Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shirts I Made

I made this shirt in a pink flannel with tiny white dots. I made the sleeveless version of this several years ago and it not only was easy to make, but fits me nicely too.

I had this pattern for well over 15 years and never made this shirt. The pattern came with several applique designs that you can add to the shirt, and I may decide to add some appliques later, but I will find some appliques that I like better than the choices that were given in this pattern. This shirt is also made with flannel fabrics. I am finally using those Southwest flannel prints that my friend Susan gave to me a few years ago. I just couldn't find the right quilt to use them in, so this way I used them all in this shirt. It was easy to sew together being all squares and rectangles, although the underarm part was a bit tricky to sew without creating a pucker.
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