt to test out the technique. You can Google Lil' Twister and find several tutorials online. I am finishing another one that I will post soon.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quilt Binding/Border Redo

I redid the binding and border a bit on this wall quilt. It hung crooked and I had to take off the binding and square it up better. I had the prairie points facing in towards the quilt the first time and the binding all around the quilt. This time I decided to sew the bindng as a facing to the back and the prairie points are now off the quilt. I like the new look for this quilt.
Here is the photo of how this quilt originally looked: 
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