Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quilt For Mouse

My grandson has a favorite stuffed toy, which is Mouse, from the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
This is Mouse. My grandson asked me to sew on some "real" buttons one day for Mouse because the felt buttons were coming apart. So now Mouse is quite fancy with his new real buttons.
This is the cover of the book.
He sleeps with Mouse and he wanted a quilt and a bed made for Mouse. I wanted him to get involved with making the quilt, so I asked him what colors and he said all the colors, except pink and purple. Then I cut out the fabric and he sat on my lap as we sewed the pieces together. He told me it was fun, but we only sewed a few sections and the next time he came over I asked him if he wanted to sew some more of Mouse's quilt and he said no. I think it was more work than he had expected. I asked him if he wanted me to finish making the quilt for Mouse and he said yes. So I finished it and gave it to Mouse. While it's too warm for Mouse to use right now, I am sure Mouse will love his quilt in the colder months. I am working on making a pillow/mattress right now for Mouse. You see sometimes Mouse just wants to sleep in his own bed and not with my grandson, at least this was what I was told.
This is Mouse's quilt.
I backed Mouse's quilt with a flannel plaid.
Here is Mouse and his new quilt. He is happy, although a bit too hot right now. Mouse has a pocket on his overalls where he keeps special notes that are written to him.
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  1. Your grandson is going to love putting Mouse to bed with his lovely new quilt, even if it's too hot for Mouse under the quilt.

  2. Great quilt for Mouse, your grandson will love the new quilt.

  3. Lucky Mouse! New buttons, a beautiful new quilt and a new bed!!

  4. Mouse and Grandson will be happy campers! Cute!

  5. Mouse looks so happy with his new quilt. Can't wait to see his new bed. Great job.

  6. Sounds like you both had fun, maybe you had a bit more than your grandson. So cute! The quilt is great!

  7. my kids loved having mini quilts for their animals. The one you made is adorable I'm sure he'll use it when the weather cools. He is one lucky grandson to have you as a grandma.

  8. First off Mouse is really cute. I didn't realize the book had a stuff animal. That is sew sweet that your grandson wanted a quilt for Mouse. And it's a cute quilt at that.
    Thanks for sharing


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