Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Small Savannah Bag #4 & Brookfield Bag

I made 2 bags recently on a commission, one is a small Savannah Bag, which is a bag pattern from Chris W Designs that I reduced in size and added a zippered pocket under the flap and eliminated several of the other pockets that weren't needed for this smaller sized bag.

The second bag is the Brookfield Bag that is a a free pattern from Sew Sweetness. I made some changes on this bag too. Funny thing is the instructions say to use 1/2" seams unless otherwise noted on this bag, yet on each step you were instructed to sew a 1/4" seam or 1/8" seam and there was not one time when you even sewed a 1/2" seam! I guess no one caught that when testing this bag, lol!!! I really like this small bag and it will be perfect for a young girl. It's a gift for a 10-year old girl, from the woman who commissioned it.

Baseball fabric was requested for this bag as it's a gift for someone who loves baseball. I didn't have any baseball fabric so I had to purchase some. I found this fabric with the baseball bats and balls and it has a retro feeling to it. I made a magnetic closure for this bag instead of the swivel hook closure. It makes it easier to open and close the flap.
The back of the bag has a zippered pocket.
Inside I added slip pockets on both sides of the bag, one with a pen pocket in the center. I also added a swivel hook to hold keys.
I added a swivel hook to hold keys inside the bag.
I made 2 zipper pulls, one for each zippered pocket.
This is the Brookfield Bag that I made. I used a magnetic snap for the closure of the bag and I used D-rings, but no swivel hooks. I don't like to use swivel hooks on straps. I guess I don't see the point unless there is a reason to remove them. The kind of swivel hooks that I have can get caught on knitwear too if you are wearing a sweater. But the nicer swivel hooks like the kind that most bags makers use don't have a little latch thingee on them like mine do.
This lining fabric is actually a sage green, but looks gray in the photo. The purple accent fabric is much brighter in person too. Royal purple never photographs true, even in the viewfinder of the camera it looks more blue than purple! I didn't make the pocket with elastic as the pattern calls for. I made slip pockets and added a pen pocket in the center of one. I also added a purple trim to the top of the pockets.
This is the back of the bag.
I cut the strap of the bag down quite a bit as it was too long. So I made a key ring fob with the extra strap fabric that I cut off. 
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  1. Great purses! I love how you always customize the patterns to fit your needs and likes. Sometimes I think I look at a pattern and dismiss it because of things that I don't like about it, yet it has features that I do like. Interesting about the seam would think that would have been caught right away. Nice job!

  2. Love the baseball fabric! I'm a huge baseball fan, too. The bags are both great. Nice changes to both.

  3. Hi Daryl:) I'm sorry I've been MIA, it's been a busy crazy summer with my kiddo and work:) I hope you are well. Fabulous bags and what a fun one with the baseballs! Have a great evening.

  4. I never tested the Brookfield bag...thats why the SA discrepancy was never caught !! LOL
    Love the idea of using fun fabrics like the baseball one!

  5. Very nice bags I love the baseball fabric

  6. They came out great! That size of the savannah seams great. You are in a roll.

  7. Love both your bags and the fabrics you used. The baseball fabric is really cool.

  8. Hi Daryl and welcome back. I don't even like baseball and I want that bag. it is beyond adorable, great fabric and nice design.

  9. I always love the little touches you put on your projects, like the swivel hood for keys on the inside.


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