Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quilted in Honor~at the Sisters 39th Annual Outdoor Quilt Show

On the lawn outside of the Sisters Public School Administration building, was a large display of quilts paying tribute to and financially benefiting military personnel and their families. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was one of the 18 national locations chosen to host the Quilted in Honor quilt collection. This is a fundraising initiative sponsored by Island Batik, and includes a collection of 50 celebrity quilters, including Alex Anderson, Rob Appell, Eleanor Burns, Carol Doak, Pat Sloan, Ricky Tims, Angela Walters, Scott Hansen and more.

Not all the quilts were red, white and blue or stars and stripes either; some used camouflage fabric and a few quilts have red poppies. So many beautiful and creative quilts! Here are my favorite ones:
I loved this quilting. I took this close-up because you couldn't see it in the quilt otherwise. There were other similar quilting objects in other areas of the quilt. This close-up belongs to the very last quilt photo at the end of this post.

Close-up of the quilt above on the left. Love the quilting and the embellishment on this.

Close-up of the fabrics that have a feeling of camouflage.

Close-up of quilting from the quilt above. I love the swirls.

Close-up of one of the poppies from quilt above.

Close-up of quilting from the above quilt.

Poppy close-up.
Another close-up of a poppy.

This is the quilt where each white block was quilted with a different motif like the Liberty Bell from the first photo above.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Humorous Quilts from The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Today I thought I would share some humorous quilts that I photographed at the 39th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show as well as some quilts that were hanging inside some of the local quilt shops in Bend, Oregon.
This quilt was hanging in a gift shop in Sisters, Oregon. The quilt is by June Jaeger (June is Jean Wells Keenan's sister who designs Central Oregon scenery quilts, and western style quilts as well as animals). June sells her patterns at the Stitchin' Post of course, as well Log Cabin Quiltworks (where you can also read a bit of history about June too)
There was a series of humorous cow quilts hanging on the side of Melvin's Fir Street Market

This quilt was hanging upstairs in QuiltWorks in Bend, Oregon

I'm not sure the name of this quilt, so I am calling this Bathing Beauties. This quilt was also hanging upstairs at QuiltWorks in Bend, Oregon.
This quilt was hanging upstairs at QuiltWorks in Bend, Oregon.

Another quilt hanging upstairs at QuiltWorks in Bend.

Ah if only this place did exist!!!! LOL!!!

This quilt was hanging inside the Sew Many Quilts, quilt shop in Bend, Oregon.
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